Why can’t Labour do this to Trademe Trev?

The Wellington Phoenix have shown somewhat more balls than Labour’s invisible leadership:

The person engaged to do live match updates on the Wellington Phoenix’s Twitter account has been red-carded by club officials after some distasteful tweeting during Sunday’s A-League victory over Gold Coast United.

Some tweets, best described as edgy, pushed the boundaries for a club’s official account, but others stepped over the mark with sexual references that several followers regarded as highly inappropriate.

One post in particular, involving a save by goalkeeper Mark Paston, had a strong sexual theme while others were in bad taste.

“Pav was sent through by Ifill ? he had a couple of bites of the cherry like he was at a prom. It fell to Ward who eventually scored.”

“Lia is filling his boots at LB [left back]. Meanwhile, Lochead (sic) is filling his pants at home.”

Tony Lochhead missed the game through illness.

Among those offended were former Phoenix chief executive Tony Pignata, who tweeted: “Phoenix Twitter person makes the club look very amateur. Bad, bad look … no need for that type of humour.”