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Freelance journalist Jessica Grose has a fascinating “long read” in Slate this week (and I’m not kidding about the long part, 8,000 words!) about Bear True Crimes: wild bears in and around Yellowstone National Park who, for one reason or another, attack humans.

Why does this happen? What’s it like for the humans who survive? Who investigates the attacks, all CSI-style with DNA analysis and whatnot, and figures out what to do with the problem bears? Is it right to kill them?

Of course it is ok to kill them. A big Brown Bear is on my bucket list.


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  • Chris Trotter

    I trust you’ll use only a spear or a knife for that, Cam.

    Last time I looked, Brown Bears weren’t equipped with high-powered rifles – just their teeth and claws.

    Killing an animal for any other reason than sustenance or self-defence is not the act of a warrior.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    “All this squarking from the lame duck… I can hardly bear it – but if I could sink my teeth into his big fat butt…”

  • Hmmmm, make it one of the last things on your list.

    I was involved in a recent discussion with some American friends about the best hand gun to have when going bow-hunting (for deer) should a bear attack. The general assessment was you want to be able to shoot and kill the blighter from as far away as possible because they move damn fast.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      yep they sure do run fast – but if you don’t have nay guns, you don’t need to be able to outrun the bear – just your hunting buddies… 

  • mara

    Bears are dangerous and they live in woods and forests. Who knew?

  • I think you’ve just outted yourself as a real Kiwi male WO – the desire to go out and kill something big and defenceless – silly really – take it off your bucket list. It’s much the same as the continuous debate about shark attacks – go into their territory at your peril.


      Not sure if they are to defenceless.Rather be chased by the Easter bunny,then one of those buggers.

    • honcho

      They are treated like pests in parts of canada, when I was working there we were told to remain vigilent, and if you see one then call the hotline and stay inside. Once they have been around the buildings and found food in the bins, thats it, then there is a serious mauling / death waiting to happen. They had already killed two that summer, which they dont like to do but its better then the alternative.

      • jay cee

        thats right, saw signs in the vancouver/whistler  area saying a fed bear is a dead bear. was told it mean’t that once bears associate man with food then they have to be killed.

  • Whafe

    So love it when the Whale catches fish without even a hook on the line, let alone bait…. Hooked hard NEIL ;) :) :D

  • Macca

    That bear seems to have some serious anger issues WO I’d stay away from it!