Who should replace Nick Smith? Ctd

In my haste to get out an earlier post I overlooked all round good guy and mate of Whale, Simon Bridges.

Simon is an exceptionally bright, capable MP who does a lot of good work under the radar, as well as having a public persona through his time on TV as a young gun.

Pros: Oxford educated, erudite man who’s ability to grasp difficult issues quickly makes him highly regarded among his peers.

Articulate MP who gets along with people and has a bevy of followers who worship him. A real hit with the ladies, and likely to be able to sell policy to a crucial demographic for National.

Urban Maori background, and a westie who understands what it means to live in West Auckland.

Cons: Eye slightly taken off the ball by the recent birth of his first child, but this is no reason to leave him out of cabinet.

Jealous peers dislike his magnetic pull with the fairer sex. Trevor Mallard jealously calls him “Cougar Bait”.


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  • Deep blue

    Bridges is going no where. Too many skeletons in the closet… and Key knows that.

    • Grover

      is the skeleton a youthful Labour MP?

      • He wishes – every time they’re on screen together – he can’t take is eyes of her – and it’s not usually her face…. He reminds me of the old squires of jousting days whenever he’s near Key…. way to fawning for my liking.

  • Roscoe

    Well Simon Bridges is certainly easy on the eye and seems to
    be an extremely well educated and effective member of parliament – personally
    don’t like the innuendo from “Deep Blue” if you have something to say
    speak up…   If Simon Bridges has
    skeletons he would be well advised to tell John Key about them.  National needs younger, dynamic people in
    cabinet – why not a young guy who has excelled so far in his career and at
    least has a stable family relationship. National must continue to recruit and
    retain strong candidates to rival and challenge the deadwood within Labour.  Would personally like to see Nick Smith
    continue his work on Local Government; albeit from the back benches. 

  • Phar Lap

    Smart money seems to be on Mr Tremaine.

  • Rob F

    I was surprised when you didn’t have him on your original list, as he would be my pick, so assumed you knew something that we all didn’t.

    Three big pros for him are that during the 2008 election he out debated Winston and kept NZFirst out of parliament, since then he has introduced his own pieces of legislature so has been active and knows the system for bigger changes and is good on TV, which can not be underestimated.

    • Apolonia

      “own pieces of legislature” He caused the maximum sentence for being cruel to animals to be increased from 3years to 5years. All this in a country where the maximum sentence for assaulting an adult is 1year and assaulting a child is 2 years. I’m sure Rover  and Fluffy think he’s great. 

      • Rob F

        My point was that he knows the process and successful at it. How many other first term MPs draft and get passed their own legislature?

        Give him a portfolio and I reckon he would make great progress in a more “significant” ways. Apolonia, perhaps your gripes should be directed at other more senior MPs?

  • Roger

    Strong supporter of National’s racist  Seabed and Foreshore legislation-not a man for all New Zealanders I think!

  • Dr Wang

    “Trevor Mallard jealously calls him ‘Cougar Bait’…”

    Of course he would, Trev’s just “burley”

    • I think that’s one of the reasons it would be a negative for him rather than a positive – he also thinks he’s a bit of a ladies man, not just that he’s “popular” with them…..Danger Will Robinson!!!