Chch rooted, but no fracking at least

NZ Herald

The whole place is rooted but at least there won’t be any fracking causing more earthquakes in Christchurch. Personally I think Bob Parker should frack off. I’m pretty sure that residents of Christchurch would have wanted their council to focus on more important things than fracking…like re-building their city:

Christchurch City Council has voted unanimously to declare Christchurch a fracking-free zone.

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is a mining system that involves injecting chemicals into rocks so they break, releasing oil and natural gas.

The stance is because of concerns about the impact of fracking on the local environment, including contamination of the city’s underground water supply and fracking’s link to earthquakes.

The council also decided to call on the country’s other territorial/local authorities and regional councils to declare their areas fracking-free. Christchurch City Council will discuss the issue with Environment Canterbury.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the council received extremely positive feedback when it called for a moratorium on fracking earlier this year.

“However, today’s decision takes our opposition to this practice a step further. It is a very strong sign from the Council that we do not want fracking taking place in this city. We hope that the strong stand we are taking is picked up by councils in other areas,” Mr Parker said.


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  • Blubberisaliar

    say hi to bob parker blubberboy, youll see him at luskie recruitment meeting

  • Allyson

    He should go the whole hog and refuse to accept any monies to rebuild the city unless it comes via a verified anti-fracking source, This council now has to go. Enlarge Dunedin and let chch slide into lefty oblivion.

    • Not sure what Bob Parker’s political colour is – not interested – but the Earthquakes and his early speech making were the only reasons he got back in anyway – the infighting was going on well before now, just delayed everyone else finding them out. Sack them and start again….

  • In Vino Veritas

    And of course, the mining companies were lining up to start operations in the middle of Christchurch, not withstanding the fact that given the amount of liquifaction in the city, there isnt much rock about available for fracking.
    And after all, it is an everyday practice in most other NZ cities……

  • NotLen

    Well the fracking factory was in full production in Takapuna this morning.

    • RobertB

       Why not enlarge Temuka-much closer than Dunedin!

  • Steve Wrathall

    I’m very glad that the People’s Republic of Chch has fully recovered from the earthquakes. They must have, as they’re now back to their old habits of passing idiotic anti-science, anti productivity resolutions to prove what plaster saints they are. I presume they will forswear the use of fossil fuels for all future rebuilding, and rely on bullock drays to haul out the next load of liquifaction silt.

  • Guest

    Why didn’t they ban whaleing in the Avon while they were at it?  It is as equally stupid.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Whaling is banned in the Avon. Similarly you are not allowed to take big game from Cathedral Square or anywhere within the borders of Brooklands, McLeans Island, Prebbleton to Lyttleton. And if that’s not enough, all alien spacecraft that land within the confines of the greater Christchurch area, must be handed to the relevant authorities and not kept as pets. And you thought the Greens were the “No” people.

    • Travdog

      And people that tag on the bottom of the swimming pools should get their spray cans crushed.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Why would they use fracking in chch??? Is there any oil there? So this is a mute point. A bit like the 30 years annaversary of wellington being nuke free…….just because you declare a nuke free zone doesn’t stop them dropping the bomb on your head! Should be the 30 yr annaversary of david lange’s tantrum, the effects of which we are only just recovering from!

    • insider

      Fracking was first used for water wells. I’d have thought Chch was perfect for that given it’s large aquifers.

  • David Lloyd

    I agree with Cameron. This is Fracking ridiculous. It is typical of this dysfunctional council to back something like this. Who cares… when was the last time anyone drilled for oil in Christchurch? Housing shortages, people sleeping in cars and garages, under insurance of council assets, munted city and suburbs, snail’s pace granting of permits by council staff, inept city hall bureaucrats, overpaid and under-performing CEO. No worries, let’s ignore these pressing problems and ban fracking instead. Well done councillors.

    • Roland

      Yes Dave, couldnt agree more, why anyone would want to side with that tosser Yani is beyond belief, I just cant wait for the fiasco of the Ferrymead bridge closing for 5 months and most likely a lot longer cause someone from the Council will have forgotten to order the pipe from Saudi again. Im just waiting for them to present my cheque for $3000 which I sent them in replacement of the other cheque for $3000 which they didnt present, I am not ringing them again….

  • Peter Wilson

    What areas does the council have responsibility for where fracking is possible?

    I hope it’s not another dopey “Wellington – Nuclear Free” fiasco, where it’s simply a political statement. Then fracking gets picked up by the greenies out there and it’s viewed as “evil”, in a similar way to hydro dams and wind power.

    Another source of revenue gone for the country.

  • George

    The Christchurch City Council remind me of flies in a bottle, buzzing around making noise and going nowhere

  • Agent BallSack

    Has anyone thought to ask whether there is any oil or gas under Christchurch?

  • Bawaugh

    And what is their legal power to do this act?

    In any case the quakes that are caused are very minor.

    Still I would not want to do Fracking around Christchurch at the moment. I would not want any surprises with all the after shocks. 

    • If any sound reason for this is established (ever!) then it’s more likely to do with fear of chemical pollution in the aquifer than from earthquakes.

  • Captain Kidd

    So when the oil does run out and gas by fracking is the new alternative will CH/CH council then ban cars ect.?Did any council member ask for details surrounding the proven effects of fracking or are they simply going to ban anything in future that takes their fancy.

  • phronesis

    You cant create an earthquake short of burying a bomb. Fracking fractures the rock and allows it to slide and release built up tension easier. These tiny earthquakes release the energy that would otherwise go into a big one. It hasnt been tried but fracking is potentailly the only way to prevent large damaging earthquakes from happening.

    Ironic really.

  • AnonWgtn

    Lianne Dalziel is an expert on fracking – I think  that the right word.
    When she becomes Mayor with Jim as Mayoress.
    Anette King for Mayor of Wellington is another fracker.

  • Wicket1

    But with the chemicals used in the fracking process you can fuck up the water system.
    Just remember when Bob and the defunct ex-mayors of Waimak, Selwyn and Hurunui ran the ECAN elected members from the electorate….to be replaced by Gov Commissioners who wanted to speed up the resource consents for …What?