Are miners rich white folks?

Andrew Bolt

A powerful campaign has been launched in Australia supporting mining. It has all the hallmarks of a nice left wing cause, but this time supporting mining, and workers and people behind mining in Australia. According to the Minerals Council it would appear that not all miners are rich white folks:

These Minerals Council ads have been around for a few months, but I’ve only just caught up with them. On one level, I’m not so keen on them, since they exploit emotion and racial politics to sell a case that reason alone should make.

But why not use the tools and values of the Left to subvert a Leftist antagonism to mining that would also hurt us all, including such children of Cambodians and Aborigines? Good stories, they are, too. Good people. And, of course, with good jobs.

Check out

This is how National and Gerry Brownlee should have dealt with silly actresses cavorting in coal.



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  • Can someone tell me how much Australia gets as a “tax” on the mining of it’s resources. I hear a figure of 5% on the nett profit made – is that correct? Seems tiny…..

    • Callum

      There is a 5% royalty (approximately) on the resources, companies also pay tax on any profits made at the normal company rate.

  • Pukakidon

    When you factor in the salaries and the masses amount of tax they get from that and the GST on technology and support that the mines miners consume it is massive.   They are forecasting 75000 more jobs when they open up more mines. Lets say the average salary is $100,000.00 which is a significant underestimation, per year and the tax including is around 40% of that, that is not small potatoes. Then remember the money earned is also spent in Australia.

    Its not about the 5% royalties or tax it is about all the other spinoffs of having mass employment. Pitty we are so backward here in NZ, we could also be reaping the rewards of our resources if we did not have so many foreign accented watermelons living in this country.

    • 6k944827

       Theres nothing stopping you from getting on a plane….