James Cameron – Climate Hypocrite, Ctd

NZ Herald

I pointed out with a video yesterday that James Cameron is a climate hypocrite.

And now he is set to mine asteroids in a new venture:

A US company, backed by film director James Cameron and Google’s top executives, has unveiled bold plans to mine asteroids for precious minerals and water.

Heralding a new frontier in space exploitation, Planetary Resources announced plans to send a swarm of robot miners into space to prospect resource-rich chunks of rock not far from Earth.

The firm’s co-founder Peter Diamandis said he wanted to “make the resources of space available to humanity”, and add trillions of dollars to global wealth in the process.

Among the goodies to be found on near-Earth asteroids are much-sought-after platinum, iron, nickel and sulfur as well as more obscure minerals that make excellent semi-conductors.

The equipment could also harvest water, which scientists believe holds the key to building propellants that will allow deep space exploration.

The first step will be to send a telescope into space within the next 18 to 24 months that can spot which asteroids may be useful.

Admitting the project was “difficult”, Diamandis and his colleagues tried to silence claims that it was a flight of fantasy, assembling a veritable fantasy team of investors.

They include Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt andTitanic filmmaker Cameron, as well as the son of one-time presidential candidate Ross Perot.

Quite how they are going to get all that stuff into space with out burning tonnes of noxious chemicals in fueling rockets is beyond me.

Perhaps James Cameron might like to tell us what the carbon footprint of this new venture will be?


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  • middleagedwhiteguy



  • BD

    I saw an interview last night on Channel 10 in Australia regarding this, the plan is to spend around $1bn USD for the first attempt to extract a few minerals and return to earth with this payload. The total value of this cosmic haul if sold on the market would be roughly $3k USD. Understand that it is in development etc… and the amount will obvioulsy increase over time but this all sounds a bit too much like the prequel to Avatar.

  • Scanner

    Charlie Shovel was very interested in this untill he found out that asteroids were in space and nothing to do with mens bottoms.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Don’t let the Greens here about this. This is worse than GM food crops!

    Alien dust and rocks and minerals etc – unknown pathogens / microbes – there’s only one universe…limited resources…