Feeding the Family

One of the biggest pleasures in hunting is knowing that you can fill your freezer…with tasty animals.

Here is one of yesterday’s deer hanging to bleed it out. This was just prior to putting a game bag around it to keep the flies off.



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  • Petal

    Good on you.

  • Brian Smaller

    Hmmm. Venison.  I have an actual kill shed on my property Whale. Concrete drum shed with water, rails, hooks and a pulley.  Means I can work in there and leave meat hanging to set with no worries about insects.

    There is something rather primal about processing the animal all the way from kill to kitchen. It also gives one a greater appreciation of the beast – it is not some random piece of meat on a styrofoam tray covered in glad wrap.

    • Petal

      Everyone should have to look an animal in the eye, kill it, prep it and eat it.  Anyone who hasn’t doesn’t have the correct appreciation.

  • Alloytoo

    mmmm Biltong

  • Paul

    Hey Cam…should invite Philu round to give you a hand with that mate !!

    •  Can any of you tell me how – why you give so much stick to PhilWhoar about being an unemployed bludger – what’s out there I don’t know about?

      • Brian Smaller

         He is an unemployed bludger. He boasts about it. At the same time he talks about running a business – his website. 

      • Travdog

        and convicted armed robber. Now he’s robbing us, but without the guns.

      • @BoJangles

        And we’re all a bit jealous of his free time………..

        and his rhyming prose…….

  • Travdog

    most kids these days think meat comes from a supermarket, there is an increasing detachment with where our food actually comes from, and how it actually gets on the shelves (or freezer).