Why won’t MUNZ have a secret ballot? Ctd

Following on from my earlier post another email has been received via the tipline:

The first MUNZ member crossed the picket line this morning over the refusal for financial aid unless he joined the picket line.

MUNZ are blackmailing their own members to show support that they don’t feel and now that they are withholding that financial aid their members are put in the position of weighing up their options – continue with MUNZ on no pay for 4 weeks or walk away, either off to another job or back to the port.  The more that walk back to the port, the more the port will be able to work vessels at Fergusson Terminal.

There are a lot of members who don’t support the strike but have been bullied into compliance or are in the position of hoping to ride the strikes out and then get back to business as usual but this latest MUNZ strongarm tactic is breaking some of its members backs.

I think MUNZ members will start going off like popcorn!

Once members see one or more of their co-workers break the strike the strike is doomed. It is only a matter of time now.


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  • Grizz30

    There are parallels with Josh Kronfield and Jeff Wilson during the rugby war of 1995.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      same with the recent leadership challenge in Aussie politics perhaps?

  • pdm

    I thought I heard something on NewstalkZB, possibly Danny Watson, on I think Wednesday that WINZ were paying the MUNZ strikers something – unfortunately it was in the background and I wasn’t giving it my full attention.

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    Perfectly acceptable practice in the socialists nirvana that some of the resident red trolls here inhabit.

  • Beenthere

    So a union member gave up being on strike because of a breakdown in negotiations on how much aid he should get.

    Somewhat ironic, isn’t it.

    • PeterS

      Yes it is ironic but I think it was more that, that was the final straw.  The union members are being fed the same lies as the media. Unless you’re in the scrum with Parsloe it’s hard to get accurate information.  They’re told one thing and then something else happens and if they raise questions they’re bullied down by Phillips, Findlay, Ziegler, Mayn and Bell. They’re not allowed to vote and they’re not allowed to speak.  Parsloe and Kelly are their mouth and that’s got to make your stomach churn.

      • Beenthere

        I agree with what you say. I was only pointing out the irony.

        I think any unwilling strikers are stuck between a rock & a hard place and there aren’t any nice solutions to their predicament.

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  • Clopper

    MUNZ members who are not pro the strike but have had to walk with MUNZ because they are members must resign from the union to return to work and go on individual contracts if they break the line.  

    After that MUNZ can’t get them financially but they will still go after them with bullying as they have with the other non-union staff.  I think we should create our own website:  How Best to Deal with MUNZ Urine to help these guys out a bit.

    • Beenthere

      Good idea

  • thor42

    Good on the strikebreakers! 
    It’s time for the MUNZ dinosaur to be put down. 

  • Gazzaw

    There’s division in the ranks now and a lot of uncertainty will have been created by the continuing arrival & unloading of ships in record time. There will be an increasing realisation of Parsloe’s agenda and emptying bank accounts, maxed out cards & overdue mortgage payments starting to bite. No doubt a bit of cold shoulder at home from the missus and we all know what that’s like!

  • Phar Lap

    It must be heartbreaking to the rank and file who are desperate to work,to see their overpaid and over zealous union bosses destroy their employment chances, and also take out their families at the same time. Parsloe and his ilk should be run out of the town,that is if he ever comes back from slumming in Australia,all at the union members expense.