Labour admits its numbers were dodgy

It is entirely unsurprising that a party full of unionists and teachers can’t get their numbers right. Labour is now back-pedaling on the costs of paid parental leave and in the process proving the point that they are unfit to govern.

David Shearer has admitted that their figures are as dodgy as a Meatworkers Union set of accounts in his press statement on Paid Parental Leave.

“One area that certainly needs more discussion is in the costing the Government is using, which appears to be Labour’s costing from before the election. This doesn’t include offsets for savings from things such as reduced demand for childcare subsidies.”

This is a clear admission that Labour’s costings before the election were pulled from their proverbial – and now the new Leader has been flushed out on the numbers by the Government using labour’s own figures. You can’t trust Labour with its numbers. I imagine their CGT numbers are a dodgy as the paid parental leave numbers.

It also makes a mockery of Sue Moroney’s fake surprise at the numbers that the Government was quoting – she knew the cost of Labour’s policy (it was her rather large arse they pulled them from int he first place) and chose to obfuscate.

Unfortunately for Labour the economic geniuses who came up with Labour’s Mickey Mouse numbers are still calling the shots.


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  • Pete George

    But offsetting against other costs would reduce the overall cost of extending PPL which would improve the case for it.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – most of us thinking people already knew that – however it only further erodes what miniscule scrap of credibility they had left… and completely paints them as lying, obnoxious, obfuscating, numpties fighing a losing battle of irrelevance as they slip further and further into the sess pit of desperation.

    Yep – when things go wrong – blame the coach as they do in basketball and league – so one really does have to wonder if Sheep-Share-er will be an endangered species anytime soon?…

  • Phar Lap

    Surprise,surprise all the pedantic self styled news hacks will choose to ignore such a truth.After all it does not suit the huge NZ media campaign to undermine the present elected  Government’s 
    endeavours to rescue the economy from such a perilous state, which they inherited from  crazy spending Liebour Govt.The motto from Shearer and his band of blood suckers is, although not in Government is SPEND,SPEND ,SPEND.BORROW ,BORROW BORROW.Stuff the consequences.

  • Beagle

    The biggest shock here is the silence from Sue Moroney…..has she exhausted all her umms, and ahhhhs, and errrrs for the month?
    Another good media outing for David Shearer though….

  • Whafe

    “Shearer the Invisible” must be scared to get out of bed in the morning, for what F-Ups await him.

    If he had any balls, he would have had a massive clean out of the party, of which is what needs to happen when a party gets hammered in an election. Be pretty dam obvious to remove the strategist whom put strategy together at the last election. 

    This illustrates clearly that “Shearer the Invisible” has no mandate or support from within….

    And to finish, Sue Moroney is nothing more than the first living brain donor

    • Dave

      Whafe – Shearer has a major problem.   He knows his fellowship is not strong enough for him to have a clean out.   If he were to clean out a few duds, there is no one to replace them, others would have a run at the leadership and he would be out.    But then, if you really wanted a good clean out, there is not much talent at all, so who replaces the displaced ??

      My hope is they manage to hold it all together until six months prior to the next election, then they will self destruct as they clamber over each other realizing they are about to lose, again!

      • Whafe

        Fully in line with you Dave, there is NIL Succession within the Liabour Party, of which they have no one to blame but themselves…. So a total clean out and a total rebuild is needed, but what they will rebuild with is anyone’s guess… Oh must be great to be a member of the Liabour party…

      • Gazzaw

        Dave I don’t think that he calls the shots anyway. More like Mallard & his coterie.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Yep – totally agree.

        They’ll try and replace Shearer with someone credible – like the Mana Party – bwahahhaaha – ok enough sillyness on a serious topic. Mana have more pride than that… and more credibility! hahaha

        Labour will implode upon themselves, then it will be a shit fight between Chicken Little / Kelly / Parsloe all wanting to be the new Emporor… to reign over a fetid, putrid pile of indocrinated sheep!

  • Apolonia

    Five out of every Four Labour MPs can’t do maths.

  • Duncan Brown

    Being neither a dyed in the wool Labour Party or National Party supporter, this story strikes me as remarkably similar to Bill English’s best guesstimates on the proceeds from SOE sales. It comes down, on both sides, to a philosophical bent, and who cares to what expense