Cunliffe shows why he deserves his nickname

I can forgive people if they weren’t glued to the debate on the Dairy Industry Restructuring Bill in Parliament last night.

But there was a fascinating exchange involving wanna-be Labour Leader David Cunliffe who couldn’t seem to grasp what it was they were debating.

When he was repeatedly warned about straying off topic, he seemed to go into meltdown.

Instead of constructing an argument that would be allowed, he just repeated the same sentence over and over again.

This is the person the membership wanted as leader but was passed over by the old huard in favour of David Shearer.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Shame the Chair wasn’t able to terminate the member from Parliment – on the grounds of being a benefit to NZ…

  • What a petulant performance from Cunliffe. And the beard does nothing for him…

    • toby_toby

      Is that what that smudge is? A beard? I thought it was just a video compression artifact!

  • Dave

    Probably the most intelligent answer he has ever given.   And definitely the only one he actually understood.   Perhaps Mr Cunnliffe is too short on intelligence.

  • David

    Congrats on making it into question time yesterday Cam, in a q to the PM no less.

  • Troy

    I seriously think he needs some help, whether it be counselling or otherwise.  He’s a timebomb ticking.

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    IMHO, he could be a better Labour leader than Sheep Shearer. At least he is able to say a sentence in one go. I can’t wait for the leadership coup now…..

  • Evan Johnson

    Surely he is making his point extremely well.  The report back time is too short.  He was told to restrict comments to that area ans so he did.  It is  a send-up going way over the heads of lemon-sucking extreme right.

  • kehua

    He should have been terminated 40 something years ago.

  • Evan Johnson

    I am not sure of the intent of your comments Whale oil.  I would think the membership have realised by now that David Cunliffe was not the ideal choice for leader, and that is why David Shearer was preferred.  There is no perfect answer, not even in National actually.

  • Dion

    Cunliffe is worse than useless.

    Look at how effectively the other David said exactly the same thing:

    • Roland

      Agreeing with you there, is he on which side? Seems to be quite eloquent and polite at the same time..

  • Phar Lap

    Yesterday i heard    someone   say Sainsbury and Soper, were the maggots on animal carcases. Seems he left out Cunliffe,he certainly is a candidate for selection.

  • Fergus

    I’ll drift of the topic too, with a question…What is Jacinta Ardern doing in Texas (trapped by twisters), while parliament is sitting (her job) and is she using our tax money to doi it???

    • Roflcopter

       Probably responsible for generating all the wind every time she opened her mouth.

      • Super_Guest

         New form of renewable energy?

    • Roland

      Dont mind if you do ‘drift off subject’ I have been trolling the web on her for the last hour or so and wondered the same thing. I was only digging for dirt as a school teacher with aspirations of being head master needs a couple of ammo clips leveled at him…

  • Chris

    I think he should have a head scan , looks like he may have delovoped a . brain aneurysm.

  • Chris

    Think he should have a head scan, look like he may have a brain aneurysm

  • Peter Wilson

    I have to say that was quite amusing by Cunliffe. Unlike most of the MPs he said what he had to in one single sentence.

  • davcav

    Looks like all the blood that normally goes to his head has been taken by the follicles in his face.

  • Evan Johnson

    On the other hand the slow plod of the Chairman does little to enliven proceedings.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  • Jackhenderson00