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I blogged earlier about the need for the Conservatives to find someone to replace David Cameron. So to their membership is feeling disappointed that despite winning the election delivery of core values seems to be stagnant.

This is also reflected outside Parliament, where you don’t have to look very hard for disaffected Conservatives. A friend of mine, an entrepreneur and natural Tory to his fingertips, captured the feeling of alienation recently: “I dislike this Government so much that I would rather have Labour back in. Give me the real Muppet Show, rather than Cameron’s tribute band.”

In many way National is facing the same issues. Take for instance this year at the party conference. The message is being sent out via the caucus that “the caucus doesn’t want changes to the board”. They don’t want to rock the boat.

This is a ridiculous situation. Understandably you wouldn’t want to rock the boat in an election year…but to beg for it the year after an election is silly…if not this year then which year can there be changes…and isn’t it up to the members anyway?

Unfortunately for caucus, they don’t control the party…other than filling the void left by inept leadership from the board. When caucus thinks they control the party it is high time for the party to wrest control back. Continuing with the status quo isn’t an option…stagnation leads to defeat and National desperately needs some proper governance rather than the meddling, backwards looking puffery of the current board and president.


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  • Michael

    National is drifting dangerously – it needs a new board, new president and a caucus clean up.  MPs who were elected in 2005 (or before) need to seriously consider if it might be time to move on, especially those who are not mid level Ministers or higher.

    Yes, I’m talking to you John Hayes, Colin King, David Bennett, Paul Hutchison, Shane Ardern…

    • Lindsay Tisch?

    • Peter Wilson

      It’s not the personel, it’s the born to rule attitude, no reaching out to allies for when the inevitable drop in polls eventuates.

      They think 1% going from National to the Greens isn’t going to a center left government.

      • lovinthatchangefeeling

        Born to rule? As opposed to BORN TO TROUGH by the Liarbore party members

  • Apolonia

    They drifted through the last 3 years of government. Why should things change.
    They were a much better government when they were in opposition!

  • Guest

    Just who are these great board candidates who are going to do so much better?