Finland Facts – Sauna

Labour Leader David Shearer wants NZ to be more like Finland.

But even before his single pin-up example of Nokia, the Finns were inventing all sorts of REALLY useful stuff, like the Portable Sauna.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Does it come in Parekura Horomia size? Or do they just refer you to tent/camping section?

  • Agent BallSack

    I agree. First thing we should do is burn down all the Catholic churches. Just like Finland.
    (I meant to post this the other day but caught working, dammit!)

  • Blair

    I wonder if Shearer has thought this through. Should we aim to be like Finland? Or should we aim to be like Australia? I wonder how many more NZ’ers choose to leave NZ and live in Australia than move to Finland…would be an interesting statistic to look at.

    • Agent BallSack

      Over half (56%) the New Zealanders who left permanently went to Australia, as shown in Figure 2.  This is higher than the share in the June 2010 year (48%).  Asia (14%) and the United Kingdom (12%) are the next largest destinations for New Zealand citizens departing in the June 2010 year 

    • Agent BallSack

      Shearer uses Finland as a model because of the similar populations but apart from that NZ has nothing at all in common with Finland. No one wants to live in a country that 55% personal tax but its a useful country to use as an example because most Kiwis know fuck all about Finland except its cold and several WRC rallies are held there.

      •  Damn you you’re stealin’ all my comments – well done….!!

  • Blair

    Pity Brownlee didn’t ask this question in parliament instead of going down the track he did…the merit in Shearer’s idea would have probably been clear for all (maybe not the labour party) to see….and the idea would have died a death.

  • kehua

    Cam, the piece of shit that  raped, abused and murdered little Decelia Whittaker used one of these to  jerk off in after he had abused the wee girl.