Chart of the Day – Pokie Numbers

Pokie Numbers from the DIA website.

From this graph you can see that Pokie numbers peaked at 25,221 in June 2003. When the government changed in November 2008 they were down to 20,025 (Dec 08) and bottomed out at 18,001 in Dec 2011.

Is 500 more going to make that much difference?

Basically gambling is a tax on stupidity, and in this case the rest of the population gets to benefit from jobs, from a Convention Centre and a Theatre all paid for by the tax on stupid people.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – rather telling that the highest numbers of pokie machines happened whilst Labour were in government. They get completely trounced in a massive landslide election in 2008 – despite attempted election rigging by Aunties Pledge card rorting – and since National have been in government, these pokie numbers drop considerably – and another 500 or so will still mean the pokie numbers are THOUSANDS shy of the number Labour allowed under thier watch.

    So how can the sanctamonious cretins now argue all manner of “social issues” when in fact Labour created even more “social issues” with greater pokie numbers?? – and their failed, socialist, social engineering policies caused even greater harm.

    Hypocritical sanctamonious parasites they are – borne from a parasitic existance – surviving on a parasitic existance!

    Nice chart though WO…

    • Macca

      Well said bloke – I like the cut of your jib!

      Question;  Why has our main stream media not pointed this out to the rest of the NZ public?

      • AnonWgtn

        Because our so called media are left wing Key haters and infantile morons.
        The standard of repeaters in New Zealand is appalling.
        Since Ambrose the media have gone feral against John Key because he will not, like Clark, suck up to them with private mobile phone numbers etc.

  • Troy

    All these lefty loonie bleeding hearts are rarking on about how the poor will just get poorer with more pokies – well, life ain’t fair, they are adults, get a job, get out of the lower depths of dependancy on the state (which Labour created to a large part) and make the responsible adult decision not to gamble.  I don’t believe all this crap that it is an addiction.

  • maybe its yhe smart people paying taxes to fund beneficaries playing the pokies and the profits leaving the  country are who the real stupid people after all its their money being gambled away

  • Slot Doctor

    lied to the Privileges Committee and when it came to coalition
    negotiations demanded and got the Racing Portfolio from the Labour
    government. He then set about increasing stakes and subsidies to the
    racing clubs and breeding industry.
    Three things happened in  2003.First the gaming sites where screwed for the site rental paid so the numbers started going down.Secondly labour changed the law and allowed the racing industry to dip into the charitable trusts to prop up horse racing.After the screwing the site operators and needing more money for stake money(prize money) Labour and cohorts increase the return required by charites to 37% as a licence condition.Labour and Winston had no need to increase poker machine numbers,they just screwed everyone else for the money they required to help the racing industry.The pokie money from Managere ends up at Ellerslie prize money.Then Shearer claims pokies pay 37% to charity and good old Sky City complying with its licence only  pay 2.5% You think this is bad don’t get me on to the Rugby rorts

  • grandstream

    Take down that graph. The facts and truths in this situation dont actually support idiots like Gower and Garners and their pursuit of this Govt.

  • There’s been a 10% decrease in gaming machines since December 2008 (just after the change of government). What is being proposed here is a one-off 2.5% increase which will return this to around June 2010 levels, but still almost 7000 less than the peak in 2003.

    In return for that, Auckland and New Zealand gets a $350m facility which will bring in plenty of tourist/hospitality/retail dollars, and will create jobs. Is there actually a downside? Goodness; even Len Browen supports this!

    • A nice new convention centre for Party Conferences as well :-)
      As for our Mayor, that man comes up with more surprises every day. Have to wonder who is going to bankroll nis campaign next year… s
      Sky City?

  • davewin

    The point is also that many of the pokies placed in Pubs and clubs throughout areas like South Auckland are part of a gigantic swindle. The charitable donations have been used to fund the purchase of hotels and bars by sporting clubs and on and on it goes. There are a number of these schemes supposedly being  investigated by Internal Affairs, however the work is progressing at a snails pace. These are of course the same pokies the Labour Bleaters want to sustain. They are loud in the claims made of the charitable donation requirements of the legislation, but totally quiet on the scammy outcomes.

    If Jackson and his ilk were really interested in lessenign the effects of gambling here, they would protest the Bingo, and these Gambling Dens in Pubs. But then the returns to marae could be damaged, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

    • Chris

      You’re full of shit.  Too much, too irrelevant and too stupid to even warrant a response except you’re all shit.  Read, man, read!

    •  What a load of nonsense written here. While head of both a Artistic Gymnastic Club, regional body for the same sport and organiser of several national sporting events this was one source we could ALWAYS rely on for financial support, after the Lotteries Commission. This post above is just blind nonsense – but then you only refer to Auckland I’m in Wellington….

      • davewin

         I give you the Franklin Trotting Club, Waitakere Finance, the scams over the Westpac Helicopter and so on it goes. Use your eyes not your prejudice. The Artistic Gymnasts are not a real strong point in poorer communities, and those are the ones being scammed. Like it or not. Many many of these are simply a method for unscrupulous losers to drag the mite from the pensioner’s purse.

        But we cannot have then do it in a strongly policed casino environment can we.


  • Chris

    It’s not a tax on stupid people.  It’s a tax on addiction, in the same way government taxes booze and cigarettes.  

    • davewin

       Which is also a tax on stupid people without the brains they were born with. Everyone else has to suffer for their inadequacies, while they are cossetted with funds needed for the quiet majority.

    • James

      “Addiction” is pure made up bullshit…its a cop out tern for lack of self discipline.

  • MrV

    Adjusted for population pokie numbers have declined significantly. NZ will never get ahead when an issue of +/- 500 pokies becomes some sort of nationwide political issue.

    I hardly even think you can say it’s a tax on stupidity, many people seem to like a night at the casino as a form of entertainment. Gamble $20-$30 and call it a night, their choice, which is why I can’t understand why the number of pokies needs to be regulated down to the individual machine.

  • Can someone from amongst this oh so knowledgeable group tell me how much income the existing convention centre in Auckland brings in and how many it employs? Oh that right you don’t call it a convention centre any more do you – ‘cos it doesn’t make enough….Our own in Wellington does quite nicely thanks you, plugging along without any bruhaha….and bringing in plenty of conference and convention bed nights for the capital hotel industry…

    • John Q Public

      What convention centre are you referring to?

      • Michael

        The SkyCity one that holds about 500 people. Not big enough for the big multi thousand conventions that JK and co are wanting to attract. Think of Vegas type conventions.

        Yes, they will encourage a seedier side of Auckland to develop, but overall a big employer and heaps of rich tourists.

    • davewin

       The point is that this one can be built without taxpayers or ratepayers. But then you might not want a convention centre. In that case simply say so.

  • Mike

    Agreed with the central idea of the post, but there is the unfortunate side effect of the stupid people running out of money due to the steep tax on their lack of sense, so the long-suffering rich pricks have to come to the party once again to fund the handouts that allow them to go back to the machines the next day.

    I am all for allowing people to burn money (gambling, smoking, expensice luxury items like X-box and Sky, etc) – provided that they then become ineligible for the helping hand that the taxpayers extend to those who truly need it.

  • Mort

    What is the actual occupancy of the existing slot machines at Sky City currently? Every time I see anyhting on TV with them there, coupled with my own anecdotal evidence from staying in or eating at casinos there is never 100% occupancy of chairs. If SKC can’t fill the existing seats how much of a difference will an additional 300 seats make, when the market place is already provided for, unless of course the additional seats are to cater for new entrants to the SKC market, namely tourists. (Does it not follow that anyone who is currently in NZ wanting a seat at a SKC slot machine can find one?)

    • AnonWgtn

      Have been on a few occasions to Sky City when in Auckland for a conference and there appear to be plenty of poky machines you can go to.
      My $50 goes very quickly, so off elsewhere.
      Am I addicted to losing money – no bloody fear – I work too hard to give away to a mugs game.

  • Bawaugh

    I have one question, why have numbers been declining? Are people gambling less or have the rules for pokie machines changed.

    Secondly what would the numbers look like per person? (as population has increased this would make the decline far more dramatic).

  • Michael

    Does the South Dunedin Labour Party still run Housie nights? My Stepmother hated helping out at those because the people who turned up were the types who couldn’t afford it.

    They were doing it about ten years ago when David BP was MP, don’t know if they still are. Any Whale Army Dunedinites able to confirm?