How about some transparency for the unions?

Darien Fenton is having a whinge because her attempt to bypass normal?parliamentary?procedure for entering private members bills in the house was rejected.

Today I asked the House to agree to introduce my members? bill, called the Local Government (Council Controlled Organisations) Amendment Bill and set it down for the next Members Day. The government said no.

The bill would have made information held by ports accessible under the Official Information Act and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

Currently, Ports are excluded in the definition of CCOs under the Local Government Act.? An easy amendment to the Local Government Act, as proposed by?No Right Turn, (thanks NRT)?would have fixed this deficiency.

It is ironic that while?attempting?to hold the bosses to account with the clarion call for transparency the very same unions that donate heavily to the Labour party and are?affiliate?members are performing so woefully in the transparency stakes themselves.

The Maritime Union, the EPMU, the Meat Workers union, all Labour affliates have rather large discrepancies in their accounts. The Maritime Union hadn’t even filed accounts as required by law for several years and it wasn’t until the ever watchful Owl, one of my commenters, noticed that the accounts were duly filed.

The EPMU hasn’t filed one years accounts and another years accounts is not in the proper audited form, they simply filed an excel spreadsheet.

Even when they do file accounts they are showing millions of dollars disappearing from members funds. They show excessive travel and they also show an rather incomplete picture as to the financial state of the unions.

So, when Labour calls for the bosses to be held to account over financial mis-management why will they not also demand that the union bosses are likewise held to account? When they call for control and?transparency?over the bosses, why not a call for transparency over the unions?

In Australia they have a monitoring and regulatory body that keeps an eye on the unions. There is a massive scandal underway in Australia over dodgy union finances and dodgy union bosses that is threatening to take down the Gillard Government. I would suggest that given what Owl and I have discovered inthe accounts of key unions here that a similar forensic examination of union finances would find some very dodgy behaviour by the union bosses, especially around their attempts to disguise remuneration for bosses like Garry Parsloe.

I’m all for transparency, but let’s have it apply to all, even Labour?party?affiliate?members.