Why list MPs are scum

List MP poseurs who fancy themselves as ministers would do well to read this article from yesterday about List MPs, and in particular look at the caption on the photo:

Whether voters see the list as a legitimate way of ensuring the retention of capable representatives or a perversion of the electorate’s will depends on their perceptions of any given MP: one voter’s hero is another voter’s hack. At least a losing electorate candidate who returns via the list cannot claim to be the Member for that seat.

If dual candidacies were abolished, the way we are represented might look quite different. The lists for the major parties would no longer reflect the balance of personnel within them, when you consider that four-fifths of National Party ministers are currently electorate MPs.

Certainly being a List MP and losing the party vote in the electorate where you nominally stood wouldn’t endear you too much to the leadership and certainly won’t help you if the leader changes and you backed the wrong team. One thing about politics is that things can change and change fairly rapidly. Being dogmatic about an issue could be career limiting especially if you are dependent on a list ranking for your tenure.


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