You know you’re in trouble when: The bookies open a contract on you

iPredict has a series of stocks now on the ACC Scandal.

Yesterday The Standard gloatingly claimed “You know you’re in trouble when: The bookies open a contract on you“.

Whoopsy….look who is in trouble now:

Another interesting tock is the one on Simon Lusk as the leaker…Remember Trevor Mallard, Grant Robertson and Andrew Little have all suggested he was the leaker.

Well the wisdom of the crowds suggests that they are wrong. I wonder if they have the guts to apologise to the house and to Simon Lusk?


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  • Notrotsky

    “This contract pays $1 if, before 1 May 2012, Judith Collins announces she will take legal action against anyone associated with the blog hosted at; otherwise it pays $0.”

    Shouldn’t it pay out already ? It would be very hard to argue that the Duck isn’t associated in some way with that site, simarlarly with the EPMU bloggers who are known to blog there it would be hard to argue against an association between Little Andrew and that site.

    • That is what I thought, I thought Crusher served the papers yesterday? Or was that “I am going to Serve the Papers?

      • It was an I’ll distract these numpy journos – “I’m gonna sue!!”

  • Timandtim

    Rob Campbell has just resigned as a Director of POAL – but also on the ACC Board?

    Not much details through yet … 

  • AnonWgtn

    Look at Rob Campbell’s Union real career before he saw the light and conned into Company Director’s roles.
    Now he is outed and will find it difficult to get another one. But, he has made a fortune out of his “Lazarus” role.
    Until Labour get back  and all will be forgiven.

  • Dave

    Bloody shame Campbell has resigned, would prefer the directors and Leadership team to tough it out and make our ports work, don’t leave the job half finished.   Progress requires change, and there is no gain without a little pain.

  • jay cee

    any more word on the progress of judith collins diversionary tact ………. sorry, principled stand?