Finland Facts – Heavy Metal

Labour Leader David Shearer wants New Zealand to be more like Finland.

And as Keeping Stock has pointed out, Finland is the global powerhouse of heavy metal.

Maybe Helsinki & Henderson, or Helsinki & Hamilton, should become sister cities.

But anyway, Finland’s obsession with heavy metal saw the country take the honours in the 2006 Eurovision song contest, with this Christian Heavy Metal band.


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  • thor42

    You’re bang-on there, WO. 
    Have a look at these two clips by the Finnish heavy-metal group Twilight Guardians – 

  • JeffW2

    Please don’t suggest a sister city relationship – the Nightmare and his ilk will be only too pleased to fly at our expense anywhere in the world.

  • the fact about finland that brownlee has brought to light that most surprised..

    is that as a country similar in size/population to us..

    ..finland has an imprisonment rate of 15 people per 100,000.. in nz the imprisonment rate is over 100 per 100,000..

    ..imagine how much smaller their prison-bill is..?

    [email protected]

    • Tristanb

       That’s because they don’t commit as much crime as many NZers.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      The Finnish may not have the ‘warrior’ gene, or maybe they are too stoned to give a fuck

      •  reason number 53 to legalise drugs..

        no ‘warrior-gene’..?

        ..were you away the day they did vikings..?

        [email protected]

      • Peter Wilson

        The big difference is of the two warrior races – Vikings and Maori – the Vikings were the weakest ones. When the need for conquering and pillaging came to an end, their culture simply died out. Unlike Maori, whose culture flourished, in spite of the antics of the colonials.

      • Boss Hogg

        Phil, have you got Peter over to suck on that bong??

        I think you will find the Vikings visted Finland like they visted Ireland, they did not come from Finland as far as I understand.

        As far as “warriors” go the Finns would make the maoris look like absolute pussies.  Ask the Russions, they have tried to invade with armies many times the size of Finlands and have had their arses kicked all the way back to Moscow.

        If no one attacks them they live in peace and work hard – another difference from those pussies perhaps.  Hitler did not try – he knew his history.

      • Boss Hogg

        Melville Steve – also, I think the “warrior” gene thing is actually more properly described as a “tribal” gene.  Regarding the Finns – they do appear to enjoy a fair bit of potatoe juice………Cheers

    • Jman

       Thats because they are a mono-cultural society. NZ’s Pakeha population would have similar incarceration rates to Finland. Good job at pointing out how incongruous it is to compare the countries.

      • thor42

        Agreed. It’s un-PC to say so, but it is true – it is the Maori who push our imprisonment rates sky-high.

        For a Nordic country with a place that is more similar to NZ, have a look at Malmo in Sweden.
        They have had massive Muslim immigration in the last 30-odd years, and the crime rates there have skyrocketed (surprise, surprise).

    • Peter Wilson

      Realistically, how many crimes would be committed in a country with an average temperature of -14 in winter?

      • thor42

        Yes – and no feral underclass like we have here.

  • titanuranus

    Billy Connolly says all that needs to be said  on christians and rock music.

  • dad4justice

    Stupid phool whore should be sent to Finland so he can’t grow huge amounts of pot and talk shit on the internet. Get a job you wasted unit!

  • Ummm, I seriously doubt Lordi considers themselves to be a Christian Heavy Metal Band. They’re a Hard Rock band.
    The closest they’ve come to mentioning religion is to point out that they aren’t Satanists. (yes some members may or may not be Christians, but they’re not a Christian band)

  • Shabbat Hamalka

    Christian band…?