A Cigarette Economy? Ctd

With all the fuss that the left wing and Labour made over Gerry Brownlee’s humorous quips about Finland being an insult and demands that he resign I should think that those same people should be calling for the resignation of David Parker.

After all he wasn’t joking, he was deadly serious.

So far the only real response from Finland was from a radio and tv host and couple of editorials, Mexico’s response to David Parker’s comments though has been official in the form of a letter from the Ambassador.

Oh and while they’re at it, they may want to call for David Shearer’s resignation as well because he slagged off Mexico in his big speech on April 19.


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  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    I don’t know why you even bother with my uncle Sheep Shearer? He has lot of time in his hand. He is running a marathon and not a sprint. He will run slowly and overtake John Key at the right moment. He is planning to come up with innovative (read: reheated old policies of Labour) policies soon that will knock your socks off. Go Shearer, NZ is behind you

  • Bunswalla

    A very gracious letter from the lovely Ambassador to New Zealand. I particularly liked the bitch-slap in the last sentence.

  • Whafe

    As was expected, the pinko media of New Zealand have said virtually nothing on the Parker comment….. Oh no wonder we love the media, NOT…..

  • niggly

    Yeah, bloody good letter from the Mexican Ambassador – shows up Parker as the ignorant doffus that he is.

    Parker’s been saying some really dumb things of late, and this doffus is the Labour shadow finance spokesman? Jeez Cunliffe must be either sharpening his knife or crying at the injustice of it all ….

  • Arranh

    Reading the Herald this morning (unfortunately I can’t find the article online) I believe Shearer said that it was an apt comparison as the Mexican average wage was $14,000 compared to the USA $42,000. NZ is about $26,000 compared to the Australian $36,000. 

    So a 36% difference between Australia and NZ is the same to Shearer as a 200% higher average wage in the USA over Mexico. And of course forgetting every other factor involved.

    It just shows why Labour keeps running this country into the ground.