Break Time

I’m having a wee break…

I’m off around the North Island for the next few days.

I have some clay pigeon shooting lined up…picked up a slab of ammo and a box of clays from Zee and Toni at Hamills in Manukau.

I am also planning on dropping a few Reds, i hear they are roaring where I am off to. Hope the weather blows through but it should be good anyway off line for a night or two in the back blocks.

Posting will be lighter over Easter but I should be back refreshed and ready to keep up the pressure on unions, pinkos and other assorted scum…at least until Duck Shooting starts.

If anyone has anything that needs shooting then please let me know. I intend to do heaps more this year now I won’t be doing any silly bike races against lying cripples.

Harvested crops or about to harvest crops that have pigeon or bird problems let me know.

Goats that want shooting, let me know.

So off to pack my .17HMR, .308 and 12ga…that oughta do it for anything I come across.

If anyone wants to submit a Guest Post them email it in, I’ll post it in between filling the freezer.


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  • Spiker

    Enjoy your weekend away. Our farm stags are going nuts right now, making it a little hard to sleep at night. Almost bad enough to consider heading for the peace & quiet of the city for the weekend. :-)

  • Kiwidon

    Have a great time WO!

  • Symgardiner


  • ConwayCaptain

    Will Miss WO be wearing her nice camo ensemble???

  • Busman

    May the force be with you

  • Travdog

    Good luck, put a few shots in for me chap.

  • Whafe

    Have a great trip Cam, best of luck filling the freezer, and may a many count pointer come your way.

    Happy Easter

  • Dave

    Enjoy your break, so, a bit of practice on Clay Pigeons, then in a month try DUCK shooting, there lots around in season !!

  • Guest

     I intend to do heaps more this year now I won’t be doing any silly bike races against lying cripples.
    Just as well… you got smashed last time.

    • Still did it though….made Mallard distract himself

      • Troy

        Talking of Mallard, unsure what he was on about as things wound up today in parliament, mentioning that Maurice Williamson will become Rt Hon and new Mr Speaker?  Shit-stirring or is this something that will happen?  I hope so, Williamson would do way better than David Carter who hasn’t the voice for the job.

  • Naylor

    Happy Hunting and shoot anything that moves – especially those feral cats – the 12g should do the trick, but making one jump as some lead finds its mark from a couple of hundred metres away is all good as well. 

  • unitedtribes

    Theres a bloke next store you could plug one into if your anywere near here. Have a good trip.