Why does Gary McCormick have a problem with breasts?

Gary McCormick has a problem with breasts:

A complaint about a “vulgar” and “crass” advertisement for a show about extremely large breasts has not been upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Gary McCormick complained a promo for the documentary Real Life: The World’s Most Enhanced Woman and Me should not have been screened during the 6pm One News on September 28 when children could have been watching.

Mr McCormick said the advertisement for the show, which featured footage of women with extremely large breasts was “vulgar” and “crass”.

However the authority found that while some may find the subject matter offensive, most people would not be offended by the advert itself.

“All of the women were clothed, and the promo did not contain any nudity. The shots of the women and t

Can’t he just go back to whinging about his usually leftie bullshit causes where the rest of us pay for all the dumb stuff he want us to.


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Why indeed!

    Perhaps he can’t find a bra that fits.


    Was not tittie fed,the jealous little fucker

  • starboard

    McCormicks a fuckwit. He has a crappy morning radio show in chc with that other do-gooder cum god botherer Simon Barnett. They both wank on like a couple of old felchers ( ask kosh what a felcher is ). McCormack suffers from short mans syndrome.

  • Travdog

    He might be a bit happier if they showed more ass. Or cock. Maybe he’s into hairy pits. Or maybe he’s just an old prude.

  • BJ

    Whale – any chance of asking bloggers to raise the tone just a bit – its getting very low – and unnecessary don’t you think?

    •  good luck with that one..


      ..i think you are kinda howling back at the gale there..

      [email protected]

      • starboard

        How many job interviews did you attend today whore ?

    • Travdog

      BJ, you have the power to cease viewing this blog. The rest of us aren’t going to modify our behaviour to suit the demands of another prude. Grow a thicker skin or exercise the right to ignore.

      •  do you really see just a constant stream of personal  abuse..as bad as you can make it/think up..(severe lack of imagination/creativity there..eh..?..)..

        ..and from behind fake-names..(ooh..!..brave..!..eh..?)

        ..as a form of political dialogue..?

        ..are you intellectually unable to engage in a contest of ideas…?

        ..is that really all you have..?

        ..and really…don’t you get really bored of being like star-bored..

        ..and saying exactly the same thing over and over again…

        ..since 2005..?

        ..but then..we now all now know that star-bored has rampant homophobia in his clutch of bigotries..

        .(.quite the ‘case’..that one..)

        ..is being a variation on the tired riff that is star-bored the best you aspire to..?

        [email protected]

      • Travdog

        fullup, wake your brain up and go through some of the gay vs straight blogs of the last few days, and when your drug blurred brain does wake up, you’ll find me disagreeing with starboard.

        You also need to pay better attention to other comments I have made.

        …..enough weed for tonight eh?….

        Since 2005? get off the crack fullup, I visited his site for the first time last year.

        …just another drug induced assumption..eh?…. It’s an alias, not a fake name.

    • Gazzaw

      WO’s always asking us to raise our standards BJ but we just tell him to fuck off.

    • Agent BallSack

      Haha which goes back to the post of the other day. Was it top NZ blog again? This is a helpful link too ~ 

  • i listened to mccormick on nat-rad on this..and nearly fell off my chair laughing..

    ..’the boy’ asked me..’who’se that..?..’..’cos he was cracking up too..

    ..at this grumpy old person raving on about breasts being jiggled up and down…

    ..(he seems scared of them..)

    ..it was like a comedy-routine..and at first i thought he was taking the piss…but he wasn’t..which made it really funny…

    ..i said..’he’s about as old as i am..used to be interesting…..but appears to have gone all reactionary with age..you sometimes get that’..

    [email protected]

    • starboard

      “he was cracking up too”..

      aw thats not what I think it is phoolwhore ? Is it?…terrible

  • LesleyNZ

    Good on Gary. Fed up with that kind of stuff on tele at 6:00pm.

  • parorchestia

    Phillip.  Content is more important than means of expression.  Whale, please let ’em have at it.  Passion needs strong expression and English is great for having excellent and robust swear words.  
    Even I think that wanker is an appropriate expression for Gary’s complaint, and I am a choir boy when it comes to swearing.