NZ Herald

Look at this creep. At least his name suppression was removed yesterday:

Te Rito Henry Miki used fake names and qualifications to get work as a teacher – because he was a convicted child sex offender who was not allowed to be alone with children.

Miki appeared at the Auckland District Court today where he pleaded guilty to seven charges of using a document to obtain a pecuniary advantage and four charges of breaching a supervision order.

The 40-year-old – whose name was previously suppressed – was made the subject of an extended supervision order in 2010 after being convicted for common assault and indecent assault on a boy aged 12-16.


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  • Cadwallader

    It looks like a tart!

  • JImmie

    Fafafini I think is the appropriate word

    • niggly

      Hey that’s being unfair …. to real fafafini’s!

    • Cadwallader

      I can spell”tart!”

  • dad4justice

    I sincerely hope this scum of the earth gets 10 years mainstream prison? – yeah right !!

  • Salacious T Crumb

    What a disgusting creature.

  • Pukakidon

    Where is Kosh spouting on how great Gay people would make excellent parents.    What about this one Kosh?  According to Kosh he cant be gay if he is a pedophile.

    • Tristanb

       This guy is a pedo and he’s gay (might be bi, don’t care). As soon as he sexually assaulted the first child he should have been locked up for at least ten years.

      So should that “comedian”. So should Roman Polanski. So should all the “heterosexual” pedos.

    • Killjoy

      How is that even a fair statement?

      How does this show if a gay person would make a good parent?
      Pedo’s exist in same sex and hetero people, just because someone is gay doesn’t make them a pedo.
      Pedo’s don’t make excellent parents.

      • Pukakkdon

        Killjoy I did not say that all Pedos are gay, The point is that Kosh is adamant that gay parents are better parents than hetero parents.  It is crap there are bad gays and bad heterosexuals, sexuality has nothing to do with parenting.

  • Fergus

    Slippery turd…flush him away!!

  • rouppe

    How is it that someone who is under supervision can get a job in a school without his supervisor knowing?

  • Dr Wang

    What “alias” names did he use? Anyone know how to find out?

  • jay cee

    scary isn’t it?pass that thing in the street and you wouldn’t give him a second glance

  • disgusted by this creep

    This thing enrolled at uni with us in my first year of teaching (2009) but had a different name….
    Spun his web of lies on us so we all believed everything he told us about his wife, his son who tried to commit suicide over a girl…. NEKK MINNIT don’t got a wife OR kids, just fiddles little boys…
    Then he leaves uni in the second semester and tells us he’s already done enough papers an already a teacher… Little did we know he just went and stole someone else’s identity…
    What a CUNT!! Leave him to rot the creep…