Collins to pay her own way, still suing Mallard and Little


Judith Collins has popped the bubbles of all the pundits out there wasting endless posts about how outrageous it would be if the Government paid for her defamation actions. It turns out she never even asked cabinet to pay:

ACC Minister Judith Collins has confirmed she is to continue defamation action against two Labour Party MPs and Radio New Zealand.

However, she has not asked Cabinet for funding.

Collins is taking legal action over comments made about how ACC claimant Bronwyn Pullar’s name was made public.

The comments relate to the leak of sensitive information about Bronwyn Pullar’s ACC claim.

Meanwhile Mallard has continued with his defamations unabated on Red Alert. The last time he displayed this appalling behaviour he’d just been dumped by his latest root. looks like Mallard is going solo again.

On the weekend he was skiting on Facebook about what discovery might reveal…but the coward has removed the post.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Go get them Judith!!!!..These bozo’s think they can hide behind privaledge in parliament , well now they have finally been stupid enough to say it in public, they still think thy can bully their way take them apart girl!!!

  • rouppe

    Hopefully someone is gathering evidence of continued defamation off Red Alert and Facebook while they can. It will probably come in useful. Also, I believe that posts never get deleted, so Facebook can be asked to supply the ‘removed’ (but not deleted) posts

  • Random66

    Yes, it’s a pity Judith isn’t the one calling the shots over at the port because for a start she would have made sure every step she took was legal and she would also have spoon fed MUNZ everything they had coming – but alas look what we have instead.

  • Troy

    Mallard has always been a smarmy prick and it’s time overdue for him to be dealt to.  I’m guessing all the loonie lefties were getting themselves all in a frenzy ready to post BS if cabinet was to approve funding for Crusher.  Crusher is no slouch and on her very worst day she is still much more of an MP than Mallard is on his very best day.

    • BJ

      I’ll help pay her court costs if it gets rid of some lowlife

      • Arnold

         wonder if the taxpayer has to foot duck and littles defence….come on shearer, tell us who will be paying

      • Gazzaw

        Presumably union members Arnold.

  • Whafe

    I see his petty little post on Red Blurt…..

    These Labour liars need to be bought into line..

    •  He’s been especially smeaky on Red Alert today; apologosing to one Minister who isn’t involved in this issue, whilst using an anonymous source to continue to defame Collins. I hope he gets his comeuppance.

  • CJA

    Fark! I suggest a change of undies for those gentlemen as Crusher doesn’t take prisoners.

  • Wayne

    Mallard, Little, the labour Party rabble, the Greens and dear old Winnie never cease to amaze me. They just don’t get it – New Zealanders have had it up to their necks with gutter politics. They just have to focus on the latest Poll results to see their muck slinging isn’t working – with National sitting comfortably at 51%, perhaps they should start addressing issues that are foremost in the minds of the general populace. Crusher Collins will nail their gonads to the table. Watch Mallard quack and Little cluck then!  

    • Normw13

      What gonads?

  • i’m picking that key told her that no way was he going to wear the backwash from approving funding her case..

    ..and that now it is getting to be more a matter of ‘face’…for collins… she can say she is still proceeding..and hope to close them down..

    (outside parliament anyway..and with a 3 wk break coming up for parliament…an effective short-term silencing ploy/gambit… )’ll be interesting to see if it works out for her…

    phillip [email protected]

    •  Bullshit Phil; she’s putting her money where her mouth is, which is a damned sight more that you’ve ever done.

    • AzaleaB




      ….too annoying…

    •  questiontime this week could be interesting…

      [email protected]

    • Arnold

       to some people their reputation is very important, but you and your mates would not understand that…she will take these two liars and kick them in the nuts…

  • Simo

    Chicken Little………a new movie about ballsack removal by the best in the business!! 

  • Gazzaw

    No doubt Mallard & Collins will have the best QCs that the union sisterhood can buy.

    • Gazzaw

      Oops Freudian slip! I meant Mallard & Little.

  • Peter Wilson

    Unfortunately, Collins has been told she’s on her own. Which creates a huge credibility problem for her, as it means she no longer has the confidence of the Prime Minister.

    I wonder how long before she tenders her resignation?

    • Rightoverlabour

      Hmm, not sure how you come to this conclusion? What I have read suggests that John is fully supporting her. If the two idiots that caused this problem are found guilty of defamation, how much confidence can Shearer (who is basically a good bloke – probably in the wrong party, though) have in them? Lets see at the next election  “Vote for me..I’m guilty of defamation”??? All they had to do was apologise and retract the statements.

    • Gazzaw

      She does,however, hold the confidence of the public Peter & JK is very astute in such matters. Covering her own defence costs merely adds to her mana. The majority of Kiwis will be hanging out to see Mallard’s arse kicked.

      •  utter rubbish gazz…

        ..key told her ‘no way!’..

        ..and you are trying to spin that as some sort of victory..?

        ..she has been hung out to dry…

        ..and reduced to empty posturing..

        [email protected]

      • She has plenty of money. Unlike most of Labour’s MPs, she’s had a successful professional career, and she can return to it if she needs to. She could probably defend herself in court if she wanted to – she’s qualified. 

        “Prime Minister John Key said Collins had made the decision about funding on her own, without input from Cabinet colleagues. He said he supported her continuing the action.”

        So unless you have some better information (than straight from the horses mouth) then you can cease this insistence that John Key refused her the money.

    • Kosh103

      Prob not long after the case doesnt go her way.

      • Gazzaw

        I wouldn’t bet the house on it if I were you kosh.

      • Kosh103

        Colins could very well win the case, but I dont think she is going to win the war.

        This wasnt a smart move on her part. She has been goaded into this by Mallard in particular, and I dont think she is ready to play the game the way he does.

      • Stacy McNaught

        Dammit Kosh, I have to agree with you again. I also think this is the beginning of a long game of shit sticks from Mallard…no facts, just a hunch.

        Stacy McNaught (seems i can only post as a guest from my tablet)

      • Kosh103

        I agree Stacy.

        And Mallard is very good at that game.

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    Good to see National sticking it right back at the loony left, the red media. The left leaning media, radio stations and the TV stations were waiting to have a blast on the funding issue. Good on Key and Collins for the decision to fund her own case and silence these losers. I hope the Roy Morgan poll due out any day now stitches up these jokers once for all. BTW, where is my uncle Sheep Shearer? Has he gone back to Somalia?

  • Simo

    Will Chicken Little bludge off the taxpayer to defend themselves……you bet ya
    interesting hearing their explanation of why they can say what they like under parliamentary privilege and why the taxpayer should pay for their shabby gobshite.

    • Kosh103

      Saw Mallard and Little on the news last night, seems they cannot wait for Colins to come after them.

      Colins better be careful, her pride could cause her fall.

  • Kosh103

    Given all the negative comments floating around about the taxpayers having to foot the bill for Judiths little temper tantrum, it is no surprise that Colins has chosen to foot the bill herself.

    • Boss Hogg

      Kosh – time for your evening tantrum is it?  Your hero, Mallard the Duckhead is gonna get his bottom smacked (or is it illegal to talk about bottom smacking now?) and he will hate paying for a defence lawyer out of his own pocket with the scalping money.

      How people of your ilk can back idiots like Mallard just astounds me – what redeeming feature does he have?

      • Kosh103

        He seems rather keen for the whole thing to happen.

        Colins needs to be careful. Mallard has survived a long time in politics, and Keys comments didnt demonstrate very strong support for Colins. “She feels she has been wronged”….. not a ringing endorsement for Judith.

      • Boss Hogg

        Kosh – I tend to avoid political rubbish but some people like Mallard deserve all available ridicule.  The fact that he has survived a long time means little, what has he achieved and what is he respected for?

        As comapred to Mallard I would say Collins is careful and Key is well balanced.  Key’s comment you refer to indicates to me that he thinks Collins can take care of herself when faced with a nasty little bully boy.

        Are you up for a bet, say $100, if this little side show gets to court?  If I win I will make it a donation to your schools library.

      • Boss Hogg

        Kosh – and I will suggest two titles – Animal Farm and 1984……..Cheers, Oh and “From Third world to First World in One generation – Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew”

      • Euan Rt

        Somehow Kosh, I reckon Colins can manage a case like this in her sleep. You mention the negative comments around Colins using tax payer support; then how do you reckon the public are going to take to Chicken and Duck relying on taxpayer funding to support their own stupidity? No Kosh, this is a very good move by Judith, and probably find JK helping out with some legal costs for her.

      • Kosh103

        Boss, Im hoping it will get to court. Thats where the fun is to be had, and I do not think Colins is ready to play as dirty as Mallared will be.

      • Dion

        Kosh, this wouldn’t be the first time Trevor has been tied up in a defamation scandal (remember Erin Leigh?).  He’s had this coming for years – and it’s about time someone held him to account.

        It should be obvious to anyone why Key isn’t involving himself in this mud slinging match – and the reason has nothing to do with the strength of Judith’s case.  

        If it’s not obvious to you, let me know and I’ll explain it in short sentences using a few simple metaphors to illustrate.

      • Kosh103

        No Euan, this was a bad move by Colins. Anytime Mallard is telling you to do something, you should not be biting.

      • Dion

        > I do not think Colins is ready to play as dirty as Mallared will be.
        There’s one thing we do agree on.

      • Troy

        Kosh forgets that Collins has a strong legal background, Mallard – he pretends to know the law but does he really want to expend huge amounts of dollars – what is the satisfaction that he will gain? Personally maybe something, politically very little.  Kiwi’s generally hate mud-rackers.  Everyone knows he’s a convicted bad-boy – some jail time would be perfect for his rehabilitation.

    • Fergus

      Bluster and Bull Shit..thats all Mallard and little have they are both cowardly bully’s. They picked on the wrong girl here!!! Now they have been called out watch these 2 cowards try and weasel their way out. 

  • Simo

    Yea Kosh four words into your sentence the colour goes red, no green………

  • pauleastbay


    You’re a  fuck wit , tedious and worst of all totally unimaginative. Your mate Pete Wilson is yanking it pretty hard as well.
    These labour cocks are so used to telling half truths and lies in press releases they forget every now and again someone listens.

    The only pity will be Mallard will have his super in a trust and it wont be able to be emptied out to pay his damages.

    Little will use Union money  anyway. 

    Mallard is loathsome, imagine physically attacking another MP in our Parliament absolutely horrendous

    • Kosh103

      My my, the right do not like it when they are not bowed down to. Temper temper.

      Your nasty little bile wont stop people from having a different view that your own narrow minded illinformed position.

    • Peter Wilson

      Shame on you….

      I’ve never voted for anyone but National, and never will. But one think I can’t abide is bullies, and I will always stick up for the underdog – especially one with mental health issues – no, I’m not talking about Kosh.

      And you’re forgetting Collins day of shame, when she accused Benson-Pope of all sorts of things – you guessed it – inside the house.

      • pauleastbay

        Benson Pope and loathsome have a certain synergy I find and create something like Trevor

        Don’t get sucked into all this underdog bullshit alot of underdogs deserve their position

      • Kosh103

        So eastbay, it is ok for you to attack others, slag them off, abuse them becuase you are………. what on the right wing??

        Get a grip, a douchebag is a douchebag no matter what side of the house they sit – and you sir are a douchebag.

      • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

        The underdog is usually being fucked, hopefully in this case it The Duck and Little Brain.

  • Leaping Jimmy

    The hidden element in here is Radio Left Wing being sued as well. The two lefty tossers are good jobs, but the lefty propaganda arm is the icing on the cake and they will go a very long way indeed to come clean about what they had from whom and when they had it and they daren’t lie lest they get pilloried – reputationally and financially. In this, they have far far more to lose than either Mallard or Little.

    And when one of the parties turns into a witness for the prosecution why, all sorts of things become possible, don’t they. As someone said over the weekend, Collins is taking a massive risk unless she knows who did leak it, she could not have risked it otherwise. It is the end of her career is she loses this case via a fair comment defence which is the only way it can be defended. And with the resources of radio left wing and the Liarbore party arrayed against you desperately such a defence, one would need to know the truth and further, have proof of the truth, waiting in the wings. If its all just a bluff, it’s a very stupid one and if it’s all just made on the assumption that everyone in her office can be trusted to tell the truth its similarly stupid and she’s not that, therefore, she has to know.

    Like I say, to me, the best thing is, lefty radio gets shafted. I like this not because I think their service is worthless, it’s not. I think it’s the best news service in the country. Newstalk is second because its full of ads and it has Danny Watson. Notwithstanding lefty radio being the best of course I recognise – duh – the bias. It’s delicious to me they’re a defendant because guess what, the management are going to remember this for decades to come and they will not, repeat not, open themselves up to such antics again, even. And that’s when the bias disappears. Not when the journos change, but when the management decide the editors and the script writers and the journos either get with the program or leave the station if they can’t handle it.

    That’s why this is brilliant, to me. The Mallard/Little shit is just a temporary sideshow, compared to the long term ongoing possibility of finally, FFS finally, having a bias-free taxpayer funded radio news show of the quality and depth and breadth of RNZ.

    • Peter Wilson

      Not when the journos change, but when the management decide the editors and the script writers and the journos either get with the program or leave the station if they can’t handle it.

      Do you realise you are suggesting censorship? Are you a socialist by any chance?

      • MrV

        Management ensuring journalists are not telling porkies != censorship.
        All that will be required is a journalist has a thing called EVIDENCE.

  • Positan

    The thing that really turned my stomach was the way Shane Taurima (Espiner’s replacement on Q+A) tried so hard to get Key to try and stop Collins from pursuing her course of action.  Pathetic really – but his style is bloody rude.

    Taurima has a long way to go before he matches even Espiner’s professionalism.  HIs political leanings are pretty well transparent.

    • Peter Wilson

      I have to say I’m impressed with Taurima. Insightful questions, and the ability to head in a different direction based on answers.

      Espiner’s problem was he had a list of questions and stuck to them, and couldn’t think on his feet. His was improving though, and a shame he bowed out.

      • Michael99

        He will have to learn to let people finish answering his questions beore talking over them to ask another. He shows good potential but will have to prove he is as aggressive o the left as he was to Key

    •  taurima rocks..

      ..the pollies start off with their spin/bullshit..and he stops them/won’t take it..

      ..and he ‘bores-down’ well…

      ..he is the perfect person for the job..

      [email protected]

      • Positan

        Each to his own – but surely Taurima’s pathetic attempts to get Key to admit he was “comfortable” with the situation were far from any sort of class act.  Taurima doesn’t listen – he interrupts valid answers to the very questions he’s asked – and he changes the thrust of his direction to pursue irrelevances.  He’s also far too aggressive and left-leaning in his perspectve to be credible.  

        “Perfect for the job …”  Obviously your expectations are far lower than mine.

  • Peter Wilson

    I’m wondering now if the Collins debacle is a directive right from the top.

    The legal action being “considered” by Collins has certainly taken the heat off Boag, which I think is what the party wants.

    I think Key knows the power and popularity of Boag, and sacrificing Collins is simply the Key camp offering Boag an olive branch, in order to save Key’s leadership.

    • Power and popularity of Boag…you have to be dreaming…she is hated, only no one was game enough to take the bitch on…until she tried to blackmail Judith Collins….you said you are a life long Nat…I call bullshit on that.

      • Positan

        And I fully concur.

      • Peter Wilson

        I don’t recall saying I was a lifelong Nat, I’ve never been a member of any political party. Just never voted for anyone else.

        I even voted for Hugh Templeton in 1987, just before the sharemarket crashed and everyone loved David Lange.

        Nats always say the strength of their party is the ability have differences, and still work to the common good – unlike the Labour Party.

      • Peter Wilson

        I thought only left wing people “hated.” Oops.

    • Kosh103

      Well one thing is for sure, Key is not being as supportive of Colins as he was last week. The langauge has changed, only ever so slightly, but it has changed.

      • Boss Hogg

        Kosh – to clarify my bet offer.  Assuming this goes to court then I bet on Collins winning.  you prepared to back the others.  RNZ will have deep pockets or the sense to raise the flag early.

      • Kosh103

        Boss, you clearly didnt read what I posted before.

        Colins could very well win the court case, but she will lose the war. Mallard can do a lot of dammage while she is defending her *cough* “good name”.

        This will prob end up being a Pyrrhic victory for Colins.

      • Peter Wilson

        In fact, you’d have to say Key has stood back from the whole sorry saga, at least in public. You get the feeling he is disappointed in everyone involved, and that they should know better.

        I think Kosh is right, his support of Collins has been luke warm at best.

      • Greg M

         I would opine that Key has stood back because it is clear that Collins needs no assistance from anyone. She is prepared to put her personal money where her mouth is, to defend her reputation. Will Mallard or Little put their money up, or use  party or union members funds ?
        Kosh, in response to your comment below, there is no mud, and the Court will prove it.

      • Positan

        I’m a cautious investor, but with the central issue here having far more to do with the personal substance of the contenders, my money would be 100% on Collins – and I wouldn’t be at all concerned about my investment.

    • Gazzaw

      And the Americans never landed on the moon Peter.  Dream on.

  • BR

    “Boss, Im hoping it will get to court. Thats where the fun is to be had,
    and I do not think Colins is ready to play as dirty as Mallared will be”

    So  of course you will be cheering and braying with approval at mallard and his dirty play.

    No surprises there.


    • Kosh103

      In order for their to be mud thrown, there must be mud to be dug up.

      • davcav

         Like Erin Leigh?

      • Except flinging your own poop doesn’t count as mud