Why Greens are tools

Oh look a Green MP is all schooled up in the new give way rules… except one.


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  • Mike Smith

    Tools? You are a silly boy aren’t you? 

  • Super_Guest

    Greens are tools no matter what they do. The second you join or vote for that party, you’re a tool.

    • Mike Smith

       Gosh, that was witty.

      • Super_Guest

         Please defend the watermelons a little harder.

  • Rob F

    That’s fantastic! That’s just made my Saturday. Now I just need the Highlanders to make it 5 from 5!!!

  • Waiuku

    My bet is she was once a school teacher. To think some people believe this shower of sh1te should govern the counrty

    • Mike Smith

       She wasn’t.

      • Bemused

        She was a Rhodes Scholar, actually.

  • Random66

    No Holly, you clearly have not got your head around the new give way rules.  I shudder that this person may one day make a decision affecting me. Good find Whale Oil.

    • Mike Smith

      “you clearly have not got your head around the new give way rules. “:    How so? Seems to be it was the date that was wrong.

      • Callum

        I would have thought one of the key components of understanding any rule was knowing when to apply it, clearly she does not therefore obviously has not got her head around the rules.

      • Random66

        She states that she now believes that she has got her head around the new give way rules – clearly not because to get the commencement date wrong is quite significant, particularly for other road users and the chaos she is refering to has been generated only by herself.  Her error on such a fundamental point gives rise to concern of her level of understanding on other aspects of this change.

      • Mr_Blobby

        It must be something to with the time of the Month. What have you been up to Mike.

  • thor42

    Silly woman – the rules take effect from 5 a.m. **Sunday**, lady…… 

    • Mike Smith


      • Bunswalla

        So it’s misogyny for Thor to (quite correctly) call her a silly woman is it?

        Therefore it must be misandry for you to call WO “silly boy” in the first comment on this post.

        I think the next term we’re looking for is Hypocrisy!

      • joe bloggs

        Fuck me! For some one who’s “in NZ short term” you sure have plenty to say.

        The bullshitometer readings are off the scale around you Mikey-boy!

  • Vlad

    I think it might have been Holly in the recent WO post of a woman asked how long does it take you to travel 80 miles if you are going at 80mph.

    • Mike Smith

       More misogyny!

      • Vlad

        I’ll accept patronising philogyny.  Note the gender bias in “patronising”.

      • Super_Guest

        More paranoia about “misogyny”. Making a joke at a woman’s expense is not misogyny, it’s…a joke. But you’re a watermelon so it’s not surprising.

  • Whafe

    Mike Smith, stop digging now, you already look as much as a Clown Pants as does Holly Walker

    • Mike Smith

       Great wit. Thanks for correcting me so elegantly.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Another bloody List MP that has been to school, been to Uni, got into a political party and now has 2 feet, 2 arms and a snout in the trough

    • Mike Smith


  • Hagues

    If no one is following the new rules, how can this be discribed as choas? Sounds like business as usual. Well until some silly bint comes along and doesn’t give way to her right.

  • Mark C

    I can only imagine the number of other, intelligent, motorists she endangered and/or pissed off as she stupidly navigated her way though the streets. Bet we won’t hear her admit she stuffed-up…

  • Mr_Blobby

    For safety treat every other driver on the road as if they were a Green Supporter.

  • Gazzaw

    Holly should be more careful on her wooden bicycle.

  • Fergus

    Call SPCA…she endangered the life of her cat…By being this stupid in combination with being on the road!!

  • Mong

    good thing my taxes don’t pay her salary… oh, wait

    Stupid cow

  • Big Bruv

    This from a member of the party who call Tolley an idiot!

    I know all of the Greens are idiots but their female members really are moonbats.

  • Travdog

    I don’t think anything I can say could hilight the stupidity of this comment than the comment itself.

  • Tristanb

    By-and-large the Greens are filled with idiots. And, as these Facebook comments illustrate, they’re idiots who think they’re actually smarter than everyone else (e.g “no-one [else] is following the new rules”).

    These are the most dangerous types of idiots.

    Like most Greens they’re brought up rich, and are told by their idle mothers that they are the greatest minds in the world. They believe that everyone else is thick, and can’t make decisions for themselves, so they want to take over. They think they’re better qualified to tell us how to grow food, what lightbulbs to chose, how to spend our money, and how often to flush the toilet.

    For instance Sue Kedgley has a false belief that she is incredibly intellectual. It’s because (back 100 or so years ago) people used to pretend to take her seriously as she was physically attractive. She doesn’t realise she’s a fool, because she was surrounded by people who agreed with whatever came out of her mouth.

    That’s why we get crap from the Greens like wanting to ban “chemicals”, “DNA” and “dihydrogen monoxide”.

    • Mike Smith

       Brought up rich? Really?

      • Tristanb

         Yes, really. Have you never actually been to a rich suburb? There’s tons of champagne socialists trying to impress their artist friends and the guys at Commonsense Organics and Nosh.

        25% of Waiheke Islanders vote for the Greens.

        They’re rich, and usually didn’t have to work for it. That’s why they don’t seem to mind telling other people (who work hard to earn money, and aren’t living off their inheritance and luck) that they’re not doing enough to help the poor.

  • Michael

    It could be worse – it could have been the electoral laws that apply to vehicles that she had no idea about.  Seem to remember a certain Hutt South MP who didn’t know those…

    • Mike Smith

       …hate comments like yours. Means, because I don’t understand the reference,  I have go and start trying to find out the who what and why… feels like work. Off I go.

  • Bob

    ‘Dumber than a sack of hammers’ springs to mind, how stupid can you get.

    What a typical response from a Green, everyone else is wrong and she must be right even in the face of evidence to the contrary, am surprised she didn’t accuse everyone of being a Give Way denier!

    Epic fail!

    • Mike Smith

       Calm Bob. You are getting a tad carried away.

  • Basil

    The greens are a bunch of out of touch muppets…

    • MikePSmith

       ‘touch muppets”?

      • Travdog

        I don’t think “touch muppets” was what he was saying Mike. BTW, Thanks for initiating ‘stalker mode’ on me, thoroughly flattered.

  • Kimbo

    Is Mike Smith diabolos repackaged?

    • Mike Smith

       sounds like the work of the devil!

  • Basil

    The greens will only make progress when they get away from their arogant assumption that you have to be left F… wing to be a supporter.We need a another green party i.e right wing or at least middle of the road..

    • Mike Smith

       Eh? There is no such assumption by any Greens I have ever met.
      Put another way, on what basis do YOU believe the Greens to be ‘left wing’.?

  • Bob

    Her profile over at http://www.greens.org.nz/people/hollywalker is out of date…

    ‘Current occupation Political and Media Advisor to Green MPs in Parliament’

    Done stuff all other then be an academic as well… probably a nice person but lacking in experience… we need better qualified people, she is supposed to be a MP after all.

    Previous occupations Masters student, University of Oxford (2007-9), Policy/Negotiations Analyst, Office of Treaty Settlements (2007), Media Advisor to Green MPs (2006), Editor, University of Otago student magazine Critic (2005)

    Other work experience (including voluntary/unpaid) Student president, University College Middle Common Room, Oxford (2008-9), University debater, coach and adjudicator, Otago (2001-6), News and feature writer, Critic, Otago (2002-4)

    • MikePSmith

       and what constitutes “better qualified”?

      • Mully

         Actually had an actual job, perhaps?

  • MrV

    She is a Rhodes scholar? WTF

    • Mike Smith


  • Gazzadelsud

    you’re getting a bit tiring Mike. Your beloved MP made a dick of herself by complaining that *other* people weren’t following the new rules.  Which of course don’t come into effect till tomorrow.

    Thus demonstrating that said MP is a muppet, and by following the wrong rules actively posed a hazard to other road users.

    So, pretty dumb, But, as has been amply pointed out, par for the course from green muppets and their “ex-banker” apologists.  Guess even ex-tellers are allowed to call themselves bankers eh?

    • Mike Smith

       My ‘beloved MP’? Hardly so.
      ex-teller?   LOL  A little further up the food chain than that.

      • onelaw4all

        Hope not, as Green membership is almost certainly incompatible with economic literacy.

      • Mark C

        He scrubbed the branch managers toilet…

    •  now that’s a term/insult  i never thought i’d hear..

      “..their “ex-banker” apologists…”

      thick on the ground are they..?

      ..those “ex-banker” apologists…”…?


      [email protected]

  • Mully

    Look on the bright side, at least she didn’t add a “LOL” to her comment…

  • Disinfectedtwice

    I wonder if Holly is big enough to admit to the date error. Simple test really.

  • Greg M

    Well I wouldn’t call her a tool. Tools are useful things, I have a big box of them, some of which are green with a cord on them.
    They are worth every cent they cost , this Woman is not.
    Was she driving her car to the vet or the special bus ?