Does Mallard have the bottle for it?

Judith Collins has shown she has bottle, she has offered to resign if she is shown to be responsible for the leak of the Boag email. Will Trevor Mallard make the same offer if he is shown to be a liar in accusing her for the leak:

ACC Minister Judith Collins has promised to quit if she or her office is found to have leaked an email at the centre of a spat over an ACC claimant as the auditor-general launches an investigation into governance at the state insurer.

ACC hit the headlines after it was revealed that the details of more than 6000 clients were accidentally sent to claimant and former National Party activist Bronwyn Pullar.

Ms Collins became caught up in the controversy when an email sent to her and a staff member about Ms Pullar was leaked to the media.

Ms Collins has insisted the leak did not come from her office and told Parliament yesterday she would resign if that was disproven.

“Of course I would, because I have integrity,” Ms Collins said.

When was the last time a minister used plain speaking rather than weasel words. Trevor Mallard should have the trousers to likewise offer to quit, in his case parliament if his claims are proven false. He won;t make the promise because he knows he’d be packing small box of belongings and be gone by Monday.

Judith Collins has upped the credibility stakes and Trevor mallard has been found wanting.


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  • Fergus

    Surprise surprise…mallard a coward surely not….

  • Alex

    Well ladies and gentlemen, if Collins succeeds we have found the new leader when Key steps down.  If Collins doesn’t succeed….

    • Brighton Belle

      I think that is a very real possibility Judith Collins has brains, guts and stamina – she can hold her own and remain dignified – never really thought about it before but she would be a fine candiate to succeed John Key when he decides to retire.  Lots of the boys will not like that but there is no one else who could touch her.

  • Troy

    … and it didn’t take long for that shit-stirring unionist Little to start using his grubby tactics in parliament – maybe he just watched Mallard for too long, or was naturally a grubby man anyhow.  Still Shearer (who?) seems to support both him and Mallard.  2014 is already decided at this rate.

  • Dave

    Little should also have the balls to put his reputation on the line.  In fact, perhaps Judith Collins should challenge them both, to do just what she has.   To put it in the public arena, that they will both resign if it is found to have came from them OR their office.   That of course, transfers the onus on them to accept, or look guiltier than sin.

  • Phar Lap

    Mallard a yellow bellied whistle blowing cowardly duck.

  • “When was the last time a minister used plain speaking rather than weasel words.”

    And therein lies Mallard’s problem. He can’t seem to actually be able deal with the fact that there are some MP’s and Ministers who aren’t corrupt, who speak the truth and who don’t have the dirt that they constantly seem to think that there has to be.

    Look at Labour’s attempts to smear Key in 2008, and 2011, and Collins now.

    Mallard needs to realise that flinging your own poop reflects badly on you, not the person you’re trying to fling it at.

  • Gazzaw

    Collins v Mallard/Little? Never going to be a contest. It’s all about integrity.

  • Joes

    My vote for next leader is Collins. She is fantastic…. and not much of a Joyce fan.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Saw little on Breakfast talking about ACC…I noyiced he avoided using the “C” word….Collins. Seems to be treading very carefully since she, bought the case.

  • Peter Wilson

    I hope you’re not suggesting that if Collins comes out squeaky clean it would be a quid pro quo for Mallard to resign.

    From what would he resign? Being an MP? A member of the Labour Party?

    I can see how those actions would penalise Mallard, but at the same time they would be a huge benefit to the Labour Party; so no!

    • johnbronkhorst

      I would say the human race but since this sleeze bag was never in it, he can’t resign. So the very least…as an MP, bielection in Hutt South and who cares who wins….it won’t be mallard!!! Don’t see how labour would benefit from being tainted by yet another dishonest arsehole….though he would be joining a LONG list of ex labour MP’s and some current ones!

      • jay cee

        been a few nats who weren’t “worth” there place in the house as well.