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The Telegraph

It seems all is not well in the Conservative party:

The Conservatives need to prepare for life after Mr Cameron. He is not going anywhere in a hurry. But he is now easily at least half‑way through his time as Tory leader. By this autumn he will have been in the post seven years, and once he has fought the next election he has no desire to go on and on, believing that staying too long in office did the reputation of his predecessors considerable harm. He will not seek a Blair-style peripatetic existence in retirement – in five years or so, he will probably want to retreat into rural England to enjoy seeing his children grow up.

In the interim, those waiting for him to have an epiphany on Europe, the economy or tax are destined for disappointment. Mr Cameron is highly competitive and pragmatic, pleased to have got the top job but not gripped with a desire to take the country in a particular direction.

When the moment comes for the Tory party to choose a successor, modernisation and those most associated with it, such as Mr Osborne, will seem even older hat than now. What will be needed is muscular Conservatism and leadership that can properly free up the economy, inspire growth and negotiate a new relationship with the EU. From the promising recent intake of MPs, or perhaps from the older guard, will have to come someone capable of building a winning Tory coalition of interests that encompasses core Conservatives and aspirational Britons who want their country turned around. A new Tory MP, depressed by the Budget, expressed his party’s dilemma well: “Now we have to find our Thatcher.”


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  • Blair Mulholland

    The talent pool is small.  I don’t see Steven Joyce doing anything particularly different, and he really needs to win an electorate before he can be a credible PM.  Judith Collins would be better, but by how much is another matter.  National might still lose in 2014 of course, simply because of the vagaries of MMP.

    Perhaps Simon Bridges will be the first Maori PM in 2017?

    • Super_Guest

      I’ve been predicting that, re: Bridges, since he first took Tauranga. I think Key will move on soon, Collins in the interim, Bridges 2017.

    • Super_Guest

      I’ve been predicting that, re: Bridges, since he first took Tauranga. I think Key will move on soon, Collins in the interim, Bridges 2017.

  • davewin

    This issue is going to play throughout the world as current leaders who seem to have come to power as simple do-nothing pragmatists leave, and their governments are faced increasingly by people who want changes made which alter the current position in one direction or another. Key will need to have a successor in the next four years, one way or another, and the newer MP’s should begin to develop their personal aspirations into clear policy. For me, I want a clear right shift in National, and a firm statement on what National stands for. What Labour does I care not one whit.

    • jay cee

      maybe you don’t care about labour thats your choice. likewise  i’m totally disinterested about national, that is until a couple of weeks ago when it started publicly devouring itself.

      • davewin

         The great thing about NZ Politics is that we are both able to get our wishes. All parties end up devouring themselves as they burn up the political credit which got them elected. National has started to do this during this term. Labour did it over three terms. They need to rebuild – the party, their policy, and then a Parliamentary Majority. Right now I see no signs that they recognise this and have worked out how to do it. When this happens, people like me will start to care, and people like you will be able to start the action  to change Government. That is the strength in our Government, and it is why our country makes progress. That the progress is so slow is due to MMP. So Jay Cee we are not so far apart just waiting for another ship. have a Joyous Easter.

      • Peter Wilson

        The Nats are not devouring themselves. There’s just a couple of rogue elements, and the so-called Collins/Smith fiasco will fade into memory shortly.

    • Peter Wilson

      For me, I want a clear right shift in National

      I see DaveWin is obviously a cheerleader for David Shearer.

      A shift to the right for National? Who would they be taking votes from? ACT? The Conservatives?

      National needs to stay just where they are, and encourage right wing parties to emerge. Then, those parties will take votes off National, and the Nats can target Labour and Green votes.

      The country certainly needs right wing ideas, but not at the expense of a National led government, thanks very much.

      • davewin

         Last time I voted Labour was 1990, left them after that as their hierarchy retreated from the changes of 1984-87. Shearer is a poor fool. His time will be limited. The Unions and the Socialist Feminist backbench will not tolerate informed debate. And National shifting Right – won’t happen either. For those who want that there needs to be a Minority Party dedicated to Rightwing ideas, which can keep those who think that way quiet.