A dodgy union rep

Sydney Morning Herald

Craig Thomson is a dodgy union and now an MP who is propping up the Gillard Government.

Mr Thomson has been under investigation by Fair Work Australia for over three years for alleged misuse of union members’ funds.

He has been accused of using a union credit card to hire prostitutes and make cash withdrawals. He has denied the claims, and this afternoon released a statement reaffirming his innocence.

Fair Work’s general manager Bernadette O’Neill announced the referral to the Commonwealth DPP in a press statement today, saying she had received the 1100 page report last Wednesday and had been examining it since.

I am sure as we pick apart union finances here in New Zealand we are going to find similar dodgy financial practices by union bosses.


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  • Captain Crab

    Fair Work is dominated by unionists and they have been deliberately delaying to the point of obstruction the investigation against Thompson. Three years……
    Corruption? Yep

  • Mighty1

    Fair Work Australia is an Oxymoron

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Ohh yes – birds of a feather…
    McCarten’s Unite – rorting the taxpayers and the entire country to the tune of over $150K in unpaid taxes – however his come-uppance will be here just as soon Cancer cures his fetid antics and politically corrupt attitudes and behaviours… Renta-thug anyone?
    …then there’s the EPMU who haven’t files annual returns for 05 /06 – which is also around the time of the election, so one can only wonder what kind of underhanded financial dealing all the unions were doing trying to support Labour in the lead up to the election? They probably decided it’s far too costly to run an election, so put in place plans for the 2008 election where Labour attempted to rig the 2008 by stealing nearly $1,000,000 of tax payer funds as they tried to slant/ rig the election – as the sitting government no less. Then they had to retrospectively change the law so as not to have to prosecute itself for theft, State Treason, Election rigging etc..

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Continued from above…
    ..and have Labour / Unions paid back this almost $1,000,000 in tax payer monies they attempted to steal from the country??
    Does anyone know if they have even paid back anything yet?
    Why haven’t there been any police prosecutions over this attempted theft by Labour?
    Why no enquiry into the tainting of our countries reputation as being the “least corrupt” When a sitting government deliberately attempt to steal funds to be used illegally to gain an unfair advantage during an election?
    Treason against the populace – Cullen & Clark should be put in stocks for a few weeks somewhere highly public where the public can egg and tomato them at will…

  • jay cee

    and of course all employers are paragons of virtue and fiscal rectitude. and have never used company profits to prop up parties of their choice.

    • Karlos

      As long as it has board approval, who cares.
      How many Unions do you know that ask their members if they are okay with donations to the Labour party? Maybe they could hold a secret ballot for members? Oh, that’s right, then they wouldn’t be able to bully them into the unions own agenda so that will never happen!