Face of the Day

The Mountain Biker who suffered Trail Rage who thinks it is the fault of Youtube for his problems, rather than his slow cycling and poor etiquette.

Dalton refused to speak to media outside today’s court session, but his lawyer, Jonathan Eaton, said he questioned the “newsworthiness” of the case.

“He’s been humiliated, hasn’t he,” Eaton said.

“All we are going to find is everybody wears cameras and takes cameras because they might be able to put themselves in the media.”


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  • Brian Smaller

    I call it ‘middle age lycra rage’.  

  • Snap!

    He has been humilated and so he deserves to be, he acted like a prat!   If it had been a 20 year old doing the attacking Aaron Dalton would have the first to be “enraged” – if he had found the courage to come forward immediately it would have given him some credibility, but how long did it take for him to front up — meantime everyone was talking about his photo… GO YOUTUBE the camera never lies. 

  • PM of NZ

    Any ‘male’ that dresses in lycra deserves ridicule.  As for the tosser with the camera for pursuing this to court, words fail.

  • Whafe

    Apparently he was a fairly successful mountain biker in his day, obviously has not cooled off his ego since he was winning races..

    My group of 12 + MTB guys that ride every Sunday morning have discussed this in depth… We came up with dam glad he didnt try it with our group….

    It will be his last violent out burst I would suggest in his life if he knows and learns from this…. Silly old coot

  • toby_toby

    Wow. Both him and his lawyer are wankers. 
    “All we are going to find is everybody wears cameras and takes cameras
    because they might be able to put themselves in the media.”
    Newsflash, bozo. Cameras are everywhere these days. You can get an HD camera in a protable bloody telephone! People don’t need to take cameras with them because they’ll likely have one on them anyway. All the better, too. Angry thugs like Dalton have traditionally been able to get away with violence if there are no witnesses. Now maybe they’ll think twice.

    • Beenthere

      Well said

  • A-random-reader

    Looks like a textbook case of “the older I get, the faster I was”.

  • Dave

    He got precisely what he deserved.    Simply put, he could have let the other rider (s) pass, get a camera for his next ride, aim it backwards, then post their “hurry up” antics on Utube.           
    But he didn’t, he simply lowered himself to violence, this was not a push and a shove, if so, I would have said let it go.   But, he RETURNED to thump the guy, and what looked like a headlock or trying to strangle him.    He deserves to be prosecuted, ban him from the port hills and other tracks for 12 – 24 months.   

  • Gazzaw

    Reminds me of the lycra-clad fool who thumped the roof of my car so hard in Newmarket while I was stopped at the lights that he left a large dent. He followed this with a torrent of obscenities and shot off at high speed. He was upset as I had tooted him because he wasnt keeping to the left in rush hour. Such rage!

    His hard luck was that I recognised him as a sports coach from a local school so he was easy meat for my insurance company to track down.  Still wish I’d had a camera though – I’ll bet his school sports teams’ parents & principal weren’t aware that he had such an obscene mouth.

  • busman

    A Bitch slapping of the camera kind !!!!!

  • Mickrodge

    I’d have a little more sympathy if he’d fronted up immediately rather than let the fuzz track him down two weeks later.

    Jonathan Eaton wins my “cock of the day” award though. What a pathetic attempt to divert responsibility.

    Remorse in court…95% of people show remorse in court (been there, done that).

  • johnbronkhorst

    You squeeze your balls into lycra that tight, and you’d be an easilly angered little man.

  • Bunswalla

    It wasn’t his slow cycling or poor trail etiquette that caused his problems, it was his bully-boy attitude thinking he could pick on a smaller person with nobody around to see it. Plus poor anger management, vanity, ego, latent rage, and hubris.

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it though?

    • Jester

      Buns, from knowing this twat from several years ago, whilst an accomplished skate boarder and cyclist he was such a limp example of a guy im suprised the other cyclist didn’t flatten him.

      What has the world come to when 90lb weaklings are able to throw their insignificant weight around?

      • Bunswalla

        I guess it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. I must admit I’m full of admiration for guys like Mr Brizzell and the skateboard guy that stood up to the thug at Victoria Park. When assaulted they simply stand their ground, tell the person clearly and assertively that it’s assault, that they can’t do that and that they’re being filmed.

        I really don’t believe I’d be capable of such a measured approach, I would do things altogether differently which almost certainly wouldn’t help in the long run, but by the Flying Spaghetti Monster it would feel good at the time.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Are you suggesting he is trevor mallards cousin or something?

      • Pukakidon

         There is an arsewipe on both ends of the camera.   These Lycra wearing tossers are a bunch of arrogant dickheads, who need to start paying for the use of the roads paid for by motorized vehicles and tracks that the tax payer has to fund.

        Leader of the tossers is that children scalping, deviant cheating duck. 

  • davewin

    This is what worries me with the Greens and their insistence that bike riding is good for you.

    So you start.

    To get people to ride with you (mac Bait), you dress in Lycra, and carry bananas in a sack.

    Comes the day you’re ready to lead the pack, and a Muppet in Lycra shows you the bank.

    You should biff him in the ear, but what with the Lycra and the bananas, you have lost the will, and set off in a cloud of tangerine, threatening lawsuits.


    Better to suck it up, scoff the hammies, and wield a big fist at pushy Lycra Loons.