Chris Hipkins and Sky City

Labour is making much of relations between National and Sky City, but what of relations with their own MPs and Sky City.

Chris Hipkins was placed with Sky City as part of the New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust scheme to educate lifelong troughers about business. Chris Hipkins explains on Red Alert:

I spent most of the past week up in Auckland on a Business and Parliament Trust placement at Sky City. The placements are a great opportunity for MPs from all parties to spend some time in a large company learning more about their business and the business environment in general. I chose Sky City for a variety of reasons, including my role as Labour’s spokesperson on gambling issues. I was also interested in the hospitality and conventions side of their business.

I found my week at Sky City an incredibly valuable one and I’d highly recommend a business placement to any MPs who haven’t already done one. I certainly hope to do another one in future years.

Interestingly Moana Mackey also spent time at SkyCity. Chris Hipkins was also full of praise for SkyCity in the newsletter of the Trust:

“Well worthwhile. A valuable opportunity to discuss a range of  business issues particularly in such a  highly regulated industry.

I’m keen to do another one next year!”

You can also see Chippy’s contribution to the debate on the Gambling Amendment bill.  You will note that he puts aside casino pokie gambling:

It is useful to inject some more facts into the debate at this particular point. The gambling industry’s turnover, as I noted, was a little over $14 billion in 2007, and money lost was just over $2 billion, of which about $950 million was lost on non-casino pokie machines. That is a very significant amount of money. I am told that the money collected from non-casino pokie machines is roughly the equivalent of the entire operating cost of the New Zealand Police. Up to 42 percent of the revenue from pokie machines is from problem gamblers—people who have been identified as having a problem. They make up around 3 percent of gamblers, so a small number of people are gambling a very large sum of money through these pokie machines. Six major societies distribute around 60 percent of all non-casino expenditure funding to community organisations and each pokie-machine grant is approximately $2,438. There were 1,537 gambling venues and nearly 20,000 pokie machines in New Zealand as at December last year. Every day, $2.7 million is lost on non-casino pokie machines.

So Chris Hipkins, in speaking on a bill, was saying that non-casino pokie machines are far worse for society, and yet they now oppose the consolidation of pokie machines in SkyCity, essentially removing 500 machines from the community.

This debate took place on 5 May 2009.  His week long attachment to Sky City as part of the Business Parliamentary Trust took didn’t take place until 3 Oct 2009, however he “chose” Sky City in May 2009.

Chris Hipkins looks like he has been an able and loyal servant of SkyCity. I wonder how many times Sky City also hosted him in their corporate box for the rugby, basketball or any other corporate function?


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    The rank hypocrisy shown by Labour and Peters on this and the Crafar farms is beyond breathtaking. It borders on the criminal.

    The News of the World Herald has a particular bug up its arse about the casino and the boo-frickety-hoo story today about the tradie with a pokie problem is another example of their churnalistic prowess.

    • Phar Lap

      The worst addiction known in NZ is to buy the antideluvian NZ Herald.Trouble is they think they belong in the NZ pysche.Most of their news hacks are from a bye gone era,their reporting confirms that.

  • ConwayCaptain

    And yesterdays was about a woman who drank copious amounts of coke per day.  Alluding that it was this that killed her.

    She smoked 30+ per day, had a bloody awful diet and 8 kids under 12, it certainly wasnt coke that killed her on its own.  Oh she had all her teehth removed owing to decay caused by drinking too much coke.

    What is the next boo hoo story that the NZ Version of News of the Screws will come up with next.

    • Ronnie Chow

       Umm.. “Khaki Cigarette Packaging Draws In Militaria Collectors”

  • Dave

    So a tradie had a problem, what about the thousands of our elderly that have a problem with a faulty Hip or heart, through no fault of their own (except old age), and cancer suffers etc etc.   
    why doesn’t every one of them make the front page of the Cherald.     Yet they and the Lefties hone in on a tradie WHO CHOSES to gamble.   Yes, its an addiction, its not great, but lets take a realistic look at it.   Aussie has one arm bandits in every pub, club, and almost anywhere they can, its not as bad as they are making out.Can someone please tell the trade to WAKE UP, have all your pay put into an account you can only access $100 a day, move to Ekatahuna, Ruatoria, or better still, Nightcaps, turn off the internet and phones, get a paper every day and do a crossword.   Problem solved!!   Might improve his literacy as well.    Win win for NZ.  

    •  i’m with you on that, Dave.

  • Gazzaw

    “I wonder how many times Sky City hosted him in their corporate box”

    Oh, I’m sure that someone in the PR Dept could tell you Cameron plus supply a couple of appropriate photos.

  • BJ

    Now I wonder which political party Sky City would rather deal with?