Anyone willing to question the Minister’s word?

Yesterday Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little were talking up a storm and suggesting that Judith Collins wouldn’t go ahead with legal action. One thing I know about Judith Collins is that she says what she means and means what she says,. So it is little wonder that she has gone and got the meanest, nastiest defamation lawyer in New Zealand to prosecute her defamation case against Mallard and Little.

Judith Collins is going ahead with her defamation action against two Labour MPs and Radio New Zealand.

Papers will be filed next week against Labour MPs Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little, as well as the state broadcaster.

Collins has revealed this morning she’s hired Auckland QC Jonathan [sic] Miles to lead her defamation case against Mr Little, Trevor Mallard and Radio New Zealand.

Ms Collins says she’s prepared to go through the process because people expect MPs to have standards.

“I believe it’s a good case and that’s the advice I’ve got but it’s a very difficult process and it’s not something people should engage with lightly and I noted that’s been said to me,” she told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking.

NewstalkZB needs to update their website. It is Julian Miles not Jonathan.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Also WO a lawyer of Julians expertise and standing, would not risk his credibility on an unwinable or frivilous case!!!…thet fact that he is taking the case, says volumes about the bull shit that mallard and little are coming out with re the law suit!

    • insider

      I suspect very few lawyers would have a full and clear view of the merits of a case based on the information available. They are just going through the legal motions right now so wouldn’t read much into anything.

      Or he might just think it’s interesting and he is happy to get paid for interesting work.

    •  I wish she’d just shut up and get on with this – sick of hearing about it and looking at her badly botoxed forehead every night!!

  • Ben

    technically the cab rank rule would apply, though he had the “time available” so prehaps you are right

  • joe bloggs

    Andrew Little behaving like a self-indulging wanker on TVNZ
    Breakfast this morning – in response to Judith Collins taking legal action
    against him for defamation:

    “…menacing Trevor and me… this is not going to go very far…
    there’s nothing to apologise for… I call it arrogance, she [Judith Collins] is
    one of the more arrogant ministers… I know the difference between confidence
    and arrogance and she’s definitely arrogant.”

    Bring it on!

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Love it; ” I know the difference between confidence and arrogance”

      I bet you do Little man…

      •  Quite so; that’s how he managed to win over the voters last year and become the MP for New Plymouth. Oh; what’s that you say? He DIDN’T become the MP for New Plymouth? Oh dear….

    • johnbronkhorst

      and yet he is avoiding staying what he said last week…definately bluster over substance, little represents the a typical labour MP!!

  • David

    Little pontificated that he thought that Collins would represent herself in which case the old adage would apply about anyone self-representing would have a fool for a client. 

    Perhaps Little will represent himself in which case would he have a fool for a lawyer?

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    I have a nasty feeling Mallard and Twinkle Twinkle could have some insider information. That is why they are so confident….Also Ms Collins has put her job on the line. One thing is for sure. Some one’s political career is finished at the end of this case for sure….

    • Sarrs

      You are right, both sides are playing the confidence card. This could be a political game of chicken and all parties involved seem to have more front than a row of shops – very hard to tell who is the real deal. The only thing here is Labour and Mallard have nothing to lose – no reputation, no respect, nothing. Judith Collins is (IMO) a well respected member of parliament and she has that to lose. Not only does she have more to lose, I’m also sure she has more to gain in terms of reputation and respect. If she’s the one that can dislodge Mallard from parliament then she deserves a parade. My biggest concerned is about her breach of WO’s rule – something about never wrestle with a pig in mud?

      All I can say is Collins better have her ducks (haha) in a row and be prepared for this to get very nasty. 

      • Pete George

        Mallard and Little may have little to lose directly. But they have brought Shearer on board and he does have a leadership that wasn’t that strong before this – it’s a turnaround from his previous no niggle stance so he’s quite vulnerable on this.

        I wonder if Mallard considered Shearer as a collateral damage risk. There are quite a few in Labour who would swoop on a major Shearer misstep.

    • johnbronkhorst

      What I see is they (mallard and little) aren’t leveling the same attack (via ACC accusations) they are now attacking her descision to take legal action. This indicates that they are not on good legal ground and are despirate to have her drop the proceedings.

      • Richard B.

        They just need to tell her they are sorry and retract their statements, then she MIGHT drop the proceedings.

        I expect RNZ to do that soon, even if Dumb and Dumber don’t.

    • Sullir

      Mmmm yes I believe that there is an ACC insider with verbal diarrhoea
      as well – whether Little and Mallard have that person exclusively in their grip is
      debatable, but either way my bet is on Judith Collins, she is no fool and she is not fooling around here – whereas Mallard and Little are completely dispensable.

  • Naylor

    Julian Miles QC is also representing Watson and Hotchin in a battle against the Herald and that pumped up strange man Bruce Sheppard. 

    He must be rolling in the dosh with all these cases, but as they say he’ll be a bastard to beat, so rock on Judith Collins.

  • BJ

    I have just read Mike Hoskings letter to Judith Collins – he is right. As much as it is noble and brave and the right thing to do it will not be worth it to take legal action. Firstly it will become a distraction  from the important job she has as a government minister and then it may grow over time to become a ‘monster’ that becomes her focus (look at Puller). Eventually it may consume even a strong person like her. As much as I support her determination to put Mallard and Little in their place, I think she should just make a statement that she has changed her mind and won’t be wasting her time and money on those pathetic excuse for men.

  • NotLen

    This will take a long time to play out and I suspect it will be 2013 before any court hearings and decisions are made. So after next week, the MSM will have moved on and Collins can get on with  her job.  Then we will have a pleasant diversion some time in the future as Mallard and Little get dealt to.

  • Fozzie

    Me thinks she doth protest too much ….

    • Gazzaw

      We’ll see

  • Committed

    > she says what she means and means what she says

    Really? So she’s going into bat for Peter Ellis who she reckons got a raw deal from the justice system, or is that just a fantasy?

  • Horace the Grump

    I’d say that Little and Mallard = fucked as toast


    Daffy,and chicken little are in for a whacking.

  • @BoJangles

    Labour has a  silent T  , now 2Ts  [ Twinkle Twinkle  ..]    soon 2 x ampuTees  Go Crusher.

    • Positan

      Surely, you intended to say “emasculees?”

  • Gazzaw

    That Collins has promised to resign says to me that Mallard & Little are fucked. There is no way that she would say that if there was any doubt whatsoever. She’s one smart politician who probably wants John Key’s job and there’s no way she would risk her future for the sake of a couple of fucktards like Mallard & Little. 

    • Roland

      I agree, bold move on her part, just waiting for Mallard to come creeping up on her and give her a ‘king hit’, wouldnt be the first time

  • jay cee

    you could be onto something there “gazzaw” why would she want to keep stirring this pot if not to embarrass mr “solar rectum” key. 

  • Sooty

    I hope Crusher hands Mallard his balls on a plate!!! Does little have any?