Cracking down on Nuns

Daily Beast

The Catholic Church is cracking down on uppity nuns who dare to voice an opinion:

For the past three years, Mother Mary Clare Millea has been scouring convents, on the lookout for deviant nuns. The matronly American, who has a doctorate in canon law from Rome’s Pontifical Lateran University, was given this mandate as part of a Vatican-ordered investigation called Apostolic Visitation. She has had no trouble finding sisters on the edge, but the nuns’ main infractions weren’t sins of the flesh or succumbing to vices. Instead, the offending nuns were simply speaking their minds.

Based on a summary of her findings, which she submitted to Cardinal William Levada, head of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for a final, yet-unpublished, report approved by Pope Benedict XVI, the vast majority of American nuns are pushing “radical-feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.” But rather than preaching against church doctrine, the sisters are often just staying silent on the hot-button issues of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and the ordination of women. Their silence is interpreted as endorsement, so by not speaking out against such “evils,” the report says the sisters are effectively showing their approval.

One Nun explains why it is they are speaking out:

Many American nuns also live independently and reach high education levels—all while still serving the church. Rindler says she believes that the hierarchy in Rome is really worried that the American nuns will influence other sisters around the world. “That’s why the men in the Vatican want control, what they see as influence, we see as enlightenment,” she says, adding that some nuns are brainwashed into thinking they are lesser beings than their male counterparts. “What woman truly believes she is not equal to a man?”

Indeed, in fact sometimes women are better, especially as they don’t bugger little boys in the confessional.


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  • Pete George

    All people are created equal, except nuns, and other women, and people who aren’t priests, and especially people who aren’t pope.

  • Ah, they’re just taking a spin down memory lane; those heady days of the Inquisition. Good times.

  • SHG

    Wow, Christianity repressing women, never seen that before.

  • Agent BallSack

    And the catholic church continues to show why it is less and less valid as time goes by. Alienating 50% of the people that pray at its altars. Has the Church forgotten Jesus was borne of a woman?

  • Cato

    Oh FFS. Elderly left-wing nuns in America have long flouted Church teaching.  The Church, as a voluntary organisation, certainly has the right to enforce doctrinal discipline. If you don’t like it, fine – those nuns should leave the Church and become Anglicans, Methodists or Presbyterians – though that would mean losing the material sustenance provided by the Church.
    WO is the best political blog in NZ but that’s because he knows what he’s talking about. Honestly, when he veers into religion he reminds me of that Terry Eagleton quote: “Imagine someone holding forth on biology whose only knowledge of the subject is the Book of British Birds…”
    Recently WO’s has shown an increasing propensity to adopt the argumentation style of the left on issues outside of his ken – such as this little throw away line: “Indeed, in fact sometimes women are better, especially as they don’t bugger little boys in the confessional.” Now, if WO seriously followed the news of the abuse-scandal he would know that historical abuse by nuns is an emerging problem that the Church is starting to grapple with. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters Catholic WO has not only adopted the left’s language – he has also adopted its invincible ignorance.

     Cobbler, stick to thy last!

    • Jackson

      Abuse perhaps. Specifically buggery? Not unless the nuns are hiding quite a lot under their habits.

  • Fuck this kind of crap, these cheap and cowardly attacks on the Catholic church, are so hypocritical it makes my head spin.

    There has never been a force that has restricted speech, restricted thought and encouraged the debasement of everything sexual or feminine or masculine, children or adults or whatever as Marxism/ Progressivism/ Liberalism.

    Check out the stats and explain why most sexual abuse cases or rape attacks take place in Marxist western liberal democracies.

    Whatever crime the Catholic church is accused of, the church of liberalism has committed tenfold

    • Jimmie

      I disagree Red. The Catholic church was a past master of oppression many years before socialism/Marx reared their ugly heads. The dark ages wern’t called that for nothing. 

      Try researching the Spanish inquistion, all the heretics that were burned at the stake, witches who were drowned or burnt alive, the archaic rules against the advancement of science of many years, all due to the power and influence of the Catholic church.Think of the Spaniards that invaded South America, murdering, raping, and robbing what ever they could all for the great holy catholic church.The only influence that stopped this, and gave rise to the current age of democracy and freedom we now enjoy, was the Protestant reformation, and the notion that the catholic church was no longer the all powerful hand of God on earth.

      I don’t have time for them honestly; the catholic church own Billions of $$ of property around the world, their archaic rules forbidding Priests to marry, money making teachings including purgatory and indulgences, and weird teaching that the pope is basicly God on earth, and they can’t even deal with something as serious as sexual abuse in their ranks.

      Be good if they cleaned out their own house, apologised for centuries of oppression, and modernised their teachings/rules. Maybe then they could be taken seriously. 

      •  And the left have done none of this? How about killing 100 million people last century for a start. And for this each and every other fucking liberal alive today gives them a completely free pass.

        “Its not blood on their hands”, say the Marxist university professors to their gullible and naive students, “its just red paint”.

      • Cato

        That’s about the most historically illiterate exercise in point missing with a complete lack of perspective I have read in yonks.

        Historical actions deserve to be judged by reference to historical context, otherwise you are about as big a fool as someone who thinks America is an instrument of evil because its founders were slaveowners.

        Read a friggin book.

      • Isumbras

        I can’t be bothered nor have I the time (supposed to be working) going through the entire spray, but your knowledge of the Catholic Church is straight from a comic book.
        In total a little under 6500 people died at the hands of the Spanish, (3,230) Medieval ( 2,000 ) and Portuguese (1,175) Inquisitions. The Spanish Inquisition lasted 345 years and of that, in the last 200 years approx 380 died, that is on average two people per year… The Spanish also includes their Colonies in the Americas. Not excusing it but at those numbers the enlightened nabobs of the French Revolution that were going to cleanse the world of religion were barely breaking a sweat. Not to mention Mao, Vladimir, Josef, Adolf and the rest of the gang….
        The majority of witches died at the stake in the ‘cold countries’ Northern Europe. Scotland, Scandinavia and Northern Germany were the worst offenders. The height of these executions happened post-reformation… i.e. you were more likely to be burnt as a witch in a Protestant area/country. The Countries around the Med (Catholic) didn’t go in for it near as much. There has been a case made that Feminist Academics in the 60’s and 70’s inflated the numbers of women killed.
        I can only echo Cato…. Read a book

  • Dave

    You know RedB, this site wouldn’t be the same without you, I manage a good laugh at 50% of your posts, and cry at the other 50%.

    •  You will no doubt be pleased to know Dave that your posts create no impact on me at all, even when they’re saying something about the topic.

      • A-random-reader

        The fact that you replied suggests that you do care…

    •  I agree Dave……LOL!! He’s so easy to bait too…..

  • ConwayCaptain

    Bring back the Inquisition!!!!  Bit of Scourging and burning in public would liven up things somewhat.

    As Bligh was meant to have said ” A flogging before breakfast sets me up for the day”

    “Show me his backbone Mr Christian, :carry on Bosun and do your duty!!!!”

  • jay cee

    “only” 6500 murdered during the inquisition in the name of god and the church? well thats all right then, huh? as for sadistic or stroppy nuns, check out the rialto movie “the sisters of magdalene” (i think it was called) which was based on fact.

    • Cato

      Germans have a propensity for terrorism – trust me, I know, I’m an expertv – I’ve seen Die Hard I and Die Hard III.

    • isumbras

      I didn’t say it was OK, I merely point out in that the Inquisition body count is rather insignificant when compared to the number of victims of other crimes. 
      To put that 6500 number in perspective, 6,832 members of the Catholic Clergy were murdered in the Spanish Republican Red Terror of 1936…. that is more than twice the number of victims murdered in one year than in 345 years of the inquisition. Yet it is always the Inquisition that is dragged up as if it is the benchmark of heinous crime….

      • Cato

        Right. By Jay Cee’s logic, instilled strongly in him by the rigorous education he received by watching movies, anyone who supports a New Zealand republic by extension supports the atrocities committed by the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

  • NotLen

    No one expects the Spanish Inquistion!  Our main tactic is Fear.  Fear and Surprise.  Sorry, our two main tactics are Fear and Surpirse, etc….

  • Zen Tiger

    As usual, the main stream media take a particularly slanted and biased view on what the issues are and what is really being said. 

    When WhaleOil finds obvious cases of media bias and spin in other areas, he fights against it.  When he sees it happening in anything related to the Catholic Church, he thinks “oh, this one must be true” with no critical analysis, and throws in a “all priests are pedophiles” comment for good measure (all teachers are pedophiles on the same basis) just to prove he likes being the witless fool of those on the progressive bandwagon.

    “What woman truly believes she is not equal to a man?” suggests the quoted person, as if that argument is being made at all by the Vatican.  It isn’t.

    •  Thats how the left operate Zen. They throw up false arguments, and say they are yours, and then demand that you defend them.

      • Zen Tiger

         Before even looking at the source documents, look at the contradictions in his quotes, within just a few sentences:

        “But rather than preaching against church doctrine,
        the sisters are often just staying silent …..”

        and then: “One Nun explains why it is they are speaking out”

        So, not completely silent then?

    • Cato

      Whale Oil provides a great service as a check on the local media and local politics. He’s good at it and he knows what he’s talking about. He’s often very effective. 

      I’m sure that he’d be the first to admit that he’s no theorist, however. More brawler than systematic thinker and it would be a mistake to confuse him as such. Ask him to articulate a case for redefining marriage that’s more sophisticated than “everyone deserves a mother-in-law” and you’ll be disappointed.

      It’s frustrating, but you’ve got to take the good with the bad really.

  • Yep, Whale is not so much “right wing” as anti-Labour Party.

    •  Does that kinda translate to a chicken wing?

  • Blair Mulholland

    These women don’t have to be nuns if they don’t want to be.  If you don’t follow the line of the Catholic Church, you are by definition a Protestant.  Why stay in the Catholic Church if you don’t agree that the Vatican represents the voice of God?

    • Zen Tiger

      I really think Rugby Union would be enhanced if the referees randonmly instituted Aussie Rules “to balance the game” and make it more fair.  And surely, it’s about time Union grew up and started using round balls?  And anyone who says otherwise is just a facist who doesn’t allow true freedom of thought.