Germany: Greens being beaten by the Pirate Party

The Local

Greens are being beaten by the Pirate Party in Germany. They are Germany’s third strongest political force, according to a survey recently published.

Aleks Lessmann, a spokesperson, said Monday that every party had a certain percentage of idiots, but it was important that such opinions were not shared by the majority.

“In contrast to the established parties we offer every basic member an equal forum.” Due to this openness, such discriminatory opinions “are more recognizable,” he said.


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  • Hope they decide on trying it here too. Agree with the above quote – every party here also has it’s full quota of idiots wouldn’t hurt to add another party to the mix.

  • Capn Ming De Merciless.

    Arrr  count me in as the Master of pirate gunnery

  • Boss Hogg

    The Green boat in NZ was taken over by Communist Pirates from day one and some of the deluded Green party members still don’t know it – How stupid is that?

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Greens have now taken over tyhe old Alliance Party.  Russell Norman did his PhD on that Party nad laila Harre was a leading member of it and has now been appointed Greens Akl Organiser or something.

    Now will they start showing their true colours at long last.

    BTW in International Law when aty war you can use false colours as a ruse de guerre, but before you open firew you have to show your true colours.

    • Boss Hogg

      Do Pirates comply with International Law?

      Doing a Doctoral Thesis on a nealry dead political party – what a load of bollocks.  Must have been a one page thesis with Andertons CV attached.  Should never have been considered for a PhD.

  • Piratepartysupporter

    I’d join a pirate party but never a muppet green party.Let’s hope the Pirates rise here to dislodge the stupid green party who still believe that global warming exists when it does not at all…

  • Just so you guys know, there is a Pirate Party in New Zealand.