A different time

the Tipline

A reader sends in this image taken on Queen Street, Auckland c. 1969.

I’m not sure I’m game to try a modern version.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Le Citroen with  Le Chevreuil. Manifique !

  • Kiritaki

    That rifle looks very much like a Parker Hale .303.  I bought one in Wellington Tisdalls circa. 1964.

    • grumpy

      It’s not a .303.  Looks like Parker Hale though.

    • Frederico

       7 x 57 Mauser….

  • rouppe

    Good to see he is practicing safe firearms handling though. The bolt is open and the magazine is out…

  • Brian Smaller

    In the late 70s I hitch-hiked with a pack and slung rifle with no problems.

    • Gazzaw

      Same here Brian except there were five of us. No one blinked an eye. The cockies had no prob picking us up in fact a couple of them gave us bed and board to help clean out their wild goats.  

  • Auckland before the liberals fucked it so completely.

    •  I’m confused – I would have thought “liberals” were in favour of more personal freedom – you mean conservatives surely…..?

      • Engineer

        Actually the left wing call themselves
        liberals, but they are not, they are socialists.  They are only Liberal on
        social things, like free sex, drugs etc, but want to control your life in every
        other respect.  The Green party are like this, and they think of
        themselves as Liberals, but they most definitely are not.

        Actual Liberals vote for the Libertarians party (like I did with my electorate
        vote), not Labour or the Greens.

      •  Neil, if your political perceptions are really that stunted then I suggest you read a book by Mark Levin called “Liberty and Tyranny”.

        That might help you understand that there are only really two political forces at play in the world at the moment, and that is the monolithic tyrannical force of totalitarian socialism, and its main opponent, the sovereign individual.

        Choose your side, for its going to get bloody.

      •  As usual – no grey here – only black or white – you guys are too predictable – sorry RedBaiter I read a bit further to find my individual place in the world….This is like reading a 1940’s book of history – and calling it the gospel…

      •  You’re a complete fucking retard.

    • Groans

      Dead right Redbaiter.  Social liberalism has been a complete failure.  I’m not totally convinced the current trend has to continue there’s still hope.  When we’re in charge we’ll have a good clean out starting with the school system and a few shootings.

      • It will be the left who start the shootings and kangaroo courts and wrongful imprisonment and violence. They always do.

  • Armed offenders call out if you even tried that these days…..paranoia rules. 

  • James Gray

    Wouldn’t the modern version be holding a walkie-talkie?

  • James Gray
    • joe bloggs

      crikey that carjam report shows it did 300,000 miles in 9 months! That 15th owner sounds suspicious…

  • Notrotsky

    Isn’t that Kris Faafoi holding the gun ?

  • George

    Probably not .303 as its a Mauser bolt, either Parker-Hale or a Churchill, if the latter then most likely 7×57.  If the former then could be a range of calibers.  The magazine is a hinged floorplate design flush with the stock so no way of knowing if the bearer of the arm is a clear and present menace to society or not.
    I remember 30 years back checking my rifle bag through with my pack for a flight. The guy insisted he see that it wasn’t loaded. He removed the rifle and I showed him the empty mag. He closed the bolt and was about to pull the trigger when I took it back off him. I still get the shivers when I think of it.

  • Richard B.

    Those hunters are always smartly dressed.

  • Doug

    Try driving up Queen Street with a dead animal straped on
    the roof you will be possibly be arrested.

    • Elaycee

      But isn’t that what Penny Bright does? That thing planted on her head sure resembles a dead skunk to me…  

  • Mr_Blobby

    He looks like a more manly (less gay) Jamie Lee-Ross.
    Must put onto the to do list, drive around Queen Street with Bambi strapped to the roof and then park up in a prominent place. Most of the clowns think the food on the table comes from the supermarket.

  • AuntZinnia

    Looks like A. Bhatnagar to Auntie

  • Robert Anderson

    Take a close look.   http://screencast.com/t/N0QUU439UQu

    • Frederico

       Yep, looks like my old Parker Hale, most accurate rifle i ever owned but had a bad habit of jamming when loading slowly.