Back from the boondocks

Back for a quick over night up the back blocks of Puotorino.

Bagged a couple of good size spikers from the track…

Last night I was riding on the back of the ute when one jumped up from some thick cover and bolted  in front of the ute, my mate hit the picks and I nearly ended up over the bonnet. I chambered a round and shot it on the run.

Got up early this morning to go to another spot, it’s a bit of an effort and the ute can’t get up there so went early on the 4 wheeler and walked the rest of the way…was pretty quiet…actually like a morgue…so bailed out at lunch time.

We went to pick up my hootchie (yes a real one) that I left up the other track last night and my mate was walking up the track when a hind and a good-sized spiker bolted across in front of him. Well the Spiker dropped, the hind got away.

This is the second time I have been on this land, it is hugely enjoyable…I’ll be going back…and targeting the 12 pointers and above…didn’t have time to get onto those ones this times so just picked off targets of opportunity.

Still at least the freezer will be re-stocked.


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  • Travdog

    brilliant, top notch chap.

  • David

    Great shooting, better eating! Next time you are flush, o to the SI in the Athol/Garston region of Southland and get a cockie to take you into the Nokomai is was awesome shooting when we were there 35 years ago, and I suppose it still is.

  • Vlad

    Ya lucky bugger, what a great Easter

  • ConwayCaptain

    WO  where do we send our orders for venison steaks????

  • Macca

    As a kid in the early to mid 60’s I spent every August school holidays on a farm somewhere in the boondocks between Tutira and Putorino. I remember going to Putorino Hall to watch a movie on a Saturday night and it was a hell of a long drive. We shot mainly wild goats with .22s from the age of maybe 8 or 9 and were left to our own devices all day as we hunted. We had instruction on how to hunt safely and no-one shot each other or even had near misses. Those were the days!

  • Whafe

    A great weekend for you Cam, awesome work… Sweet to fill the freezer…

  • pdm

    Is Putorino really the boondocks? How far were you from the Waikare pub?

    Macca – the road has improved since then especially with the Matahoura Gorge cut out. Not much more than 15mins from the Tutira store to the Putorino Hall
     these days.

    • Right at the end of Heays Access Road as far as you can go…the end.

    • If there is no 3G it is the boondocks to me, hence the light posting.

      • Brian Smaller

         Ha Ha – That is an Aucklander talking for sure :) 

  • James

    Nice….lucky sod.

  • Cynic

    Which one is Trev and which Little?

  • Fozzie

    Still pickin’ off the small stuff !!

  • Brian Smaller

    Cam – we got a a spiker a few months back who wandered into our back paddock. Good eating.