A dodgy union boss

The Australian

Craig Thomsons financial rorting of union funds is continuing to embarrass. We can see some of the same behaviour like the failure to file proper audited accounts happening inside our own unions:

PAYMENTS and cash withdrawals on Labor MP Craig Thomson’s union credit card were not properly accounted for and he hired several people without the required authority, the Fair Work Australia investigation report into the alleged rorting has claimed.

Among the people Mr Thomson is alleged to have appointed to an industrial position in the Health Services Union without the authority of the union’s national executive is his half brother, Struan Robertson.

The Australian can reveal key findings of the 1100-page report prepared by FWA investigator Terry Nassios concerning the national office of the Health Services Union from 2002 to 2007, when Mr Thomson was national secretary.

They are contained in a letter from Mr Nassios to the HSU national office, which details the alleged contraventions against it as a registered industrial organisation.

In his letter, obtained by The Australian, Mr Nassios says the alleged breaches are contained in his report which will be considered for action by FWA general manager Bernadette O’Neill.

Ms O’Neill has yet to decide what she will do about more than 100 alleged civil breaches, but she has referred findings of suspected criminal activity to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mr Nassios’s letter alleges numerous breaches by the national office of laws governing union finances and procedures, and of the union’s own rules.

Mr Nassios finds the national office, during the watch of Mr Thomson and national president Michael Williamson, failed to hold a number of properly constituted meetings of its national council.

He says the national office did not appoint a national auditor in some years in the required fashion, and failed to produce an annual financial return to FWA within the required reporting period for 2006-07.

Mr Nassios alleges Mr Thomson hired Mr Robertson, and the son of Labor figure Leo McLeay, Mark McLeay, without the authority of the national executive.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    In the US of A the unions were run by the mob.  Remember Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters?? He apparently is buried in a motorway somewhere.

    Any problem with the labour and a large man from the Union office comes down and sorts it out.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – and Labour here over-stuffed the Public Sector with all manner of physcophantic surfs and anyone pandering to their politics, to such an extent the MSM were running articles on how Labour’s rabid hiring of sort after skilled people were actually creating a skill shortage in the entire  private sector, resulting in the private sector having to pay higher wages to outbid the government to hire people…

  • Timandtim

    From your blog today:
    “The EPMU hasn’t filed one years accounts and another years accounts is
    not in the proper audited form, they simply filed an excel spreadsheet. ”

    From the Australian Paper today
    “He says the national office did not appoint a national auditor in some
    years in the required fashion, and failed to produce an annual
    financial return to FWA within the required reporting period for

    WO are you moonlighting for a Australian Newspaper?

  • Doug

    A dodgy union boss is there any other sort?

  • Chiefsfan73

    The 1100 page report took Fair Work Australia 3 years to prepare, a day a page, and you can bet it cost plenty, probably thousands per page to basically say what a review of his accounts clearly shows.  Perhaps the Thompson and the HSU hierarchy aren’t the only ones rorting.