Who is Boag’s “Faction”?

Despite leading National to its biggest ever failure, Michelle Boag still tries to put across that she is very well connected and well liked within National.

Her connections with the brat pack have waned, and after bringing down Nick Smith are non existent. She is still close to former MPs like Wayne Mapp, but has very few friends left in caucus. Murray McCully is big Boag supporter, and a man reputed to admire her total shamelessness.

Most of the last three intakes have seen through Boag, although she is known to have been close to Paula Bennett and shaken down donors for Nikki Kaye. Unfortunately for Nikki much of Boag?s stomp on everyone to get to the top has rubbed off on her, which is why Nikki is not liked or respected by her peers. Campaigning to get Wira Gardiner to be president built some links with Hekia Parata, but these links apparently soured when Boag was outed as a liar and Wira lost.

Boag?s major influence in the last few years has been over the board. Though she lost the fight to install Wira Gardiner she has propped up the failing regime of Peter Goodfellow. When Peter was going to be voted off the board by the members who regarded him as being next to useless, lazy and not a patch on the loved previous President Judy Kirk, Boag got hold of the PMO and told them as the PM had installed Goodfellow it would be a big defeat for him if Peter was kicked off the board.

Word was then put around MPs that Peter was to be saved and they were to tell their delegations they should vote for him. Boag is known to continue to trade off this relationship.

Boag has positioned an ally to take over from Goodfellow. ?Alastair Bell is one of the leaders of the Buggers Muddle. Alastair is an amiable but useless twit of a man who served in the Prime Ministers Office in the 1990?s and was regarded by his peers of having a particularly good day if he managed to complete the Dominion Post crossword by 2pm. Given the rest of the staff managed to finish the crossword within 10 minutes Alastair was not a highly esteemed member of the team. It is reported that David Farrar could finish the crossword inside 5 minutes and complete a new Powerpoint presentation before Alistair had even found “two down”.

More to come tomorrow.