Why won’t MUNZ have a secret ballot?

via the tipline

There are some very unhappy MUNZ members out there, the tipline is going crazy this morning.

It seems that with the return of Garry Parsloe from his nice trip to Sydney a request was made for a secret ballot to be held on continuing industrial action. The request was refused.

Why would the Maritime Union stop such a democratic process as a secret ballot?

Could it be that they simply want to continue to intimidate those who think that the leadership of the union is acting against the interests of members into silence.

Another matter has also come to my notice is the issue over the strikers aid.

Garry Parsloe has made much of a donation from the MUA but  striking workers are telling me that MUNZ is tightly controlling who is able to avail themselves of the aid.

Apparently you can only receive aid if you attend the picket but questions are being asked about the distribution also as it seems that some members are getting far more aid than their attendance at the picket should allow.

Meanwhile despite Garry Parsloe talking up a storm about preventing ships being worked I am told that Irene’s Remedy processing is several hours ahead of schedule and the ship is preparing to leave this afternoon. As soon as I find out I will post the numbers regarding containers off loaded, loaded and moved per hour.


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  • DavidW

    Noted on ZB this morning that the nice people at MUNZ and “Save our Port” are sponsoring the Traffic report.  Isn’t that nice and public-spirited of them?

    • ConwayCaptain

      So Garry and his Buvvers can get to the Picket without any delay!!!

    • Guest

      What a waste of money

    • Doug_S

      I like ZB and have done for years more specifically Leighton Smith for his straight shooting comments and attitude. I bet it’s all Leighton can do to keep his moth shut about it. I’m not sure I have heard one word of sympathy from any presenter recently for MUNZ. You would think that the drongo doing ZB’s marketing might consider the vast majority of the listeners might object to this sponsors message. fair enough run the ads but think long and had about your lister base ZB…It’s one reason why I am not listening today.

  • Terrafirma

    The picket line is poorly supported.  When you go there what you see is not MUNZ picketers.  You see a group made up of MUNZ members, MUNZ family and friends, other unions supporters like firefighters, meatworkers etc and stupid Labour MP’s.  So if you see about 40 people out there waving placards and calling you and everyone else a SCAB (which by the way is not such a bad thing to be called as scabs are part of the healing process) you should see if you can pick who is a real MUNZ.  My guess is that about half of the people there are MUNZ.  If the TV cameras are coming along they show up on force but once the cameras stop rolling they drift away.  The average number has been around 40 so that would mean about 20 picketers were MUNZ’s.  So here we have 20 out of 300 odd members who will be eligble for financial aid.  I wonder how much MUNZ payouts to them are vs how much non picketers are getting??  Lets see, non picketers are getting zero so are these picketers scooping the kitty?

    Lets also talk about MUNZ members fees.  MUNZ fees are not a flat rate.  They take a percentage of their workers wage and since they have workers who earn over the average wage this means they have been raking in quite a bit over the years.  Nevertheless they spend quite a bit of that on constant legal battles trying to get sexist and racist employees who have been sacked jobs back.  Their Walking Delegate, Dave Phillips earns $92,000 a year even though he has copped a 2 year ban from the Ports of Auckland for bullying and itimidatory behaviour. Garry Parsloe earns more than the Walking Delegate.  Garry and other union reps have regular overseas jaunts with Garry himself doing most of the travelling.  As we know from other posts they like to travel business class.  In the pipeline at the moment there is a MUNZ trip to South Africa where Garry and several others are going to travel and be put up by South African unions.  I suppose we should be greatful, if you cross a picket line over there union members show up at your house and stab you to death.  Garry would like that.

    • Hakim of phut

      Keep up the spying  !

      bet the PIs cant wait to get back to looking through windows

      • Biker

        Was that the ballot where the first MUNZ member crossed the picket line this morning?

      •  Didn’t WO tell you to sling your hook?

    • AnonWgtn

      I understand that some off the MUNZ members are on holiday in Bali.

  • Hakim of phut

     have had a ballot ! 

    Did you not like the result?

    • CJA

       Got a link for that?

    • Johno1234

      A secret ballot or one where the bully boys see which way everyone votes? 
      To tell, HoP!

      • Hakim of phut

        No different to the way parliament votes ! 

    • Gandalf

      Did you keep it secret?  Did you keep it safe?

  • Timandtim

    There is more to come. The workers are actually going to start heading back to work. There is still the directorships of companies which need to be addressed and I know a local newspaper asked for more information.

    I guess alot is going to unravel soon. As OWL posted a while back – this is going to to be one of the worst PR disaster in Union History, I watched Helen Kelly say on close up that they are using social media to get their message across. Aren’t social messaging companies in the gun for their trade practices e.g. Apple in China on slave labour…..is just doesn’t make sense.

  • Clopper

    There is one non union guy working at the port who was a union member and objected to all the MUNZ fee hikes over the last few years.  He insisted on paying his original fee rate not the increased one and was booted out of the union for it.  The guy had to go on an individual contract with the port because of it. It’s an illustration that for MUNZ, the bottom line matters.  MUNZ want money, MUNZ want to have enough to fund their trips, legal battles and sponsorship ads on radio.  MUNZ do not run at a loss, they hike up their rates whenever they look like they are going to head into financial trouble.  So why is it so difficult for them to understand that the Port needs to make changes as the years roll by to make sure that it stays afloat and has the resources to continue operating with.

    The contraditions with the crying and hoohaa about ….

    The Port is so greedy…
    Stay away from my 91K wages – it’s mine, my preccccciousssssss
    Why shouldn’t I fly business class to Fiji and get refused to stay and return business class?
    Look at Tony Gibson’s watch it looks more expensive than I could afford
    What our members earn is private
    Look how much Tony Gibson earns
    You won’t be working any ships, I’m bringing in my bruvvers
    Look, they’re working ships, how mean
    The Port is unsafe and bullying
    I’m not letting my members vote, they’ll do what I say
    The Port is trying to talk our members into buying it’s propaganda at staff meetings
    I’m not holding meetings, or ballots, we’ll have one vote at the very beginning and everyone has to be in the same room and we’ll have beer, lots of it, and we’ll punch the air a lot and we’ll glare at anyone who doesn’t put their hand up then I’ll call the shots after that.
    The Port has brought in Jon Mayson who helped get the Port of Tauranga on the map
    I’ll bring in Helen Kelly she might know where the one ring is

    • Hakim of phut

      Without the union he would on $25 hr flat rate. Do you think he could negotiate a  $92k package based soley on his skills. Ha

      • dutyfree

         and with union he will be on the dole, so effective value of the the union will be:

        Sum of the Salary from being in the union divided by total years with the union plus years on dole.

      • Clopper

        I think you will find that the IEA’s were easily able to negotiate a similar or better deal than MUNZ.

        After all they’re using their own brains.  They can either negotiate individually or hire an outside negotiator to act on their behalf either as an individual or as a group.  The IEA’s enjoy much greater flexibility than MUNZ members do. 

        And since the strikes they’re probably highly appreciated and rewarded over and above whatever they have negotiated.

        However, if you’re talking about Garry Parsloe and what he could negotiate for his own wage – well – I’m afraid his time is over and his skills have expired.  Much like the people who used to make wooden peg legs, there’s no demand for those skills anymore and he should retire.  So he would be eligible for the pension, what is that paying these days?  $2.50 an hour?


        $25.00hr,not to bad a rate.

  • Doug_S

    Parsloes feet must look like swiss cheese.

  • Jester

    I love seeing Phutwit go into overdrive over the last few days, scrambling around trying to respond to as many ant-union posts as he can.

    Phutwit the little union apologist who would….I think i can, i think I can, I think i can!

    The pressure has really come on and the union is crumbling and poor old Phutwit is trying to hold it together with bandaids.

    Parsloe is now widely regarded as the laughing stock both outside and now from within the Union. Workers are not only not picketing but now edging towards crossing the picket line. demands from within the members for secret ballots.Support within Auckland for the Union is at an all time low. Labour is MIA, Len Brown is MIA. Helen Kelly is ranting like a hysterical little bitch.

    The only thing holding the last thread intact for the union is that dumbfucks like Parsloe, Kelly, bully boy Philips and Phutwit  is that are just too damned inept to realise its over.

    Pack ya bags Union. The tribe has spoken. You;ve been voted off the Island!

    • Frangi

      The first MUNZ member crossed the picket line this morning.  The rest are like hot popcorn kernels ready to off.

      Agree with you about Bully Boy Phillips. 

  • Doug_S

    Gary Van-Parsloe..

    • Clopper

      Hahahahahaha!!  That’s great Doug

    • In Vino Veritas

      Excellent Doug. A good belly laugh

  • Hoha

    Dropped my partner off at the port this morning. Didnt see that many strikers on the line, saw more sitting in their tent.
    Oh and the workers are having a BBQ this arvo to celebrate a job well done. Yes they did have to bring their own BBQ in but they dont care about that.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Yup, they’ve probably hooked up the missing sky decoder for a bit of TV watching. Why would anyone think they’d be any more productive on a picket line than at work?

  • politically unstable

    Unless the unions is banished from the port, MUNZ will call it a victory. How much longer do POAL have to sit at the table with a bunch of self serving individuals who preach “the common cause”???

    • Super_Guest

      Banish them then. Why would the port want to emply a bunch of lazy hacks who can’t be assed going to work and want the world to support them in said crusade.

    • PeterS

      Yes we can’t be too far away from POAL having completed what is required of them legally for the consultation process.  Initially they must have been expecting to reach an agreement with negotiations but everything has changed now so my money is on the next big move we see coming from POAL and that it will be soon.

      They must break the union as they won’t be able to make any significant progress if they continue to have to deal with strikes every time negotiations come around or if their workforce is full of union malcontents.

      It also makes no difference if Parsloe goes because Dave Phillips, Russell Mayn and Carl Findlay are all in the wings, cut from the same cloth of zealous entitlement and confrontation, waiting for Parsloe to go so that they can become the next leader. 

      The union must not survive to fight another day.  This is it’s final show down and it may throw everything it’s got at it but it’s own members are going to start abandoning ship.  Garry Parsloe knows what happens then…MUNZ is no cruise liner ….he’s going down with the ship.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Speaking of unions, Remember Helen Kelly, Robyn Maloclm and Actors Equity, and how they threatened the hobbit?


    Watch the actvity and the work going on here.  Look at the Kiwi Scenery that is now being seen by everyone overseas.  It makes me want to visit, and I live here!

    • Richard B.

      Great comment.

      Thanks for the link.

  • thor42

    Only ONE reason why MUNZ won’t hold a secret ballot – they know damned well that they’d lose it.
    They just couldn’t take the humiliation of defeat that a back-to-work vote would bring.