Coddington on Pullar Scandal

Herald on Sunday

Deborah Coddington surmises that Michelle Boag was trying to set up Judith Collins. She picked the wrong target for her standover tactics.

Finally someone (Coddington) says it how it is, Bronwyn Pullar is not a whistle blower.

Another puzzle: Boag has stated that Collins told her if she (Boag) wrote to her, she would have to pass the communication directly on to ACC.

Boag is a very smart operator and I just can’t understand her charging ahead and sending such a self-incriminating email to Collins if she knew it was going to be sent on to the chairman, and the chief executive, of ACC. Unless Collins was being set up.

But there were brain fades all around in this sorry saga.

Pullar certainly wasn’t thinking straight. She’s not a whistleblower, as some insist on calling her. A whistleblower would not have held on to other people’s private information from August to December, then allegedly threatened ACC senior managers with it.

A whistleblower would have gone straight to the Privacy Commissioner.

But this is all about Pullar. When her name became public and her “friend” Smith had to resign, instead of shutting up and going to ground, she kept on digging, blathering away in public. She couldn’t even apologise to Smith in private, but hogged the spotlight, then bagged ACC again.


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  • Roland

    Well said Bronwyn Pullar is a deluded, dangerous
    piece of work challenged for the distinction of slightly by her spokesperson,
    friend and colleague Michelle Boag.  Both
    should be seen as they are (treacherous, embittered women) and shut
    out of all political liaison in the future – I would think that any client of the PR
    company set up by Boag would have to be seriously thinking about taking
    their business and RUNNING away from her.

  • mara

    By her actions, is Pullar intent on proving that her accident has left her brain damaged? Or was she always a nut-case? I know the type and found it best to ALWAYS give them a wide berth. What was Boag thinking? Was she thinking at all?

  • Peter Wilson

    Perhaps Nick Smith should think about using her PR skills. Anyone’s that gets caught out abusing their ministerial post need some assistance I would think.

    I was going to suggest Judith Collins, but I think she’s in the clear. As Fran O’Sullivan pointed out, “Collins’ fingerprints will not be directly attached to the copy of the Boag email that was later leaked…”

    • You seem very fixated on that one line. Are you sure you haven’t had a head injury yourself?

    • Peter Wilson

      I wonder if Fran still stands by that comment; I suspect not.

  • Vikingonmars

    • Vikingonmars

       sorry this was a stuff up. Can’t delete it either.

  • AnonWgtn

    Great Bitch fight though.
    What about the other women in ACC who may, or may not, have leaked the information to Puller ? Where does she fit in, if anywhere material ?.

    • AzaleaB

      God I hate sayings like “bitch fight”. Where is the male equivalent? There has been somewhat of a theme in all these blogs that somehow gender is the cause of the issue. IMHO the fact that Boag and Puller are women is not a factor, it is the actions they have taken they should be judged for.

      • Euan Rt

        Male equivalent is called a dog fight.

  • Vwanderson

    Pullar has an excuse for a brain fade. She has brain damage. As for Nick Smith – well he’s a bit of a soft touch and always has been. In regards to the others I think they just got sloppy and complacent apart from Boag of course who is the opportunist she has always been.

  • Robert M

    I agree with every word Deborah Coddington wrote in her Herald column this morning. For once. The issues are that ACC is a hugely overgenerous rort on the taxpayer and the export industries who pay the large levy’s. The ACC scheme from memory was introduced in the mid 70s at the peak of NZ socialism when a lot of employment was still in factory and heavy industry. In reality at that time we should have been moving in the direction if Aussie Treasury sec John Stones reforms and scrapping import licensing and introducing low tarrifs to curtail building cars andasembling TVs in the Hutt.
     Forget Colin James dubious praise of NIck Smith on the nation this morning. A decade ago Colin James spoke the truth. To paraphase, English and Nick Smith are National and NZ and our tragedy they are young men who will dominate the Nat Party for the next years, but they have never been young and they have the ideas of old men who have never lived.
      I come close to hatred for Nick Smith and Bill English and his ghastly catholic moral conservative wife, they play to the repressive moral conservatism of the South Island provinces . They oppose abortion, gays , prostitution , sex rights for anyone different. Most of have been privileged alpha students they essentially have a misguided paternalistic patroninsing attitude to rural and ordinary men. They have largely been protected of understanding the narrowow cruelty of the dumber half of men and stupider quarter of women. I don’t think TV3 Put up the blog where I said that Michelle Boag and Pullar had at least had a good recreational sexx life in the context of their huge ACC compared with the pittance they would allow healthy and fit DPBs.  I appears however unlike most people who have sex for recreation , Bill and Mary English did it only for reproductionn.

    • Sarrs

      What is this misguided rant about Bill English ‘play[ing] to the repressive moral conservatism of the South Island Provinces’? 
      Bill English’s appeal in Clutha-Southland has nothing to do with any of the nonsense you are rambling about. Quite simply, he has always been seen to protect the financial interests of farmers…who are the majority of his constituents. Haha ‘repressive moral conservatism’ – you clearly have no idea what the attitudes in rural Southland and Central Otago are like. I’ll tell you – people down here don’t give a flying f**k what you do, who you do it with or whether you pay for it. If you’re not hurting anyone, or anything, you’ll be left in peace to do as you please. Robert M – you really have no idea. You can dislike Bill English if you want to, just don’t make up the reasons why. 

      • Taylors Creek

        You are so wrong Sarrs…the deep conservatism and dislike of anything outside their comfort zone makes for a situation of not showing it in polite company but absolutely bitching about it and lobbying against when all of a like type are together.Not sure also that farmers are a true numerical majority of his consituents…they make the most noise….
        I image you are from down here or live in the South…well I do and I can assure you that its not always as you say.

      • Euan Rt

        I expect Sarrs is correct re farmers being the majority of constituents if you include all the farming supporting industries. Farmers on their own would make up the largest single ‘group’ in the constituency. Her point also ‘that you can think what you like but don’t make up reasons why’, is very valid.

  • Landy

     Well, I disagree.   There’s a vigilante gang active in one rural Southland coal mining town I could name.   This gang is 24-hour and it stalks and uses tactics that destroy property and sometimes it can seriously hurt people.  Some of these fringe-occupying unexceptional people are used in differing ways, lookouts and checkers and things like that.   Some look as if they would be churchgoers. They seem elated and satisfied to be included.  (Someone must have told them it is all for some Higher Purpose.)   All happening in Bill English country.  I looked up vigilante attack stories in NZ (there are half a million complaints a year in the USA) and all I could find was one (NZH) on an environmentalist called Peter Lusk on the West Coast who was evidently targeted a few years back for having a stoush with Solid Energy.

  • Pukakidon

    Kosh is your Gaydar broken, of course she was gay.  Who cares anyway, she just did not have the guts to admit it….  Whether or not someone is gay or not is horse shit it is a non issue.

    • kehua


  • Evan Johnson

    Hang on a minute Roland – Bronwyn Pullar has brain damage she says, leading to a major private insurance payout.  We should be concentrating on the people of dubious ethics who tried to capitalise on her tragedy – what were they thinking?

  • Roland S

    Yeap can’t disagree with you there – however I struggle to understand by Ms Pullar would be so vindicative and calcualting she has been paid out a massive insurance payrour already but she wants MORE and MORE and seems to have no appreciationg or concern who else she takes down with her – I wonder how Nick Smith feels about ehr right now?