Are the Meatworkers Union Hiding Money Legally?

The Meatworkers Union declared income of $712,370 in the year ending September 30th, 2010. Yet a rough calculation means suggests they are collecting approximately $5 million in membership fees.

Meat Workers Union 2010 Accounts

So there is a shortfall of about $4 million that is not publically declared.

If I were a member of the meatworkers union I would be asking my union rep where the money is. $4 million is an awful lot of money to not be in the union accounts.

I would also ask why the 2011 accounts haven’t been filed either.


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  • Well done Whale- stick it up these subversive communist scum who in their positions as union leaders, have always just used and ripped off workers as a means to further their own extreme left political ambitions.

  • Timandtim

    The New Zealand Meat Workers and Related Trades Union (Inc.)
    covers up to 23,000 permanent and seasonal workers employed over 75
    sites in the New Zealand meat industry. This includes workers in
    freezing works, tanneries, fertiliser plants, halal operations, small
    meat processing plants and small goods processors.

    • Timandtim

       from their website

  • Timandtim

    A quick calulation $712,000 divided by 23000 members (as per their website) equals $30.00 paid by each member per year.

    Maybe they offer a discount?

  • I’d also be asking if union officials are still being paid whilst locked out and striking meatworkers aren’t.

  • Timandtim

    If the Union publicly states (refer their website) they represent 23,000 people and for representation, members pay a Union fee – then I guess WO calculations are fair and reasonable.

    If you do the reverse and say union fees are a respectable $3.00 per week – you take $712,000 divide by 40 weeks divide by $3.00 = 5933 members – thats a big variation from 23,000

    Dont you think?

  • BJ

    I thought I’d been following this conversation well but I just don’t get where your $5 million figure comes from?   23000 members paying $51 per yr ( for full time worker)  – even if they all worked fulltime, is still only $1173000 (in 2010) Someone please enlighten me

    • Timandtim

      does need some clarity – you are stating $51.00 – my calculation equaled $30.00 – because your accuracy of $51.00 I think you are close to the action – that is all fine and welcome.

      So as you rightly state $1.173M – audited accounts $712k – still a $461,000 gap.

      So question is – are there 23,000 members?

      $1.00 a week for union fees seems very cheap in comparison to other Unions

      • BJ

        In the 2010 union accounts as supplied with WO’s post – the auditor says the membership is 23000 (full time and part time) and that the capitation fee is $51 ex gst — that is where I got my figures from – and obviously membership fees are based on 40 weeks per annum or less so the weekly fee would be more than $1.00  

      • Fergus

        seem to remember reading a union notice on a notice board, stating that the new union fees (for 2011) would be $6 per week.

    • Timandtim

      WWhat is caviation fees? New one on me. shouldn’t it be union fees. does anyone know what the meat union fees are per week.
      The EMPU i think uses the same phrase but separates it out from fees

      • Tristanb

         Caviation fees are fee taken by the union so the union bosses can eat caviar.

        Capitation just means they’re paid a certain amount per head (i.e. per member).

      • Owl

        Capitation not cavitation. $ per head. 23000 at $51 is more than $700k.
        Thanks for the additional info on here – the OWL has some work to do tonight

      • Bunswalla

        @8187abb4c85e2cd2bdb446aaba09dfaf:disqus i think you’ll find that caviation fees are so the union bosses can eat caviar while flying on the executive jet…

  • Kiwidon

    Well done!
    Liarbore will have to add these union organizers to their rich pricks list!

  • Timandtim

    Will this is interesting. the union sets the capitation fee and charges the branches. so where do the branches file their accounts?

  • Fergus

    “If I were a member of the meatworkers union I would be asking my union rep where the money is.”…..Yes, but you are not a member, this what unions rely on, members who DON’T as such questions. Thats why there only 20% the numbers in a union today as there were when it was compulsory and why it should NEVER be compulsory again. Subdifuse, misdirection and just plain lying is the unions modus operandae and always has been!

    • Timandtim

      So at 6.00 per week then WO calculations might be correct.

  • Gaharis

    The NZ Meatworkers Union and Related Trades Union has four branches. They are the Otago/Southland Branch, the Wanganui Branch, the Canterbury/Marlbrough/Nelson/Westland Branch and the Aoteoroa Branch. Each branch conducts its own affairs and employs its own officials. For instance the Aoteoroa Branch has six full time officials. This seems to be the biggest of the branches and has offices in Auckland, Napier and Palmerston North.

    It also has its own website at . The title shown on that site for the organisation appears to indicate it is an Incorporated Society but I could not find it after a quick search at Societies and Trusts, so I am not so sure it is.

    From the NZ Meat Workers site:

    “Each branch sets its own union fee and forwards on the agreed capitation to the National Office. Sub-branches are also permitted to have funds as decided by the members of each site or the Branch Executives.” 

    So it would seem each branch collects fees from members and forwards only part of the total to the NZ Meat Workers Union as a capitation fee probably based on the number of members in each branch.

    It is not easy to see where there is any public accountability for the funds collected from individual members at Branch level, but this would explain the differences some are noting between expected unions fees, the claimed number of union members, and the accounts shown above.

    There are rumours at least one branch has recently suffered a delfalcation by someone at branch or delegate level and that person was recently dismissed.

    • Owl

      Love to know more

  • jay cee

    “delfalcation”? i assume you mean a misappropriation of funds.  as for any squirrelled away funds
    that may be because they were always threatened with deregistration and having their assets frozen. a prudent precaution with their members funds. unless of course the exclusive brethren are prepared to step in to cover any shortfall.

    • Bunswalla

      Loving the new words on here, my favourite so far is subdifuse which I think is supposed to be subterfuge.

      “delfalcation” is either fraud by an employee called Derek, or a new kind of fraud where you shit all over your mates and bruvvers.

    • A-random-reader

  • Jim

    perhaps there should be some revenue recognition testing performed over these unions by their auditors…

    On the subject of their accounts not being filed in a timely manner, I think that it is totally unacceptable.  The entire point of filing accounts is so that stakeholders can get timely information about the financial performance and position of the filing entity.  Would be a good bill to go through parliament, and i’d like to see any party disagree with putting unions and friendly societies in line with reporting deadlines for listed companies or non-bank deposit takers.

  • Peter Wilson

    I don’t see the issue here. Show us the evidence if there is any.

    We shouldn’t be surprised, all the big organisation are the same. NZFirst have their trust accounts, secret donations to the Labour Party, and of course the Nats tried to get away with not paying GST, not to mention the Smith/Collins scandals.

  • Satanictradeunionism

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Oh haha…that little jape wore off in high school.

      • Travdog

        new resident troll by the looks, how cute. 10 points for trying anyway. 

    • Super_Guest

      Jeez. Is this the mighty left-wing intellect Kosh was talking about? I know union hacks are idiots, but really? This is all you’ve got?