Chopper, Harden the Fuck Up

Sydney Morning Herald

Chopper Read has cancer and just weeks to live. The photo the SMH used makes it look like he is having a sook and cry. I think he needs to harden the fuck up.

Melbourne criminal Mark ”Chopper” Read has been given just weeks to live after being diagnosed with liver cancer, according to reports.

The crook-turned-author and artist used Twitter yesterday to break the news about his failing health, telling his 3428 followers: ”Looks like the big C has finally bitten. Let’s see how we go …”

He later said he had four tumours on his liver and had been given just six weeks to live but was not afraid of dying.

“I’ve got liver cancer. They say there’s no way out of it,” the Herald Sun quoted him as saying.

“It depends on who you talk to. Some reckon you’ve got six weeks, some reckon you’ve got six months, some reckon if you’re looked after you could have as long as six years.

“As long as the bleeding stops, I don’t give a bugger.”

Earlier, he apologised for not ”tweeting of late – have been spending a bit of time in hospital for my liver”.

Read, whose life was immortalised by Eric Bana in the 2000 film Chopper, later tweeted that he feels ”OK”. ”Some more surgery in a couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll be ready to rock n roll after that,” he wrote.


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  • Brian Smaller

    In that photo his hand is 8-10″ in front of his face, not wiping a tear away. 

    • Richard McGrath

      He’s pulling a bit of cancer out of his eye without anaesthesia.

  • toby_toby

    He’s not cry. It’s just raining on his face.

  • Richard B.

    Hes just been cutting onions……

  • Top Bloke

    He is probably the one person in the world who doesnt need to HTFU

  • Cato

    Always have mixed emotions when bad things happen to scoundrels. When Saddam Hussein met justice at the end of a noose, I think it was chaste to admit to a certain sense of grim satisfaction, even if you don’t rejoice in his death. 

    Read is going to meet his maker shortly but at least he lived longth enough to reform (sort of).

    • Travdog

      reform? do you even know anything about who he was and what he did? he wasn’t your general run-of-the-mill criminal. Saddam Hussein – Mark Brandon Read…ummm no camparison.

      Rodger T said it best: ” Chopper never fucking stabbed anyone who didn`t deserve it.”

  • Rodger T

    Chopper never fucking stabbed anyone who didn`t deserve it.

  • Mr_Blobby


  • Frederico

    Before he goes, will the real Chopper Read do a real version of this

  • Tom

    Mate worked for him years ago. You don’t call him chopper to his face without permission. It’s Mark. Was a bloody good boss too I’m told, but suppose not many have the balls to take the piss ;)

  • Evan Johnson

    He should have accepted a liver transplant over a decade ago when disease of his liver was first picked up.  

  • Mediaan

    Very sorry to hear the man has cancer.   Never heard of him before but nobody deserves that.   I wish him well and hope he sorts himself out.

    If he ever reads this: 

    Chopper, read about how it is easy today to give people cancer deliberately.   Someone could have done this to you.   Start maybe with “Dr Mary’s Monkeys”, a non-fiction book, and then work through what I think was a reading list near the back.

    Then get VERY ANGRY.   Anger is good for you.

    • Mediaan

      One thing more – big impact story in the British medical press.   Liver cancer curable.   It is to do with a specific electro-magnetic frequency.   Look it up in   Anyone in touch with Chopper would you please pass this on.

      The story in Microwave News starts like this:

      December 1, 2011
      A couple of months ago, the British Journal of Cancer published a paper detailing some extraordinary results: very specific types of weak electromagnetic (EM) fields were able to stabilize and shrink liver tumors in advanced cancer patients who had exhausted other treatment options. A press release was issued describing how the EM treatment was far more effective than the only available FDA-approved drug. It was pretty much ignored. No one believed it. …  more …

  • pauleastbay

    Who gives  a flying fuck, he’s just a dick who has only ever taken from society.  There are plenty of decent people out there with cancer who have lived lives to be proud of.  

    Unmarked grave for this clown

    • Mediaan

      You have checked the facts out personally have you then?   Or are you just sharing witless prejudice based on stuff loosely heard?

      • pauleastbay

        Sorry what,

        he’s the nob whose spent 20 years in jail for crimes he wrote about , fuckwit