Face of the Day

A Vampire Bat from an article on Boing Boing about how to survive rabies.


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  • titanuranus

    Darien Fenton ?

  • Travdog

    in Arnies words from Predator 1, “you’re one ugly motherf….r”

  • Magoo


  • Razorlips81

    Still does not make the “anti smacker” look good!

  • Guest

    @Titan, you bet me to it, but on reflection it looks more like judithus tizardii, a mad, rabid fruity bat now banished to her cave forever

  • Fergus

    How to avoid rabies!…Don’t associate with the labour party!…or is that the bubonic plague?…yes that’s it, sorry, thats the one you get from the fleas on infected rats…isn’t it?


    Its a girl,Labour over the moon with news of Helens first child

    • dad4justice

      Did Peter or Heather help make the new Labour baby?