Why can’t the Union check the timetable?

With all the moaning from Garry Parsloe, from his hotel in Sydney, about casualisation and all the moaning in the video by the Save our Ports campaign you would think that ships rock up on the horizon unannounced, catching the port unawares and really stretch the resources of the troops coping with the sudden arrival.

What I want to know is why they can’t simply consult the Ports of Auckland Website which displays scheduled arrivals months in advance right down to the time they will arrive and plan accordingly.

Pretty simple stuff…obviously too complicated for the morons in the Maritime Union.


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  • Guest

    Whaleoil, I am confused. I was under the impression that Ports all over the world operated on the principle of random arrivals of huge cargo ships travelling large distances, rather than carefully planned voyages based on management science and logistics practices.

    The union will be upset to hear this is not the case.

  • Jess

    When you insist on being spoonfed, everything has to be brought to you.  You should not have to get off your arse to go and find things out.  That’s not in ya job description. No sign should be made of proactive thinking. Otherwise someone might try to make you do more than you’re paid for.

    Haha!  Glad to see Irene’s Remedy working down the port today with non-union labour

  • Perhaps these dinosaurs do not know what the internet is.

    Afterall Al Gore only invented it recently.

    • niggly

      Wots this fandangle internet stuff?

      They are probably spending their time watching Playboy channel on Sky instead ;-)

  • grumpy

    Look at all the rescheduled arrivals, almost all diverted to other NZ ports.  Our ship has been diverted to Lyttelton – thank God!

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    You’re not talking about the Maritime Morons Union, are you?

  • Richard B.

    NEWS FLASH: MUNZ replies…..

    “You have given me this information, I have read it, I understand what you have given me…

    BUT you guys are all liars, our people will need to sit at home waiting for the phone to ring…
    We wont be able to spend time with our families….
    We wont be working the hours we do at present….
    We will earn less…

    POA are liars………”

  • Grandstream

    Well done WO, however given that truth actually makes the union look like the money grubbing whores they are, they simply ignore the truth (actually like most bully’s).  The question I have, is why doesnt the media jump on the lies of that little faggot Parsloe ?

  • DW

    I believe the offer from PoAL to MUNZ is guaranteed 80 hours per fortnight, book rosters 1 month in advance (currently it’s about a week), can choose length of shift (ie 4 hours one day 12 hours the next).  The “flexibility” component is that if the ship is early or delayed, PoAL want to be able to call and modify the shift start 2 hours either way.  So it’s hardly a case of being completely in the dark about when you’ll be required.  However MUNZ want all heavy machinery to be operated by MUNZ workers, which PoAL management find somewhat unpalatable. 

  • Hagar

    There are a lot if people who are shift workers, variable hour workers, variable roster workers, I am one of them, sometimes 5 hours a day, sometimes 9 hours, sometime somewhere in between, sometimes I start at 4am some times i start at 1pm, it suits me fine, as I can have days off when others are working. I get 2 weeks advance advice of what hours I am working. If the present wharfies can’t handle it, they must be softies, I say to them harden up, there are lots of people who would give their eye teeth to have a job like the one offered by the POAL!

  • h2go

    I think the POA non-union guys are the ones who deserve huge commendation for their ability to stand solid and attempt to keep business moving for our country..despite being the minority…good on them for moving whatever containers they can that dock at Auckland….apparently they are called “scabs”??? whateve that means…the actual scabs are the ones sitting down on the waterfront sipping soup holding up misleading signs and hoping for a miracle…change in times..move on from the past….get on with your jobs or move over and let hard working like-minded people such as the non-union example at POA have the positions….we need to keep looking to the future…its sad they use their children as a tool to manipulate the situation…desperate times call for desperate measures!

  • thor42

    Parsloe and MUNZ and the biggest “scabs” in the world. 
    Scabs on the arse of humanity.