Harden Up Coleman

The Overseas Investment Office has amended their report on the Westpac Farms formerly owned by the Crafar family and given it to the ministers responsible for making the decision, Jonathan Coleman and Maurice Williamson.

There is a great deal of whinging out there about the deal because some think it is the government selling the land. It is not, it is Michael Stiassny the receiver who is selling the land.

This is highly ironic considering he gave a donation to Andrew Little in his forlorn attempt to win new Plymouth.

However the two ministers need not fear much. When fevered pinkos such as Tim Watkin say:

What should the government do? Should it approve Shanghai Pengxin’s $200 million offer for the 16 farms? Of course it should; and it will. As the law stands, it’s right and proper. Sure, Justice Forrie Miller’s ruling may have raised the bar, forcing foreign investors to offer more benefits to New Zealand than previously. But nothing he said should be sufficient to scupper the deal.

…then you know the argument is over.

Or is it?

Word has reached my ears that Jonathan Coleman has gone squirrelly on the deal. It seems he is worried about his electorate vote going south. He is obviously deluded and easily swayed by lippy pinkos on TV and radio. On the election results he has a majority of 9.379 and National won the party vote by 8,999.

Jonathan Coleman needs to remember that in two years time the voters of Northcote electorate will have forgotten he was one of the approving ministers. He must be mindful of all New Zealanders in making his decision not just the vocal minority in his electorate. That is why he is in the big job…to make tough decisions.

While the voters of Northcote electorate will most certainly forget he was a deciding minister there are others amongst us that won’t forget cowardice in the face of duty. Going squirrelly isn’t an option.


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  • Kiwikea

    Northcote has a high Asian population, so Coleman should be careful what he does or he may ostracise his support base.

  • Dave

    Worrying story.  Ministers (as with the heads of business) are there to make the tough calls, not the popular ones that will get them re-elected, or keep them popular with the majority.    This needs clear leadership from the top, if a company, the directors would direct their CEO or GM to make the tough call, in this case, time for his leader to step in and clarify expectations, and the framework, or a demotion might be on the cards.   Step up please Mr Key, set the framework and clarify the policy.    

  • If your info. is right the guy is a bloody idiot.  I could understand concerns about partial of privatisation of state assets but the Westpac / Crafar farms aren’t said assets and will not become an enduring issue as you point out in two years. Actually I can from a centre left perspective see the farms biting those who opposed the sale. Hard to argue with investment, exports and jobs not to mention intangibles such as decent treatment of livestock something that seemed to be singularly lacking under the Crafar regime.     

  • sHr0oMaN

    As a member of his constituency I will hold him to his decision. 
    The land should be sold to the highest bidder.

    • Whafe

      As am I…. Bes the takes some concrete pills and Hardens UP…. It is easy being in these roles making easy decisions, the hard decisions are what sorts the men out from the boys…. Step up Coleman, if not, JK needs to sort him out!

  • Blubberisaliar

    Blubber boy and his silent hunting blogging partner dont hear shit from ministers anymore. Coleman is in wrong team so blubber boy spanks him and makes up lies.

    • Fuck off…and don’t come back. You should get your own facts right cock smoker.

      • Blubberisaliar

        You make up your own facts blubberboy, from the herald this morning <> is that why you and luskie go shooting in the woods when you go have a cry then.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Spanked! By WO…. rather you than me…

      SHOT! Mr. WO – nice shootin’ Tex!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Seems the neigh sayers, have’nt spared a thought for the creditors. You knoww those people STILL owed money by crafer. taking a lesser offer simply because it is a kiwi offer is stupid. The main creditor will be IRD, they ALWAYS get their money infull first, that leaves the remainder for secured then unsecured creditors. It is amaizing to me that these idiots would see these people (also kiwis) sold down the river for what appears to be a racist anti foriegner opinion!

  • Evan Johnson

    Jonathan Coleman and Maurice Williamson – hardly the dream team Cameron.  You are on the right track once again.

    Williamson was lucky to be given a second shot by Key.  Coleman was lucky not to be sitting beside him in Parliament.  

  • Evan Johnson

    Speaking of low flying ministers of the crown, Cameron did you hear Craig Foss on Checkpoint last night talking about Private Public Partnerships for schools, or was it Public Private Partnerships?  We have a big project to get a big school going for 2013 but it seemed to me he did not know much else about it.  Education, it seems attracts a certain kind of talent in parliament.

    • Good point you raise there…Trevor Mallard was once an Education Minister.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Mallard was also the education minister that CLOSED all those schools around the country, then promptly started to SELL the land under them to developers…NOW that was asset sales, govt asset sales. He stopped when he was found out!

    • Apolonia

      Foss would be out of his depth in a bird-bath.

  • jay cee

    back to coleman,its politics people, never mind ehtics or morality its all about being re-elected.

  • AnonWgtn

    I will probably vote Green if the Shanghai Crafer does not go through.
    The Chinese business world can get very stroppy if such a situation arises on perceived ethnic grounds, as Australia are just finding out.
    The Government there have cut out Huawei in their huge broadband rollout. China are now looking at getting some of their raw materials elsewhere. QED.
    I hope we are not so stupid to listen to the PR company of (Swiss citizen) Michael Fay.

  • Hang him

    Does Westpac not paying Government employees today have anything to do with Coleman having cold feet on this deal since Westpac own the farms, I note on the news today Bill English threaten to pull there contract.  Does Boag do the Westpac PR sound like something she would pull.