Deport him…now

NZ Herald

A convicted sex criminal is trying to fight his extradition because it will break up his family…the 15 year old he had sex with killed herself. I think the place to find sympathy is in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis:

A man jailed for sex with an underage girl who killed herself after the relationship ended is fighting his deportation to Samoa.

Pelesasa Tiumalu appeared at a hearing before the Immigration and Protection Tribunal at Auckland District Court today to appeal against a deportation order on humanitarian grounds, saying it would break up his family and stop him from providing for them.

Tiumalu is serving a sentence of four years and three months for having sex with a minor – Rotoru teen Hayley-Anne Fenton.

The 15-year-old killed herself shortly after receiving a text message she thought was from her “first love”, Tiumalu, telling her, “Go Kill yourself, I don’t care”.

Hours after the dying teenager was taken to hospital, her father had to make the decision to turn off her life support machine.

Tiumala’s wife, Elina, had been intercepting Hayley’s suicidal text messages all day and replying with abuse. She was later sentenced to a nine-month good behaviour bond on charges of intimidation.

Tiumalu told the tribunal today that his wife and two young children would suffer if he went back to Samoa, where he would probably live with his mother.

Send him back, why is he still here anyway.


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  • Kthxbai

    There’s no chance the Tribunal will deport him, given their record of exaggerated sympathy for criminals who harm others.

     Protecting other NZers from predatory criminals doesn’t seem to enter their mindset.

  • Mighty1

     Why the hell is he here anyway?  We are the country of the limp diks.

    • He’s here because he’s in prison. We used to deport people before they were due for release, but that pissed off victims and victims’ families. And sent quite a bad message.

      • Mighty1

         How do you provide for your family while you are in prison?  Do you get the benefit while in prison?  Does he qualify for the benefit in Samoa?

  • Blubber

    His wifes still here as well. This’ll send another 1000 to Australia – NZ is on the downcline.

    • if it is a 1000 like him then great.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Australia would not accept him as he is a convicted criminal. We should do the same he is Samoa’s shame not ours.

  • Mighty1

    He’s a fuckin overstayer with no regard to civility or the law, we need more like that lowlife and his wife here, YEAH RIGHT!

  • ConwayCaptain

    They should both be sent back

  • Dave

    If e look to the Recent Australian example, the “Giant” was deported from Australia, for assault, and for being too large and dangerous.    This creep deserves a small operation first……   Casteration, then deportation as deck cargo.

  • Mighty1

    Castration (sp)

    • Dave

      Thanks mighty!  was typing too fast and didn’t check (oops)

    • Bunswalla

      No it actually is casteration. You run back and forth over his scrotum while sitting on a chair and after a couple of hours his balls drop off.

  • Cobolt

    They’d already split up! He’s assaulted her! Send him home.

  • Mighty1

    2 Police Choppers – 1 of the flying variety – and 100 or so cops could do the rest!

  • Allanspear

    Any first generation immigrant who commits a crime which may result in a sentence of 2 years or more, should be deported, even if they have permanent residence or citizenship. (I am a first generation immigrant.)

    Just my opionion.

    • Mighty1

       Yep, but he is an overstayer and shouldn’t even be here in the first place except our limp cock attitude allowed him to stay and rape and cause the death of a 15 year old girl.

      • Cobolt

        You should read the article properly before commenting. It’ll stop  you looking like an idiot.
        He’s not an overstayer, he’s being deported because of his crime. Which by the way was one of being caught with jail bait. The girl died because of texts sent from his phone by his then estranged wife.
        He needs to go but the full story is a bit different to how it is presented in Whale’s blog.

      • Mighty1

        Enlighten me Cobolt.  What have I misunderstood?

        Mr Le’Au’anae said Tiumalu, who is Samoan, could be deported when he was
        released from prison as he did not have New Zealand residency.

      • Cobolt

         That’s not to say he is an overstayer, it simply means that he does not have the automatic right to stay here. There is a difference. You are only an overstayer if your visa runs out.
        According to your math everyone in NZ who was not born here or who has since become a resident is an overstayer. Which begs the question, how do you get residency if you aren’t allowed to stay here in the first place?? Tourists must be watching over their backs constantly in case immigration tap them on the shoulder.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Cobalt you need to need to withdraw and apologize.
        Regardless he committed a crime and should be deported. Not only that treated the same as anybody with a conviction and history of overstaying and refused entry.

      • MIGHTY1

        Exactly, Cobalt.  To visit here you have to get a visitors visa.  Except for a few countries (but not including SAMOA).  May I respectfully suggest that you acquaint yourself with the following.  Yes visa expired tourists do need to look over their shoulder or better  – leave the country.

  • BJ

    Send them all back – his wife was instrumental in the girls death and they deserve each other. Its time immigrant criminals learnt that their actions may have serious implications for their families as well. We have more than enough misfits in this society so need to ship out the ones we can.

  • Blubber

    Dotcom or this Piece of Blight…everythings back to front…

    • Mr_Blobby

      Dotcom, if only for his colorful character. 
      Dotcom has the ability to contribute to society this loser will only ever be an economic drain.

      • Agent BallSack

        As long as Dotcom doesn’t bring out a Christmas album.

      • Philip ure a cock

        And his hot wife! Any fattie who can get a wife like that should be granted citizenship and knighted!

  • Agent BallSack

    The only mitigating factor in this IMO was the guy was in employment and seemed genuinely remorseful. Whether thats enough to keep him in NZ, is up to the courts but my view is that plenty of others have committed worse crimes and not been deported. If you start deporting citizens you could conceivably end up with people being denied a country to live in.

    • Mr_Blobby

      He is not a citizen and now he has failed any reasonable residency test. Send him back to Samoa he is there citizen and there shame.

    • Agent BallSack

      I actually thought he was an NZ citizen so strike my previous remark regarding ‘deporting citizens’. I agree that the guy is a criminal but stand by the comment that plenty of other people are more deserving of deportation (as well as this loser). Also a lot of this story smacks of the parents of the girl (understandably grieving and angry) going to the press.

    • MIGHTY1

      He has a job and he is not a resident, so now, how is that.  Geez we are a bunch of softcocks in NZ.

      Deport the lot,  no residense or visa = deport. 

      Overstay in the USA you go straigt to the stand up cells to wait till your plane arrives.

    • pissed off

      remorseful my arse!! yes there are worse crimes and people not been deported but until it happens to you or in ur family this is right up there with those worse crimes as you put it…

  • Mighty1

    Enlighten me Cobolt.  What have I misunderstood?

    Mr Le’Au’anae said Tiumalu, who is Samoan, could be deported when he was
    released from prison as he did not have New Zealand residency.

  • Super_Guest

    Nice to see people defending paedophiles, real classy. Frankly there’s no excuse for the crime, and he should have his ass sent back to the islands so they can beat some sense into him.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Come on Cobalt, man up, you need to need to withdraw and apologize.

      • Cobolt

         Can you even read Mr_Blobby?
        At what point have I defended him? I have merely stated what was in the Herald article. Twice already I have posted that he should go.

  • Peter Wilson

    As a matter of interest, what happens when – not if I hope  – he is deported?

    Is he put in jail in his homeland? And how would that work, I can’t imagine a NZer being deported from, say, China, and we would respect China’s justice system enough to beleive the conviction.

    Or does he get to lie under the coconut trees.?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So, both him and his wife contributed to this “disturbed girls” suicide!!…Sorry, must be me, but the the onl victim here (in his familly) are his kids. Put his kids into foster care, they’ll get a much better example to follow there (could get much worse), then deport him and his wife!!

  • Orangestud

    I think him and his whole family should be hanged and sent back home to Samoa.


    If he wants to be with his family,then send the whole lot back.About time this country sent a message to all immigrants,that we wont put up with your shit.Dont like it/commit crime,SEE YA.

  • I’ve got a good idea – just send him half way back to the islands….

    • Mr_Blobby

      A little more than halfway. We would want to encourage them to swim in the right direction.

      • Blubber

        He’ll need a WINZ grant for togs and fins first.

  • Rbob201

    Yep, NZ needs to get tough on migrant crime. Almost every week I read something in the paper about a P-ring bust and don’t even have to read to know that the perpetrators will basically be new migrants. It should be jail then deportation. If you’re jailed for something so serious there should be no avenue for immigration status appeal at the end. The jail sentence should be a legal block to the ability to appeal.

  • Peter Jenkins

    The only question I would have is why havent we deported him already?
    Not that he is the only subhuman that we need to get rid of – Google Llewellyn William Burchell for another one that is still here and should not be

    Peter J

    • Mr_Blobby

      Because we are a, pussy whipped Brady bunch version of our former selves.

  • jay cee

    keep a lid on it. the guy has only tried to apply does not mean residency will be granted. arseholes like him spend their time in prison dreaming up  ways to piss people off

    • Mr_Blobby

      And he will keep on trying, at our expense, until he gets what he wants. Once he is out of the Country it is him picking up the tab, for any appeals.

  • Boss Hogg

    In my book this sub human piece of filth is guilty of murder.  Hang him and then let him swim home.

  • Harry Young

    Lipene Sila, murderer of two innocent 16 year old girls, Samoan. Previous history of violence and other crime. Gang affiliations. I have repeatedly asked for him to be deported at the end of his sentence. I don’t even get a reply. NZ are so, so soft. Why? To be seen as PC.

  • pissed off

    im the aunty of this young girl called hayley ann and am pissed off that HE has rights and says it will be hard for HIS family!!!! what about my family,we will suffer this for the rest of our lives.and what of the bitch who sent those sole destroyiny texes to my niece she got NOTHING.,did the judge at that time not have kids? ask yourselfs this,what if this was ur daughter or niece,how would u feel?i can tell you…..complet hartbroken that our country court system let her down,we have nothing but memories of our big harted hayley ann,just a girl not even a woman,,send him back and re-trial her so at least some justice can be forfilled,if i ever find where they live if they dont get kicked out well lets just say ive no kids so ile give out justice for my neice…

  • Dave

    1)  Crime committed.    2)  Both are guilty.    3)  Neither are citizens entitling them to stay.     4)  I take it from above comments, they have kids born in NZ, as such they are allowed to stay.

    Solution is simple:   Stamp export of NZ on forehead, put on next army transport plane to Samoa.  They can take the Kids if they want to, but the kids can return as NZ citizens once they are 18 for university.    What a great lesson for them, live properly or go live somewhere else.   Seems harsh, but why should we as taxpayers, pay for someone else’s children to stay here in state funded foster care, when their parents were not citizens and committed crimes.    Lets all harden up, they will be better with their parents and striving to get back here to finish their education.