A-G to investigate ACC Board

NZ Herald

Good to see the Auditor-General having a look see at the corporate governance of the ACC Board:

Auditor-General Lyn Provost is to investigate the ACC board’s handling of former National Party insider Bronwyn Pullar’s claim.

Ms Provost’s inquiry is the second major inquiry into matters around the handling of Ms Pullar’s claim and the massive breach of privacy that occured when the corporation mistakenly sent her the details of 6700 other claimants in August.

ACC became aware of the breach only in December when Ms Pullar met senior managers in a meeting brokered by chairman John Judge, following Ms Pullar’s approach to board member and old friend John McCliskie.

Ms Provost said that approach and how it was subsequently handled would be the focus of the inquiry along with, “how ACC manages a range of risks at the board level of the organisation”.

Even better is Labour initiated the review by complaining. Labour are very cleverly building a case for wholesale changes to ACC and the best part of it all is that they are painting themselves in to a corner with their own paint and their opwn brush.

After spending months castigating ACC in the house and demanding changes they will hardly be in a position to oppose the government when they decide that ACC is broken and needs some action and some competition to sharpen them up.



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  • Owl

    You know Whale Oil – I have been thinking that myself. Even better I think I read somewhere the Unions and NZCTU got $1.5M in funding to run programs from ACC – guess that wil need to be stopped.

    See if you call pull that post and reput it up here

  • Peter Wilson

    It’s good to see the news media – including social media – focussing on the problems within ACC.

    Leaking of documents, privacy breaches and hush money for whistle blowers simply cannot be tolerated in a fully functioning democracy.

  • Anonymouscoward

    This inquiry would not have been necessary if Ross Wilson was still running the Corporation.

    All together now;

    Bring back Ross! Bring back Ross! 

  • Evan Johnson

    Whaleoil – I don’t think this is true to your prediction either!  And remember John Key said there was no need for such a thing, and that is something you would agree with as a matter or habit.

  • Evan Johnson

    The Opposition parties were quite correct .. there are a number of issues that need to be checked, but not under either of the current 2 enquiries.