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Rachel Cunliffe blogs about the differences between Blogging vs Twitter and Facebook. Rachel did the re-design of this blog and I credit that re-design as one of the reasons why I am now the number 1 blogger. During the design phase Rachel provided some insights into blogging from a design perspective that I hadn’t thought of, we implemented those and they have been a big success. the blog is ever evolving…and Rachel continues to provide great advice.

Anyway that is just preamble as away of saying she knows what she is talking about when it comes to Social Media, Blogging and design. Listen to what she says:

  • Blogging requires more thought, reasoning for opinions, refining, details, deep expression and reflection than tweeting. Tweets are valuable for quick (incomplete) thoughts and light conversation but we often need more than that. Tweets are snacks between meals, signposts to feasts. The real banquets are blog posts. Drew McLellanSean CoatesJon Tangerine
  • Blogging helps you find like-minded people to talk to and work with and a sense of community (David RhodenRian van der Merwe)
  • Blog conversations don’t force you into an artificial relationship like “Facebook friend” or “Twitter follower” (David Rhoden)
  • Blogs are in a database that you own and control – you can edit it or throw it away at any time. (David RhodenAnthony Killeen)
  • Facebook and Twitter aren’t a replacement for your own personal history of things you want to say online. (David Rhoden)
  • Comments and discussions are there in context. (Anthony Killeen)
  • Blog posts are better indexed by search engines. When was the last time you Googled a question and got a Tweet or Facebook status update which answered it? (David RhodenJeremy Cook)
  • Blog posts are more educational, spread knowledge and are helpful to newbies. (Clive WalkerRafael DohmsCourt Ewing)
  • Blog posts are timeless: they don’t expire. (Rafael Dohms)
  • Blog posts showcase your thinking as a professional and get your name out there. (Rafael Dohms)
  • Blogging takes more courage: tweets are easier to correct. Blogging opens you up to real critique and criticism. Joe Leech)

There was a sense that true blogging was (and still is) about honesty, learning, growth. It was about opening yourself up to critique and trolls but also finding cheerleaders, mentors and fellow journeyers. There was a sense that we’re missing out on good insightful blog posts being written, and a proliferation of “Top 10 ways to get people to link up to your blog”.

There was a sadness that blog comments aren’t so lively any more: the comments are disparate, brief and shallow.

I know that every time I blog, I feel rewarded: I’ve thought things through, I’ve learnt things and I’ve worried a teeny bit about what other people are thinking in response.

The best text information I find online is still via blog posts.
The best way I find out about deep thoughts friends or strangers have online is still via blog posts.
The best place to find tutorials, help and ideas is still via blog posts. I may get there via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest, but they’re signposts to the real content.


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  • fecnde

    >one of the reasons why I am now the number 1 blogger.

    I don’t doubt that. But do you have any pointer to league tables (google lists, something) that ranks popularity/readership/adwords of NZ blogs?

    • Seems you are incapabel of googling “NZ blog rankings”. Had you done so you would have found this:

      • fecnde

        Thanks for the site – it looks worth following.

        Its disturbing that TheStandard is so high.But nice to see both you and DPF have higher readership than those anonymous cowards.

      • AnonWgtn

        The Standard (along with the SST and Sunday Herald) are high because they are so much crap and fun to play with.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Totally Agree Mr. WO.
    Since discovering your blog – i’ve also discovered an emerging interest in the ability to actually have a say – without the socialist leftie MSM editing / sensoring / not publishing my comments because it often slates the lefties…and contradicts the leftie propaganda speils wiht another angle.

    So a BIG thank you for the venue, the opportunity and the great read!

    The PoAL / MUNZ stoush was a case in point of WO being able to face down the MSM propaganda and correct it with factual info… that brilliantly contradicted the union propaganda – hopefully leaving them writhing in shame for their lies and deceit. Mind you – if they’re not already completely shamed for just being a union member… what would shame them?

    Keep it up Mr. WO – cheers!

  • Blogs round out ideas that may have flashed up on Twitter – it’s a creative relationship. But Facebook?  It’s the hanger on. I just don’t get it.

  • Scanner

    Twitter – Isn’t that the wee peice between the twat and the shitter.

  • dad4justice

    a twit tweets, the face dropped the book and the blogger upset the world.

  • Shadiness

    I have a real issue with tumblr though.  My teenage daughter has had some issues with weight in the last few months.  She also registered on tumblr.  Through that community she has connected with some really tormented people, and with eating disorders come other self destructive habits – which they seem to share around like achievements in depression.  So from a weight issue – they graduate to an eating disorder, and now to cutting!  You know the saying – “misery loves company”.  These kids embody that saying – and they have a whole sick community to egg them on. Oh – and worth a mention is also the porn.

  • Pukakidon

     You are right, the left wing blogs do not allow any discussion that is opposed to their own, that is why it is a pile of pig turd.  What makes this blog number one is the freedom of speech.   It is even good that the likes of Kosh and even Phil (other than the silly way he expresses himself) can express their opposite view and actually put up reasonably good arguments on many topics.

    There is also humour on this site, where as on the left wing sites they are so bloody uptight, anal, mono-opinionated, nasty and shouty about everything.

    Twatter and the likes is made up of a bunch of sycophants following some “its all about me” arse who has nothing better to do than tell all of his or her mundane everyday boring goings on or to self promote about how many mindless followers they have.  I don’t get it, to me it is mindless sycophantic stupidity on one side and out right self promotion on the other.  


    • Scanner

      I also find it interesting that the right wing blogs encourage discussion and debate and anything left wing seems tottally oposed to free speach or debate and are more interested in abuse and banning any other opinions, sort of defines left wing politics as we know it.

      Also of interest is Twitter seems to be the domain of fucktards like Mallard and his ground sheet Curren and as such must be total waste of time for anyone with a brain or an opinion.

  • CommonSense404

    All I can say is keep doing what your doing. Its an essential part of my day – thanks.

  • Fergus

    The only problem with commenting on a Blog site, is you have to share it with all those idiots…that don’t think or have the same opinion as I do!!!…..OOPs…sorry that was spooky…was channelling winston peters and russel norman at the same time…just for a moment there!!! HA HA……But seriously, this is great that you voice your opinion read others and gain/share knowledge and information that can modify your own opinion.

  • Fergus

     Twitter..on the other hand seems to be a self indulgent rant about…well….yourself. Ever been to a party had been cornered by some ass that talks about himself for 3 hours???? Thats twitter, only on line!

  • George

    My favourite cartoon is of a man pecking at his keyboard late into the night. His wife is bitching at him to turn the damn thing off and come to bed.

    “I can’t — there’s somebody here on an internet blog and they’re wrong!”

  • BR

    Blogs have taken over from usenet. This is unfortunate. Unmoderated usenet newsgroups cannot be shut down or censored. The vexatious litigants otherwise known as Scientology tried. They failed.


  • Whafe

    I don’t compare Blogs to Twitter, totally different. Twitter allows me to see a snapshot of which I can then delve into more.

    Facebook is a HUGE nothing. I despise it… Have not had it for 5+ years, a joke really…

    Cam’s blog for me is part of my daily life schedule…. Awesome stuff…

  • Peter Wilson

    My view would be each has its place. Twitter is a one to many thing, perfect for fan or follower based entities. Blogging I’m picking specialises in opinion or conversation type activities. Facebook is what it is; I see family members using it constantly keeping in touch, it can be wasteful if overdone – like anything.

    WO, I suspect, needs a separate category, because it is rather unique. Allowing for intelligent independent thinking, whilst at the same time catering for others, such as Kosh.

  • Great post! Going to Tweet this :)