Bridges promoted

Well done to Simon Bridges, who in the past two weeks has had a blinder. He has celebrated the birth of his heir and now he has been promoted to the ministry of the John Key led government. Good to see he is Associate Climate Change minister, his suggestion to Tim Groser should be to wind up that ministry altogether:

National’s MP for Tauranga Simon Bridges is to be appointed a minister outside Cabinet after the departure of shamed former minister Nick Smith forced a minor reshuffle.

Napier MP Chris Tremain, who is currently outside Cabinet, will move into Cabinet at number 20, Prime Minister John Key said.

Smith resigned his ministerial warrants two weeks ago after admitting he wrote letters for friend and ACC whistleblower Bronwyn Pullar while he was the minister of ACC.

He also admitted failing to declare a conflict of interest when he signed off a letter to Pullar on behalf of the Corporation.

Smith, who is also the MP for Nelson, held the local government, environment and climate change portfolios.

Primary Industries Minister David Carter will also take on the local government portfolio.

Local government reforms were an important part of the Government’s agenda, Key said.

“Mr Carter is an experienced Minister and I’m confident he will drive these reforms along.”

Internal Affairs Minister Amy Adams will become Environment Minister and hand over the Internal Affairs portfolio to Tremain.

Trade Minister Tim Groser will also become the new Minister for Climate Change Issues.

Bridges will take over consumer affairs and associate transport from Tremain.

He will also be Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues.


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  • Catwoman

    Great news – well done Simon!

  • Taxpayer

     He does nothing for Tauranga, he is just a career poly.

    • joe bloggs

      And you’re just a career taxpayer…

      Brendon will run rings around Moana Mackey in the house – he’s got the smarts and the tongue. Might have suffered a bit in the past from missing some mongrel, but he seems to be toughening up nicely.

      Above all he’s principled…

      Taxpayer – that’s a novel concept for trolls from the arse-end of the universe – but one that you need to come to grips with…

      • Catwoman

         Brendon who????????????

      • joe bloggs

        whuuups – sorry – Simon!

    • Catwoman

       Yep, he gave up a lucrative career to be a poly!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Unlike any of the new labour MP’s he has actually had a real job, has some RELAVANT qualifications. He is estute and clever…you might say he is the complete opposite of idiots like Chris Hipkins or Jacinta Ardern.

      • jay cee

        yep and guess where he got those qualifications,from a university no doubt where all those lefties hang out doing ummm thats right running courses so
        people like little simon can show how clever they are.

  • jay cee

    so on the one hand climate change is a load of bollocks eh? then on the other you’re congratulating young simon for being what? the assoc minister of  bollocks?

    • Kosh103

      LOL its the 2 faces of the right. How are you surprised?

      • He can still be congratulated for being promoted. Even if he’s promoted to a bullshit portfolio. 

      • Peter Wilson

        In view of the latest news that Climate Change is a fraud, it looks like Bridges will have his work cut out. He may find himself reporting to the Serious Fraud Office.

        Perhaps they could rename the ministry “Climate Change BACK.”

      • grumpy

        The Minister for Climate Change does not have to support Climat Change.  He could just as easily be responsible for eliminating the fraud that has been perpetuated on the Kiwi taxpayer………………

      • johnbronkhorst

        setting a new standard for stupidity are you there… peter.?

  • Apolonia

    Associate minister for climate change and the tooth-fairy.

    • Guestosterone

      For “Climate Change Issues” read “Uneducated Rabble Monitoring”

    • Guestosterone

      For “Climate Change  Issues” insert “Uneducated Rabble Monitoring”