Who will get to tell Boag to F*** Off?

Someone will get the winning ticket.

She is a rotten, maggot ridden corpse and going to be treated like one. You can’t kill a cabinet ministers career, use the PM’s name as a threat and create several weeks of bad news without being cut.

If the party was smart they would run a silent auction or copy Trev and put it on Trademe. It could raise a fortune.

More likely they will find some loyal party servant and offer him or her the opportunity to stick the knife in as a reward for decades of loyal service.

Commenters may nominate who they think has given the most to the party so who deserves the privilege.


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    Simon Power! (Power by name, Power by Nature)

    • Unlikely, he was a big Boag fan and a girls blouse as well.

      • DRHILL

         I stand corrected then :-)

  • Phil

    Why beat around the bush? What’s with the moderate restrained language? About time someone stood up and said something definitive..

  • insider


    • Ct

      She was his ex girlfriend

  • Phil

    Boag Gone

  • Cobolt

    Nick Smith’s leaving present.

  • She’s not changed since she was a varsity – me me me me!!!

  • Sarrs

    Judith Collins! 

  • Notrotsky

    Can Bill English and Murray McCully do it as a suicide bombing ?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Unfortunately the Ides of March have passed and it would have looked great on the steps of Parliament.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Looking at her attitude to everything I am surprised that gere favourite colour is not Imperial Purple and shes always speaks using the Royal We.

  • Dave

    McCully – he is well qualified, lifetime of loyal service, as a lawyer and accountant he lacks the people focus, so should get over it quickly.

  • Symgardiner

    Doug Graham has had a bad week. This would be an excellent present.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I think she should be sent over to ACT, where she so clearly belongs!

  • Michael

    Your Dad.

  • Cactusjackmf

    Isn’t this issue dead, one minister lost his job that’s enough. Pullar & Boag should f*ck off.
    While I feel sorry, she’s not the only person who’s had fight an insurance company. Hasn’t Key got better things to do ?

  • Cadwallader

    If you could get hold of some National Party letterhead you could do it. There’d be no beating around the bush!

  • Salacious T Crumb

    I’d go with Collins. She has been collateral damage is this Boagstorm and has just the right sort of personality to deliver it with the the gravitas the situation demands.

  • rouppe

    Collins is already busy with the defamation case. To stick the knife into Boag would be touted as being vindictive.

    Why not give it to Simon Bridges? He could score extra points for trying to provoke her into a humiliating public backlash, and get a major list re-ranking if he gets her to cry in public.

  • Sweetd

    Nikki Kaye.  Lets find out now if she is loyal to the party or the Boag.

  • Mischief

    Tony Ryall.

  • Roland S

    I reckon Judith Collins should have the honour, Michelle Boag has acted thoughtlessly, carelessly and maliciously – she is one dangerous piece of work and most men would just dither around the point, tap dancing, ducking and diving – Judith Collins would deliver the message clearly and in a couple of words. – Bam right between the eyes….  Go Crusher!!

  • bozz

    Doug Graham another national puppet caught with his hand in the cookie jar i know slap it with a wet bus ticket.

  • Bozz

    lie with dogs you catch fleas

  • Evan Johnson

    I still think Michelle Boag does typify the kind of person you are likely to meet in National Party circles.  Trying too hard to win friends and influence people.   Not having a clue what its really all about.  Shallow.

    • Guest

      So if you don’t like National supporters, Evan, and you seem to spend an awful amount of time trying to engage with them, what are you actually doing here? Trolling?

      Why don’t you slither back off to the Stranded with all the other sperm-drinkers. Cunt.

      • Evan Johnson

        Guest, you obviously take my point!

  • sthnjeff

    The problem that the Nats have is she will ALWAYS be the ex Party President. Whenever she opens her mouth she will be quoted as ex Party President.

  • Evan Johnson

    There are a number of women of similar style out there.  Michelle Boag, Judith Collins, Anne Tolley, Jenny Shipley, Rosanne Meo ..

    • Phar Lap

      And you.

    • Landy

      No.   Too broad.   Anne Tolley fr example looks good, she speaks clearly, she has courage, she addresses the issues that the whole party has chosen, she is doing a solid job.

    • Gazzaw

      Helen Clark

  • Simon Wynn

    I reckon they should just send a letter informing her that a support crew has voted her off the island.  Name 28 National politicians and maybe Mike Hosking (he’d do anything for a buck) and Charlie Sheen.  We all know how much influence ‘big names’ have.

  • Hang him

    I see the evil witch has not shame she was in Queenstown following the PM around today, throw her under the Bus along with McCully, he is a dickhead as well. Why did he backdown to to his department, sack the useless lot.

  • Peter WIlson

    Never realised one person had so much power, and a mere gal at that!

    Seriously though, some objectivity is what’s required here. I’m a long time National Party supporter, and I don’t believe one person can be that bad.

    Bill English. record loser in election 2002
    Sir Doug Graham, recently convicted.
    Nick Smith, abusing position.
    John Key, likely to walk away for 2014 “tired of all the nonsense.”

    Michelle Boag’s crime…well, umm err….oh yes, a namedropper and apparently a personality which is a little abrasive.

    Need we go on….

  • jay cee

    as leader and pm the job should go to john key. if it was up to helen clark  it would have already  been done.

    • Karlos

      Like she did with Taito Phillip Field, David Benson-Pope, Trevor Mallard (Punching Tau Henare) etc.
      Sorry Jay Cee, please remove eye-patch and try again

    • Landy

       Yeah, she would have painted and signed five pictures as well.

      • Gazzaw

        And driven from Waimate to Christchurch & back.

  • Captain Crab

    Ha, I think we all know the way it works is that nothing gets said, but her phone never rings anymore….
    Bye bye all that PR work based on contacts who will now walk right on by!

    • Landy

      Doubt it.   This publicity is making her a national figure.  

  • Peter WIlson

    I wonder if Boag is making a pitch for the Labour Party PR job. She’s shown in just a few weeks what an sad and incompetent lot National are. 

    To me, the last straw is Collins threatening legal action. I’d thought Key had messed up getting the Police to investigate the tea tapes, threatening to sue is just plain dopey.

    • Landy

       Boag in Labour for PR?  
      ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished…  (Additional dialogue by W Shakespeare, as I saw listed on a Hollywood film’s titles once.)


    Always unleash the serial rooter Mallard on her.Make a nice couple.

    • Greg M

       HAHAHA ! Epic !

      • Cynic

        Steve and Monique win comment of the day