Is it Mallard?

NZ Herald

Flight of the Conchords tickets are being scalped on Trade Me. There is only one thing I want to know…is Mallard doing the scalping…he has form ripping off kids.

The Flight of the Conchords went to great lengths to stop it happening, but tickets to their shows are being sold for more than twice the face value online.

One of the promoters of the New Zealand tour said the only way to stop scalping was to change legislation.

When the in-demand tickets to the comedy duo’s show went on sale, the band and their promoters adopted a strategy to prevent potential scalpers bulk-buying tickets to later sell for a profit.

But already two tickets to one of the Auckland shows have sold for $636 – more than two and a half times the most expensive ticket.

Currently there are 12 auctions on Trade Me and nine have already closed – though some are for more than one ticket – just a tiny proportion of all the available tickets, said Paul Ford, spokesman for the online auction site.

Last night bidding had reached $450 for two tickets to one of the Wellington shows. The auction closes on Sunday.


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  • Paul

    Why don’t concert promoters just sell all the tickets on TradeMe?

  • Evan Johnson

    I thought you Cameron, of ALL people, would be supporting the economics of supply and demand – as it is this that usually drives the right!

    The Flight of the Conchords and their backers should be happy – they are selling seats – although the evidence is that they are either under-priced, or that still more concerts should be staged.
    The speculators are no different from currency traders (!!), gamblers, and investors of a wide range of sectors.  

    • Good grief – you took the words right out of my mouth!! If no line is drawn by law then there is no difference at all surely….stop whingeing you don’t have to partake in the auction….

  • Mort

    Scalpers are the under writers of the entertainment industry and should be actively encouraged. 
    The Trade me auctioning of tickets is a good idea too