Earth Hour Fail


Earth Hour was a big fat fail this year. Perhaps people are waking up to the big fat con that is climate change:

A lot of Kiwis forgot to switch off their lights for this year’s Earth Hour, but organisers of the event are unconcerned.

Figures from national grid operator Transpower show that across most of New Zealand, power usage during Saturday’s Earth Hour was higher than that for the same period last week.

But the New Zealand organisers of Earth Hour say the event is not about power savings on the night.

Perhaps Kiwis don’t need to commiserate with North Koreans who have their very own Earth Hour every single night.

If it isn’t about power savings then what exactly is it about? The organisers say the environment…but they all promote the lighting of paraffin candles…it is a crock and Kiwis know it.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Maybe they could rename it Climate Fraud Hour and we could all light candles,hold hands and sing songs in memory of the greatest perpetuated scam in scientific history.

  • And someone was rattling around yesterday that our Power Consumption increased or rather spiked for that hour. GO the Human Achievement Hour :)

  • Mighty1

    We did burnouts in the V8 – with the lights off.

  • Cadwallader

    I don’t think people forgot about this crap. The truth is, the increased power consumption is evidence of the disdain claimate fraud deserves.

  • Joshua

    Earth Hour = North Korea = Hell on Earth.

    • Mr_Blobby

      May be wrong but they have Earth night all night every night.

  • BJ

    The arrogance of these scaremongers, to suggest man has such control over things external to himself – they really need to wake up to the fact that naturally occurring climatic events will always dwarf mankind’s influence such that we pale into insignificant in the scheme of things

  • Peter Wilson

    I don’t mind them promoting energy saving ideas – but it’s more than that.

    They’re promoting the idea that somehow electricity is evil. A part of the “corporate greed that is endangering the planet.”

    Electricity and other human achievements are things to be proud of.

    • Polishpride

      Corporate Greed and Capitalism has endangered the planet, It has destroyed Eco systems ….. and supressed free energy tech, supressed medical cures, Kept Africa starving because it isn’t profitable to feed them. Then there’s the war industry both Weapons and construction. But we don’t like to really discuss those things especially not in the same sentence as Capitalism now do we…..

      • Dion

        Agree with you on the war industry – but I’d love to see some examples of viable energy or medical tech being “suppressed” by some profit-crazed bond villain.

        Or did you just make that bit up?

      • Agent BallSack

        Oh and we never landed on the moon, free water power is suppressed, 
        God lives in the clouds, ad infinitum. 

      • Super_Guest

        People in Africa are starving because 99.9% of the leaders are corrupt, and all the aid we give goes straight into their pockets. 

      •  Think you’ve got your wires a bit crossed here – assume you mean the amount of dollars spent on actual research for curing of diseases versus that spent on property purchases and reduction in symptoms by the petro-chemical industries.


        Super guest,yes people in Africa are dying because there leaders are corrupt.But could it also be because they live in a desolate environment,are over breeding,and the land cant produce enough for the numbers.Also Aids/disease is running rampart.Would it not be better to let nature take its course,and reduce the numbers to a level that the land can cope with,and produce enough for food for.Sadly this may mean turning away,and ignoring what is happening.Are we as a world, really helping these countries with food/money.

      • Polishpride

        Free Energy tech is a hard one to give an example on, on here. There is a movie that will be free (finally) in three days time on the 7th of April that will give you more info. It can be viewed at  The most known examples are the works of Nikolai Tesla, Stan Meyer. In part of the line of work I am in I have come accross two interesting examples both here in NZ. 
        The first was a couple of guys who replicated n earlier version of one of Stanley Meyers inventions and began to market it (this one still required petrolor diesel to run the vehicle). They attracted the attention of an oil company representative. Who on contacting them and coming to see their equipment wanted to make sure the vehicle still required petrol or diesel to run. After confirming this he told them They had no issue with any inventions that would require less petrol or diesel as they could adjust the price accordingly overtime and in fact quite welcomed them so they could extend the use of petroleum for as long as possible. But if that if they continued their development and looked at solutions that no longer required petroleum their could be unforseen consequenses for them. This piece of kit I have seen in action myself.
        The second also used water (although I have not seen it) It was funded, developed, tested. Then passed onto Massey University for independant testing. Massey confirmed they had indeed developed a free energy device. The owner then headed to Japan where he had buyers/manufacturer lined up at which time he received a call from Massey University where they told him they had made a mistake in the calculation and he didn’t have zero point. This guy unfortunately in my view doesn’t even know he has in all likelihood been shut down from above.

        On medicine both Soursop and Hemp oil are known to cure (yes cure) cancer far more effectively than Chemo or Radiation. Also see Burzynski movie.

        Another you can add to the list of Corporate Greed shockers is Monsanto.
        As an interesting side notes permaculture has been shown to produce up to 10 times the amount of produce that modern farming methods do without needing chemical petrolium based fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. 

      • insider

        Wow Polish, so many weird conspiracies in one go –  it’s hard to believe that they can all fit under the one shiny tin foil cap.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Goodness me, what a diatribe! The fact that socialism cannot exist without capitalism has escaped you. As has the fact that war has been an industry since time immemorial. Eco systems have bee destroyed since the dawn of time, why blame capitalism ofr it? (I assume that peasant farmers in Brazil burning hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforest each year is capitalism in action?)

        Perhaps I should also point out that various parts of Africa have starved since the beginning of time. And Polish, you are being presumptuous that a western framework is best for Africans. They actually might not be unhappy living in mud huts with wife, children and their 5 cows.

      • Dion

        Have just checked out your link and they appear to believe that big oil is holding back free energy tech that was gifted to us by aliens.

        That was the point where I stopped reading.

      • Polishpride

        In response to Dion
        Is that beacuse the Invisible old man in the sky that watches everything you do didn’t mention anything about aliens in the good book. Or just because you’ve never met one….. :)  

      • Pukakidon


        Is that why your mates the aliens always probe you guys in the arse.  Are they trying to find out where all the shit you talk comes from

    • Polishpride

      In reply to Insider – You know I had that sort of thinking many years ago until I decided to actually do some research myself and had a couple of things come accross my path.  Thats okay you just keep sitting there with your headphones on sucking on your blankie rocking backwards and forwards saying the world will be all sunshine and roses now that we have a National Govt.
      Newsflash buddy doesn’t matter whos in Govt, we just move a couple of degrees to the left or the right but NOTHING really changes The country just gets worse and worse at some point you’ve gotta stop and say WTF. Thing is I reached that point a long time ago. The thing is most things are common sense.        

      • Roland

        Just like what my staff say to me… WTF I reply to them, ‘dont come to me with problems, come to me with solutions’…. Some have over 40 years service so its listen and lockout..:)

    • Polishpride

      I’m not saying you should take my word for any of it. I’m just giving you a starter for 10. Do your own research make up your own mind. thats all. The information is out there by the truckload  if you want it.  

    • Polishpride

      In reply to Vino and….. True socialism (as the name suggests) focuses on social factors in an economic system as opposed to true capitalism which focuses only on the aquisitiion of capital and the profit motive. True Capitalism can (at least in theory) be far more detrimental to both the environment and a large portion of the population than socialism as it does not need take into account social factors (with the exception that one might do so in order to use social behaviour in persuit of profit) or environmental destruction. Where as socialism will take into account these factors to determine policy success.
      but as I have said before I’m not a socialist or any other ist for that matter. 

    • Polishpride

      In reply to Neil.
      No I meant it as I said it. but you have raised the reason behind most of it which I didn’t articulate and with your comment comes the part where it becomes common sense from the point of view of Big Pharma and petro-chemical industries to supress these cures.
      After all why put out a cure for cancer if it will net you billions of dollars as a company but will lose you Trillions of dollars that you currently make from Chemo and Radiation drugs and all the additional drugs needed to treat the side effects (nausea, loss of appetite etc. etc…)       

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Nice rant but wrong PP. The reality is that the cost of bringing any drug to market is incredibly high and for every one that comes to market, 15 are abandoned at the companies expense. How do you propose they recoup the research costs?

        Also, the trend now is for governments/insurers to lower expenditure on medication. Look at Pharmac. They want cheap, shitty generics so where is the incentive for companies to push the r & d on curative medicine, hence the tendency now to go after treatment based medicines.

        As for your comment on oncology medications, show some peer reviewed data on Soursop or Hemp Oil. If there is none its not because big companies shut it down, its because it doesnt exist and no medical professional would discount a treatment that was shown to have some validity.

        The terminally ill dont need snakeoil salesmen pushing “holistic alternatives” that are guranteed to siphon their wallets and shorten the life expectancy.

        Finally, nice distractor from this thread. The reason we have this topic is that raving green nutbag conspiracists have been hijacking real science in the aid of their miguided cause. At least we know where you have been.

      • Dion

        You do realise you’re debating health policy with someone who thinks that Men in Black was a documentary? :p

      • Polishpride

        (In response to Salacious T Crumb
        All you have effectively done is confirm another thing that is wrong with the current Capitalist system especially when it comes to modern medicine. The only reason this information is even in the public arena is beacuse medical profesionals working for big Pharma actually blew the whistle on such cures. But you keep believing everything your doctor tells you.
        Do you even know what the Pharmacuetical industry does…?
        I’ll type it nice and slow for you so maybe you’ll understand. They take plants (yes I am oversimplifying it for your benefit) identify the parts they want and try to synthesis it so they can patent it and make a crapload of money. It isn’t about curing disease its a business and they have figured out a long time ago that it is more profitable to keep people sick and only treat the symptoms – lots of repeat business that way.
        As for your comment no medical professional would discount a treatment that was shown to have some validity. Welcome to the real world of Capitalism Its not about medical professionals, Its about business. If you can’t patent it drop it like a hot potato, If its already out there do whatever you can to discredit it or marginalise it.
        Medical doctors (read medical professionals)  have come up with Cancer cures only to have the industry do whatever they can to destroy their reputation and make sure the cure never sees the light of day.
        Actually think about think about it Cancer alone is a multitrillion dollar industry. you really think they are going to give up the money they make from Chemo, radiation and treating all the side effects because somebody found a cure!?!
        This is Capitalism – This is R wing – deal with it. 

        Most intelligent people if they missed all the other signs would have figured maybe just maybe something isn’t quite right when the government tries to ban the sharing of seeds. Might have been able to pass it off as a mistake had it not been for France, Australia, the US and the UK trying to pass the same legislation at the same time.
        ever heard of Codex Alimentarius..?
        You guys are too stupid to be right wing.          

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Polishpride. Thanks for your rant/reply.

        I suggest you take your lithium soon before the voices reach fever pitch. But then I guess that would just mean supporting another big bad pharma company.

    • Polishpride

      In reply to Dion
      heres another for you. It would be interesting to see what you think of their stories   – Vid clip is the first one ‘Twilight of the old boys Network.’   

      • Karlos

        Polishpride, back on topic, here is a very interesting article for you that the ‘stupid right wing’ have been saying for years and have had proof of for years, but it means losing another tax vehicle for the left.

      • Polishpride

        Totally agree Climate change is a farce (so I don’t see how anyone could pigionhole me as a greenie) . Left or Right doesn’t matter. It is the system that needs to change. The thing that gets me are guys on here that go Right wing woooohooo. Left wing Boooooo. but cant take a step back and look at the system as a whole and see that this is where the problem is.  

  • Agent BallSack

    Its a have. For one they’re using the very medium they decry to advertise against it. Internet and television require electricity. These climate screamers should laud us for putting off the next ice age for another millennia. 

  • Polishpride

    Thats a hefty number of topics already this morning -yet nothing about the fact that Key has come out and pretty much indicated they won’t get the country back in to surplus when we were told it would be. Nothing to do with the Govts approach though of course….

    • Agent BallSack

      Off topic Much?

    • Gazzaw

      So you want editorial control of the blog after being here all of five minutes PP?

      • Polishpride

        in reply to Agent Ball Sack and Gazzaw – just wanted a rise, looks like I got one :)

      • Gazzaw

        PP, you don’t really rate that well compared to some of the trolls we have had here. I’ll give you a week.  

    • Agent BallSack

      Hardly a conspiracy:

      The government took in less revenue than expected from income tax, company tax and GST in the eight months ended February 29, widening its operating deficit more than forecast. 

      • Polishpride

        So what they only run the numbers on the happy day scenario….!???! no wonder the countries in the shite

    • Polishpride

      So If it is a have and I too believe it is for a number of reasons not least of which that significant and similar changes are also happening on other planets in our solar system (source Nasa) what is the purpose, hint – follow the money.   

  • Apolonia

    Instead of earth hour, why not get everyone to go down to the beach and tell the tide not to come in! The government could help by putting a tax on water.

  • Alloytoo


    Much of Africa’s woes are directly attributable to the decisions of the people themselves, or their acceptance of their corrupt regimes.

    The rest of the world should stop sending food to Africa, otherwise the continent will never learn to husband it’s resources effectively.

    • Polishpride

      At Alloytoo Steve and Monique
      Note even close Actually  many of these corrupt regimes have been funded covertly by the US administration to further their interests around the world. A good book for you to read or documentary for you to watch might be confessions of an economic hitman. The modus operandei goes effectively like this. Identify a country whose government that is not serving your interests. Identify, arm and and fund (via loan of course on the basis they get into power) a group opposed to the current govt, help to overthrow the incumbent govt. Have your dicator installed (after all a dictorial regieme backed by the military is the best way to control the population and hey no elections – bonus!!.
      Of course the interest rates on loans are structured in such a way that that they can never be repaid and a large portion of the countries tax goes to paying off the debt. wait for the default on payments.
      Then send in your representatives who say something along the lines of…. well be can forgo the debt in exchange for….lets see…. your diamond mines over there and ownership of the water rights and oil drilling rights over here too.

      The african people have no say and certainly haven’t accepted their corrupt regimes. in many instances democratically elected governments have been ousted so a dictator serving US interests at the time can be inserted into power. Hell even good ol Saddam Hussein was supported and funded by the US.

       (not just the US administration other groups involved in this type of operation too). such as those that funded both sides  of many of the wars which the US are doing right now.        

      • Alloytoo

        And yet these conditions aggregate where there is no dictatorship installed, or where there is obsensibly democracy in countries that spend significantly on education and/or boast high levels of literacy.

        It is the failings of the African continent that make it vulnerable to manipulation, the manipulation worsens the situation, but it is ultimately merely a symptom.

  • Mr_Blobby

    You could have a Blogg just on this subject.
    Global warming is probably a reality, so what; there is nothing anybody can do about it. If the answer is to TAX it then it is a con. Taxing a problem and prohibition have and will never work.
    One of the many problems with Africa is that they are breeding like rabbits. Disease and pestilence are our friends; it is nature trying to bring back balance.  I can’t help thinking we are well on the way to a Human plague of epic proportions. Especially if the World population continues to Grow.
    We are a carbon based society with a carbon based economy and tax system. What would happen to the World economy, if we could generate FREE unlimited energy, the World economy, as we know it, would collapse. The establishment will do everything in its power to prevent that ever happening.
    The problem with a hydrogen based society is that water covers 70% of the planets surface. How would you make money out of that, when it falls from the sky?
    One concept. Planned obsolescence.  We have the ability to manufacture a light bulb that would last for a 1000 years yet we build in imperfections that limit its life to 1000 hours. One example. Why to keep the money supply turning over. Imagine if things didn’t breakdown or wear out, and did not need to be replaced.
    Isn’t it strange that with all our technology we have not been able to cure much? But we can produce endless treatments to relieve the symptoms. At a cost. I had a soar throat many years ago and had spent a lot on various tablets nothing fixed the problem. Someone suggested that I gargle salt water, nek minit problem solved.
    7+ Billion People and growing daily, burping and farting 24 hours a day are probable the biggest contributor to carbon emissions. Any suggestions.

    • Pukakidon

       I say make it a voluntary tax, those who believe in it pay the tax, those who don’t believe in it don’t pay any tax.

      I like those who save power, it means more for me to use.

  • Mr_Blobby

    And don’t forget Earth Hour, we really don’t want to see where we are going.

  • jay cee

    IN VINO VERITAS,you ask if brazilians burning down thousands of acres of rainforest is capitalism? well yes it is, the reason that the rain forest is going is to make way for the growing of palm oil trees. i don’t think they would be interested in doing that if some corporate or other hadn’t given them the idea that there would be a  lucrative market for this product. in other  words its capitalism 101 ” the law of supply and demand” 

  • BR

    Polish pride believes three things:

    1 It is possible to run cars on water, but the oil industry and other corporates have bought and shelved the patents.

    2 If it wasn’t for government interference in the free market, the rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer until eventually there would be a handful of filthy rich moguls, with the rest of the population broke, destitute and starving to death.

    That a spaceship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 and the US government has been covering it all up.


    • Roland

      Your point?

  • Greg M

    Well I did my bit. Both office computers were doing a backup, plus the big arse server rack was running full click , while I was absent, down on the tug burning half a tonne of diesel running both gensets and the firefighting pump.
    Fuck the greenies.