Kiwi wins Mr Gay World but can’t get married

A Kiwi has won Mr Gay World:

A stationery store manager representing New Zealand has won the title of Mr Gay World in Johannesburg.

Andreas Derleth, 32, who works at Warehouse Stationery, last night won the annual contest for gay men standing up for gay and human rights.

Originally from Germany, Derleth moved to New Zealand four years ago on a working holiday visa and “fell in love” with the country.

Last month, he told that he was excited about the competition as he would meet new people standing up from the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) community.

“Sometimes gay life is still stereotyped and having such an amazing event showing role models will add to the acceptance of GLBT people,” he said.

The Mr Gay competition took place over four days and included various challenges, including a photo, sports, fashion, swim suit, public speaking, and local outreach challenges.

One outreach challenge would be to get Nikki Kaye to ditch supporting a big gay waste of taxpayers money on a Mardis Gras and do something meaningful for the LGBT community like supporting marriage equality.


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  • Blair Mulholland

    Kiwi wears drag at weekends… but can’t get married.  Kiwi drinks fair trade soy lattes at SPQR… but can’t get married.  Kiwi sucks off other Kiwi in toilets… but can’t get married.  Yawn.

    • The Baron

      Really doesn’t take long for your perverted little mind to show through, does it Blair. Even if he does get sucked off in the toilets, does that mean he shouldn’t get married? What, have you never had a BJ or something, hence why you’re allowed to be married?

      And just which chapter and verse of “the good book” is the “no BJs” rule in?

      Mind you, that degree of sexual repression might explain why you think what other people do with their relationships is any of your business. How about you spend just as much energy getting a lady’s mouth near your wang as you do trying to prevent other people getting married. I suspect you may be far happier, and certainly less of an closed minded, idiot bigot.

  • Dave

    Its not *strictly* correct to say he *can’t* get married :-)

    • Kosh103

      Yes it is.

      He cannot marry the person he loves. Where as straight people can.

      It is 100% correct.

  • Groans

    If he stayed over there he could get married.

  • onelaw4all

  • James

    The fact that this still needs to be talked about is shameful……equality for all people now.

  • Peter Wilson

    In this case I’d have to agree with Kosh’s views on foreigners not liking it here:  if he doesn’t like what he sees in NZ, perhaps he should go to another country.

    I’m not sure why we’re still stuck on the so-called gay adoption rights/marriage issue, as the clear consensus was that “marriage” is unique to men and women.

    I have to say it was impressive to see the different lines of debate and respect that was shown.

    We don’t see many headlines proclaiming the rights of NZers to be be given the same rights as the citizens of Germany, for example. Why? Because it’s not really relevant.

    It doesn’t mean that heteros are better, just different, and that those differences should be respected and celebrated.

    • Kosh103

      Actually you will find that there is a surprisingly large number of kiwis who do not believe that marriage is unique to men and women.

      More and more it is the NZ Govt who is bowing to the demands of a few homophobic loud mouth bigots who lack the backbone to make the changes.

      As for different – the only differance between hetros and homos is sexuality. Thats it. Other than that we are all humans.

      • Groans

        Sexuality is not the only difference, homo’s play soccer.

      • BJ

        You are wrong – it will take backbone to resist any change. Wisdom and spine will prevail

      • Kosh103

        I thought it was rugby. What with all that shoving of ones heads into another guys  arse and all.

      • Kosh103

        Change will happen BJ, it is a case of when not if.

      • Peter Wilson

        The point is that heterosexuality is unique, and marriage is it’s ultimate celebration.

        This from Google on the definition of marriage:

        The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.

  • Brian Smaller

    Fine – so you let gays get”married” as opposed to a civil union that confers all the same legal rights and responsibilities. Will you then force churches to perform gay marriage ceremonies?  I always thought marriage was a predominently religious thing (without the religion it really is just a civil union) – if gays don’t like what some churches do then start their own church and go for it.

    • Kosh103

      You will find the church argument, in NZ, is not as big an issue as you think.

      Also churchs say no to hetro cpls all the time.

      • Brian Smaller

         Fair enough kosh – I don’t really have a horse in this race. Don’t care enough about it – better things to worry about. I thought that civil unions gave a couple ALL the legal benefits and responsibilities except that it did not include the word “marriage”.   

  • He can get married.  He just has to do what other men do to get married – find a woman to commit to.  Find a woman he can love.  Marriage is more than just sex.

    • James Gray

      If marriage is about more than sex, then why does he need to find somebody that satisfies certain peopless arbitrary standard for sexual compatibility?

    • Kosh103

      Thats right, its about love.

      ANd using love as the requirement for marriage – he cannot get married.

      ANd please dont use the pathetic “oh he can marry” line. Its bullshit. He cannot marry whom he loves.

      • Groans

        I don’t know who is worse, the sodomites or those who encourage them. 

      • Kosh103

        Hey Groans how about idiots such who use Biblical references but have no idea what they are talking about.

        I suggest you actually educate yourself about Soddem.

    • Peter Wilson

       He just has to do what other men do to get married – find a woman to commit to. Find a woman he can love

      Comment of the day. You’ve just explained to us all why gays want the right to marry each other. LMAO…

  • mikenmild

    Get the government out of the marriage business altogether.  There needs to be no distinction between marriage and civil unions.  Why should the government need to regulate my personal relationship at all?

    • James Gray


      Marriage should simply be a formalisation of whatever commitments the couple (or group) sees fit to make to each other. This could be achieved with a legal contract, without the government making any value judgments of any relationship.

  • CommonSense404

    So what is the difference between “marriage” and “civil union?” Is it just the word marriage or are there some legal rights that marriage confers but a CU doesn’t?

    • Kosh103

      Parental/adoption rights are different.

      Even for straights who get a CU, they cannot adopt either.

      Also, if they are equal, why was there the need to create a special thing for gays? It was (IMO) one of Helens biggest mistakes. She should have said, fuck the bigots and just gone the whole way.

      • Peter Wilson

        Ah the light flickers.

        It’s only married people who can adopt. Therefore gays want the right to marry; I wonder why.

      • BR

        “Parental/adoption rights are different.”

        And so they damn well should be.

        Allowing two men living under the same roof to adopt children would be to create an opportunity for ongoing pedophilia. Marriage is about procreation and family stability. There is no place for homosexuality when it comes to marriage. It achieves nothing except to perpetuate the myth that homosexuality is in any way normal.


      • Kosh103

        Excuse me Peter, care to state plain and clear what you are suggesting.

      • Kosh103

        Bill I suggest you pull your head out of yor arse and look at facts. Pedos are almost always hetros. So fuck you scumbag.

        Secondly, given the level of child abuse carried out by hetro parents is MASSIVE and by homosexual parents is almost non exsistent your argument reeks of lies, hate and stupidity.

        So again I say, fuck you scumbag.

      • Peter Wilson

        Kosh. What I’m asking is – apart from close family members – can homosexual couples adopt now? I’m genuinely wondering what the adoption policy is. For example, I would assume single people would be ruled out.

      • Travdog

        Peter Wilson: yes gay couples can adopt. As for single people, dunno. Doubt it. 

      • Kosh103

        Gay cpls cannot adopt Peter. Nor can defacto hetro cpls. And while it is legal for a single gay man to adopt, you can bet your bottom dollar that it would be made next to impossible.

      • Travdog

        Hang on kosh, I thought gay couples COULD adopt? my mistake.

      • Kosh103

        No trav. A gay cpl cannot adopt.

  • logic

    Any amount of research into the matter makes it clear that marriage was originally a civil matter, not a religious one, until the church decided to butt its head in a couple of thousand years ago (and thusly exert more power and make more money). The church, or religious beliefs in general, have no ownership of the idea of marriage. 
    Bill, your view on paedophilia is fairly scary in its inaccuracy. Most paedophiles identify as straight, and more often than not are family members of the victims, in straight relationships. Statistically speaking there would be less offending under a gay couple!

    • BR

      “Bill, your view on paedophilia is fairly scary in its inaccuracy. Most
      paedophiles identify as straight, and more often than not are family
      members of the victims, in straight relationships. Statistically
      speaking there would be less offending under a gay couple!”

      I don’t believe that. However, I was referring to the absurd Monty-Python type idea that two men be allowed to marry each other. Two pedophiles of whatever sexual persuasion would be allowed to “marry” and then adopt children. Allowing two men to “marry” each other would create an opportunity for ongoing pedophilia that does not exist now. That is a good enough reason to disallow it. Homosexuals can already live together and bugger each other. Why isn’t that enough?

      Oh, and by the way Kosh, if you are reading this, call me whatever names you like. I don’t care. I cannot be fazed by insults from sexual deviants.


  • Stevo

    If I love two people, why can’t I marry them both?

  • Dad4justice

    Stinking poofter is sickening for the kiwi real bloke image.

    • Kosh103

      No, that would be people like you. You are not a real kiwi bloke. You are a weak fool who hides behind his laptop spewing garbage. And dont think for a moment people dont know what a joke you are.

      • dad4justice

        Hey kosh faggots are not well in the head. Remember James Sleep and Peter Davis. Say no more you creep!

        Sue me Helen.

      • Kosh103

        Oh D4J, I see you have been drinking again. Tut tut. Its ok, the scary gays are not intrested in you. You are too filled with hate, and hate makes you ugly.

      • dad4justice

        Watch the cowardly kosh ( james sleep) say I am drinking. Bad luck you lying fested anal nutbar. Grow up and get full blown!

      • Kosh103

        Thankyou for your concern D4J, but I get full blown on a reg basis. Rather nice it is too.

      • starboard

        homsexuality..disgusting habit…see a Doctor…

      • Kosh103

        Oh starboard you you homophobioc little retard you. As poorly educated as informed I see.

      • James

        He’s a dirty fecker who likes to bounce his Daughters on his knee while looking at on-line porn…or so he once admitted…

      • dad4justice

        Nice one James. How is Graeme Taylor these days. Your day is coming c##t!!

  • Pukakidon

    It really is a non issue. Although I don’t agree with buggery, so long as I am not involved and homosexuals don’t push their beliefs down my throat then it is up to them, live and let live.

     If a church wants to marry two homos, who cares, Helen should have made it legal when she had the chance, but like many Labour politicians she was spineless, and as their was nothing in it for her she could not give a toss. I wonder if she had revealed her true self whether she would have been successful with the UN application, it is a bit controversial , as homosexuality is not accepted as it is here in the western world. 

    If homos are bad parents then there is a law that takes care of that equally, as is the case for heteros.  I somehow don’t believe that homos wanting to go through the process of adoption would do this. In the recent cases of homos mixing with pedophilia, they have been caught and they will certainly be dealt with by the law, as would any hetero pedophile. The argument that heteros are more likely to be pedophiles than homos is nonsense, it is a matter of numbers.

    Adoption is a very drawn out process and prospective parents come under very very close scrutiny, as would be the case if homos were able to marry and then adopt. At the very least our children would be much better off with two homo parents than with the current batch of scum bag hetero men and women that continue to beat their children day after day.

    In fact I would rather see two fiscally secure and responsible homos adopt a child and provide all the care, fatherly love and the necessities of life, than see scum bag solo mothers continue to get up the spud to many different drop kick fathers and let their shitbag boy friends beat their kids.

    These are the scum we should be directing our disdain towards not the homos.